Gangsta Love

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Bee is a young woman who just wants to get her life started without the troubles of her ex-boyfriend, Rob. When Rob gets her stuck in the middle of a street war, Bee find no other option but to be all in, but what what cost to her?

Submitted: December 15, 2016

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Submitted: December 15, 2016



Gangster Love


 I burst into Rob’s apartment with Ruby and Angel on my heels. As per usual, we had to climb up the fire escape so we didn’t have our faces on the front lobby security cameras. It was no secret that Rob was among the scum of the earth, yet somehow, I found myself mixed up in his business.

Only this time, I didn’t put myself there. This time, he took it upon himself to put me and my girls in danger. Regardless of the fact that he claimed he still loved me and that Jeremy and Harley loved Angel and Ruby respectively.

When were were much younger, it was cute that me and my best friends fell for another trio of best friends. We hung out together, went on triple dates together, and planned all types of trio themed weddings. Thank God none of them came to fruition. Though Angel and Ruby still double dated with their boys. The dream of all six of us staying together died when Rob showed me who he really was.

Of course Harley and Jeremy were cut from the same cloth, Angel and Ruby didn’t seem to be all that bothered by it.

I huffed, exhausted from climbing up a fire escape in the dead of winter. My hands were freezing and my feet were squished together like frozen chocolate in my high-heeled boots. Ruby and Angel looked as miserable as I was when I looked beneath me and saw them climbing up. Luckily for me, my rage kept me as warm as I needed to be to climb the fire escape and bang on Rob’s patio door.

All his plants were dead, though I knew the important plants were safely inside. The ones that made him money. I’d banged my fist on the glass door six times before Harley answered the door.

Harley, his curly hair messy and falling into his eyes stared at me. His mouth quirked to the side and his shoulders tensed. He knew. He knew what Rob had done. And he did nothing.

Rolling my eyes, I brushed past him, my shoulder hitting his as hard as I could. “Bee,” he said calling me, “you okay?”

I shook my head and dropped my coat on the living room couch. “Where is he?” I screamed. I was livid, and there was nothing Harley could do to protect his friend. Though I wasn’t sure if he’d protect him even if he could.

I made my way through the horrible mess that was the living room, stepping over clothes and bowls with days old milk. Joint roaches littered the coffee table and beer cans filled the trashcan to the brim. The forty-inch flat screen TV displayed some show from MTV, and the apartment smelled of Mountain Dew and cigarette smoke, and weed. Walking in here, anyone would be surprised to know that the men that lived here hadn’t been in college for years. Only one of them at all.

Ignoring Harley and the girls calling for me, I made a path through the mess into Rob’s room. The lights were out when I opened the door and he was sprawled out on the bed naked. But he was awake. Grinning, I stepped into the room and closed the door behind me, locking it. I stripped out of my jacket and blouse and tossed them on the floor. I took a step closer to him and I saw his eyes light up.

The heater was on the the apartment, so Rob’s brown skin was covered in sweat, making his chest muscles and arms glisten in the light that came through the blinds on the windows. 

He sat up, his lips curling up in a smile once he saw me. He rubbed his hands through his kinky afro and pulled the sheets off his lower half, revealing his arousal. As much as I hated to admit it, it turned me on, too. But I was here on business. And one thing I learned is that being a woman, you use the power that God gave you.

I took off my boots, unzipping them slowly as I watched him become more excited than he was the second before.  I unbuckled my belt and dropped my skinny jeans to the floor. I strolled over to him, slipping off my panties and throwing them behind me.

“Damn, Bee,” he said, before I climbed on top of him, only my bra on, and straddled him. He moaned, as I let him slide inside me, long enough for him to think he was having his way with me. He liked it that way and made it easier for him to let his guard down.

Even though I hadn’t seen him in weeks, he trusted me so quickly. If he was as smart as he wanted me to believe, it wouldn’t have been so easy. But I was relieved that it was. I really didn’t want to have sex with him. I mean, of course I did, but I’d regret it as soon as I was finished.

Despite my feelings, I had business to attend to. So, mid grind, I stopped, and slapped him in the face. His brown eyes opened wide as he grabbed his face where I planted my palm.  “Bee, what the hell?”

“What the hell, Rob? That’s all you got to say?” I said it through gritted teeth. He stared back at me, confused as hell and that only made me more furious. “You sent guys after us, Rob? And you ain’t even tell me? You think I’m ‘posed to work for you know that I ain’t yo girl?”

His brows dropped as he realized what I was talking about. How he’s sent three guys to the subway looking for Ruby, Angel, and I, and told them we’d settle his debt if we had sex with them. On my way over, I imagined all the reason why he’d think that was okay, and found none.

“My bad, Bee, I thought y’all would be cool with that!” he said, though both of us knew that was a lie. He thought I still cared enough about his criminal ass to do it for him. But whatever his debt was, had absolutely nothing to do with me or my girls.

I pulled myself off of him and he wrapped his arms around my waist, trying to pull me back into him. He used to tell me all the time when we dated that I was the best he ever had, but of course that’s what all guys tell whoever they’re sleeping with at the time. I hadn’t believed it then, and I wouldn’t now.

Instead of giving in to his desire, I pulled again away, except this time, I grabbed at his ball sack and tugged. He let out a yelp that would only be pleasant if he was into BDSM, which he wasn’t. He was too much of a punk to find pain pleasant. “Why’d you do it, Rob? Who you owe money?”

He screamed again and shook his head. “Nah, man. Nah, it ain’t about no damn money.”

“Quit lying, Rob!” I pulled harder and squeezed. I wish I had brought pliers or some shit. “Man, Bee, stop!”

“Dammit, Rob! Who you how money to? And how much?”

“Okay! Okay!” He hollered with his hands up in the air. I could hear banging on the bedroom door. If Harley or Jeremy cared enough, they’d knock it down. But they were smart enough to know I’d beat the shit out of both of this for all their effort.

“Who do you owe?” I asked him again.

“Damn, Bee! You ain’t gotta be so savage with me, girl!” He started to smile, but his fear was so heady I could smell it. “I’ll tell you everything, just let my mans parts go!”

I agreed, squeezing one last time before I let him go. I found my panties and slipped them back on along with my blouse and my jeans as he rubbed himself and swore under his breath.

It was funny seeing him this way. It honestly felt good to be the one in control of him when it was normally the other way around. If I’d known then what I know now…

He sat up in the bed and grabbed his boxers that had pictures of money all over them. “It’s Walker, Bee. I owe Walker money. He said he’d clear the debt if he could sleep with you. I thought about tellin’ you, but I figured…”

“You figured what?” I asked, stepping closer to him again. I half wanted to smack him in the head and half wanted to hear what kind of answer he thought was good enough to actually come out his mouth.

He grinned a nasty grin that only evil people knew how to twist their lips into, and lifted his face toward me. He rolled his shoulders back and rested his hands on his bed. I could see the tattoo on his forearm of my name. BEE RAYMOND’S it read. He was hood. I liked that he was hood. But he was more crazy than hood when he got my name tattooed on him. Though, he couldn’t convince me to tattoo his name on me no matter how hard he tried.

I was surprised he hadn’t had it covered up already.

“I figured you bein’ my girl an’ all, you wouldn’t mind doin’ this one favor for me, ya know?”

My hands found their way to my hips and I shook my head. I searched the junky floor of his room for my jacket. “Rob, I ain’t ya girl. I ain’t been ya girl for weeks.” I found my jacket, hung it on the door knob, and went in search of my socks and shoes. Thankfully, they were much easier to find.

He slid himself off the bed and took a step towards me, attempting to pull me back into him again. “Bee, you’ll always be my girl. And I’ll always be ya mans.” He kissed me on the cheek and then on the neck.

I hated myself sometimes. My brain would tell me I’m ‘bout to make a bad decision, but I don’t listen. Rob always gave me a hard time, but he knew how to make my legs weak. He knew how to make my lips quiver.

But God always provides me with an escape route.

A knock came at his door, making it easier for me to separate myself from him. I shoved him off of me and grabbed my jacket off the doorknob before I opened the door. Before Harley could speak, I pushed past him and went to the front door of the apartment.

“Bee,” Rob called after me, trying to jump into his own jeans. He looked like a hobbit ass rabbit hopping trying to get his foot through the jean legs. “Bee, where you goin’! Girl, don’t leave! I’m sorry!”

I turned around, only to check on Ruby and Angel. But they were chillin’, completely unbothered on the couch. They could stay. If they didn’t have beef, I wasn’t gonna make ‘em. Besides, they were quieter than me. They didn’t look for fights the way I sometimes did. I always assumed it was ‘cause they figured they’d lose.  Contrary to them, I knew I’d always find a way to win.

That’s the way I was raised. Be resourceful and and don’t take shit.

I trudged down the stairs in lieu of taking the elevator. Walking down the stairs somehow seemed to cool me down a little. Enough that I didn’t look like a stereotypical angry Black girl with these racist ass clown cops hanging around the building.

The lobby was crowded when I got to the ground floor. There were people everywhere. A long line snaked outside the building into the building. It was so cold outside, I guess this was the only way to make it on the bus and not die of frostbite. Didn’t matter to me. There was no way I was staying in this building longer than I had to. 

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