way of the ninja

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Way of the Nina

Chapter 1

*Ring!* The school bell just rang for the last time in 7th grade. Well, for Lucas and his friends, anyway.

“I can’t believe we just finished another grade.” Johnny said, excitedly.

“Too bad, I had good teachers...” I said. Never knowing what would’ave happened next, Johnny and I decided to take a longer route home. We do live right next to each other, so we took a long walk and talked a lot. After about a half an hour, we stumbled upon something peculiar, something odd, something that we could not make out from a far. It was deep in the woods. The shiny object that appeared to be some sort of light source, but, a source that could not be processed properly in the brain. I had to be some sort of illusion, but what?

“What is that?” I said, curiously.

“I dunno, something that nearly lights up 30 feet of the forest, I’ll tell you that much.” Johnny said, he cleared his throat. The two boys agreed to travel on into the forest towards the light source.

“Hide!” I said to Johnny in a  loud whisper.

“Sheesh! Ok!” Johnny said to me. There was a man, he was doing some sort of ritual, the man's voice was old and raspy. Not knowing what to do, we tried to run back. Then, out of nowhere, the man fell from the sky.

“You mustn't leave yet, there is much more training to do...” Said the man

“RUN!” Johnny and I screamed, running for our lives. we ran and ran, the old man then appeared in front of them, once again, but this time, with some kind of energy-based wall behind him.

“Listen to me... ...You two are in grave danger...”

“What do you mean?” Johnny said.

“That is all I need to tell you...”

“Wait. You actually want us to believe you!?” I said, annoyed, but at the same time, scared. Then, the man waved his hand, and everything went black. I woke to the morning sun in my bed the next day. I have not seen Johnny yes, but by the looks of everything, it wouldn’t be soon before I saw him.  I woke up and I was really sore, but I had no idea what had happened.


Chapter 2

"Johnny!?" I said in shock. Nothing. "Anyone?" Still nothing. I know I had to do something, but suddenly, I heard a noise...   ...*clank*... I didn't know what it was. I heard it again...   ...*clank ClanK*...   it was getting louder and faster...   ...*CLaNK CLANK CLANK*...   ...   ...silence. On high alert, I jumped out of a nearby open window, started running and-

"Oh you gotta be kidding me..." I said, wth frustration towards the old man.

"Pleaase...stop." The old man seaid, he now seemed harmless. I slowly approached him, being very cautious. He said

"My name is Aki, I come from Japan to teach you the ancient art of Ninjitsu. Oh, and your friend is already satrting to train in the Dojo." He said.

"Johnny?" I said.

"Yes, fire head, it describes his hot-headed personality." He said, and we both laugh at that joke. Soon, we get back to the Dojo, and we get ready to begin our training. Johnny and I work out an agreement that we leave at 5:00 PM so our parents do not get worried that we are gone. When school satrts, we decided to get dropped off and then sneak out of the bathroom window so we can walk to the Dojo.

Submitted: December 14, 2016

© Copyright 2021 ShadowNinja19. All rights reserved.

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