Mommy Said.......

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A girl learns on her tenth birthday that she is unwanted and unloved.

Submitted: December 14, 2016

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Submitted: December 14, 2016



Mommy Said.....


On the day that I was ten my Mommy said to me

that I would always be no good, not half as good as she.

She’d positioned herself so that we were facing eye-to-eye,

I can’t help but believe her as my Mom, she does not lie.


Then my Dad, he kind of cornered me and he was really mad,

he’s telling me my being born just made him kinda sad;

he hadn’t wanted kids at all, didn’t want the responsibility

he should have left us, just walked out, then better, life would be.


My brother says I’m useless, that I am really thick,

that having to hang around with me makes him kinda sick;

he’ll side up with the bullies when they go into their attacks,

any sense of family loyalty is something that he lacks.


My teacher seems to hate me and she tells me that I’m bad,

that I’m the worst of pupils that she has ever had;

I’m no good at all the lessons and the classroom I disrupt,

she’s really kinda hoping that my education I’ll give up.


Once, I think, I had a friend but that’s so long ago,

boy or girl I can’t recall, I honestly don’t know.

It would be nice to have someone who would pick me for a friend

but as soon as I begin to talk, companionship does end.


My Mommy and my Daddy wish that I’d never been born

and that makes me feel so worthless, not to mention so forlorn.

I’d like to take myself away then I would set them free

from having to consider someone quite so bad as me.



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