broken hearted part 1

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i sometimes find myself thinking about my ex. i mean, it's pretty difficult to try and completely block the thought of someone who you had become so close with. someone you shared your secrets with, but most importantly, someone who you truly loved with all your heart. i guess i'm a typical girl who has just had their heart broken. you know i've always been one of the first to judge my friends when they cried over their boyfriend's cheating or just simply crying over breakups. i guess i could justify what i've just said because i had never been in love before. and i had never imagined a heart break would hurt this much. it's been 6 months since we broke up, but the thought of him being with someone else still kills me. i know i'm not supposed to feel like this after what he did to me. i mean, after all he did cheat on me, he hurt me in ways i can't even begin to describe. we could blame the break up on the distance, but if we really wanted it to work, if he really wanted i to work then we would've tried harder. he wouldn't have given up on us so easily. how could someone throw away a year of nothing but love for someone they bearly knew for three months? it still confuses me up till this day. i gave it my all, i truly did, but i guess it was just not enough. my love was not enough. you see, you could compare my heart break to every other girl, but somehow it's just so different. i thought we could pull through it all, and that our relationship was different from all the others. maybe i had all these ideas because of the age difference I guess. He made me feel so special, like i was the only girl in the world. i guess i'm a sucker for the sweet talkers.

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Submitted: December 14, 2016

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