My Wife is a Bank Robber

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Mr. Stand arrive to the hospital seriously hurt. All that runs through his mind is his wonderful wife, someone who is pure and will never hurt a single creature in the world. Did someone actually rob them and hurt only him, or is there more to the story?

Submitted: December 15, 2016

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Submitted: December 15, 2016



My Wife is a Bank Robber

I wake up feeling a huge stinging pain near my right eye. I see people’s faces right by my face all I see is their mouths move but no words come out, and a bright light shines around their faces.  “What is this pain I am feeling?”

The doctor pushes the light away from my face. Their voices start to come out of their mouth, and I can hear many other people making a commotion in the background. People scream in agony causing me to panic. My heart pounds with adrenaline, and my brain is alert to my surroundings.

A guy in a white suit grabs my attention, “you are at a hospital and you have a kitchen knife by your right eye. How did you end up like this, Mr. Stand?” His eyes were filled with concern and worry about me. He looks like the years of working with many patients has prematurely aged him. “You don’t have to worry. We will try to get this kitchen knife out. Also, Rose is right by your side. Am I right when I say she is your wife?” His eyes stares down at me.

His hand rests on the handle of the knife inches away from touching my eye. I remember that same knife from my kitchen. Did someone come to my house and rob me? I can feel the sharp point of the knife just resting in my skull. I am surprised that it hadn’t  injured something important. I nod my head, yes to the doc. “Sorry doc, but I have no memory of what exactly happen to me. I don’t even remember my wife taking me to the hospital.” My nerves settle down as I realize that I am just at a hospital.

I turn my head to face my wife. She weeps into her hands, her head deep down to her knees. I can see her black makeup covering her hands, her blonde hair mess, with the rush of taking me to the hospital. “Honey, I’m alright. I’m going to make it through this. Just having you here in my presence makes me happy.” What I just said was a lie. Something deep down in my stomach tells me the complete opposite. Like I’m only inches away from death.

“Sir, turn your head back this way. We don’t want to make that injury worse.” The doctor turns to face one of the nurses. “Put some foam blocks around Mr. Stand’s head.”

The nurses try to push my head straight back and put foam blocks around it. Another nurse puts an IV into my arm, the sharp needle pokes into my veins. The nurse puts a cotton ball over the wound and tape it to my skin.

“Mr. Stand was unconscious for the last two hours. The knife could be touching the brain so we need to be as careful as we possibly can.” The doctor says as he sets everything he needs out. “We’re going to put you to sleep, we’ll go from there with removing the knife.”

A nurse puts a needle into my arm and the pinch subsides as fluid flow into my body, making me slowly drift off to sleep.

I appear in my room, sitting on my bed. The room is bright lensed, by the sun shine the window is covered in frost. The furniture in the room is a dark color brown.

“Honey, I am going to leave to go to the grocery store,” Rose says as she runs up the stairs.

I stand up and make my way closer to her. “Alright then, see you when you come back,” I say planting a kiss on her cheek and squeezing her hands tight. Remembering the horrible dream that I was in the hospital and she is sitting by my side crying for me. I hate having the feeling that my wife is worried about me.

She pulls away from me. “What is the sad look for.” Her eyes look up into my eyes.

I rub my fingers through my thick hair and bite down on my bottom jaw. “It’s just I don’t want you to worry about me.”

She put her hand on my arm and made a small smile at me. “Of course I’m going to worry about you. Well, tell me the rest when I come back.”

I watch her go down the stairs, then look around the room and check the alarm clock. The time says 10:30 a.m. I feel a sense of deja vu; That must've been a dream when I had a knife right by my eye with doctors and nurses all around me, and my wife covered in tears. I must have already done this a long time ago. I walk down the stairs and turn on the T.V. The news comes on, and I sit down on the couch.

A reporter stands in front of the bank holding a microphone to her mouth. Her hair blows in the wind, and her breath blows out of her mouth in the cold air. “Today at seven in the morning a bank robbery took place. We asked many witnesses about what happened. A witness said three people went into the bank this morning, wearing black suits.”

In the background, I see cop cars around the bank and the hostages wrapped in blankets standing beside the cops. “There was one woman and three men.” the reporter continued.

“The woman was the leader of the group. The security footage showed a blond woman in her early thirties, with her hair hidden under the cap but we manage to zoom on her and see pieces of blond hair coming out from under the cap.”

I get up from the couch, ignoring what was just said and make my way to the kitchen to go to the garage. I see Rose in the kitchen, doing the dishes. “I thought that you were going to the grocery store?”

She turns and looks at me.“I was just about to go, but then I saw these dirty dishes. I knew you weren’t going to do them,” she says with an old rag in her hand and a plate in the other.

“Yeah, you’re probably onto something there.” I look at the garage door. “I’ll be in the garage. If you need anything, just tell me.” I go into the garage to fix up my car. I do this every morning before I make my way to work. I’m barely able to keep a good footing down the steep garage steps as I see my jeep in a bad condition. Hovering my hand over the holes of my expensive jeep, my hands drift over to the hood of the vehicle.  I slowly open up the hood to see what other damage has gotten done to it. Steam blows in my face from the engine. As the steam cools down, I see millions of dollars stuck in the engine.

Did my jeep get stolen last night? No way someone else had to know the password to the garage door. Only Rose and I know the password to it. Could someone watched us pushed the garage door buttons? If so then why choose my car, when there are millions better than mine in this neighborhood? Why go through a lot of trouble to figure out our garage password? Which that only leads to my wife, could she be the leader of that robbery? Shaking my head, I think to myself no way, she could never do something so rash as that. She is the sweetest person I’ve ever met in my life. I quickly go into the kitchen, and see her standing in front of the sink, looking down at the dirty dishes. “Do you know what happen to my jeep? Why are there millions of dollars under the hood of my jeep?” She’s reaching for something in the sink.

“I didn’t plan on you finding that money, but I couldn’t stop you from going into the garage.” She turns and faces me. She is holding something behind her back. Her steps get closer and closer to me.

“Wait, you stole that money?” My head filling up with confusion. “You better return that money, Rose.” I take slow steps back, and put a hand on the garage door handle.

“Ha, like I’m going to listen to you.” She points the knife to my face. “You are going to forget that this ever happened. You see you are just a cover for me to get away from all of the robberies. So the cops don’t suspect a wonderful wife such as my self ever doing such a crime.” Her back straightens up, showing her dominance over me. ”Unlike you, I like to know I’ll always have money. To get things I want in life. I don’t want to be here, living like a stay at home mom. Living behind a white picket fence.”

Rose jabs the knife right by my eye. Making me knock my head against the door of my garage.

I wake up gasping for air. Shocked about what just happened to me and how I got the knife right by my eye.

Rose jumps out of her seat and rush towards me. She puts her hand in my hand, brushing her fingers through my hair. Her devious smile wide. “Are you alright, my sweety?”

I look to her, feeling sweat roll down my forehead. Realising I married a psychopath. I jolt my head away from her and roll over to press the help button. Nurses run into my room. “Get this crazy woman out of my room.” My lungs fill up with anger. My heart fills with pain, as it breaks in half.

The nurses looking at each other and look down at Rose. Slowly taking Rose by her hand.

“My husband has gone truly mad. What have you done to him?” Reaching her hands toward me. As the nurses pull her out of the room. She claws at the sides of the door frame. Her nails digging deep into the frame. Screaming down the hall as the nurses pulls her down the hallway.

The doctor rush into the room. “What is going on Mr. Stand?”

“Sit down doc, I think my memory came back to me.” I told the doctor everything about my wife.

The doctor just looks down. “I’m truly sorry of what happened to you. The best thing to do is to turn your wife into the cops.”

I close my eyes as a tear drips down my face. “Why would she want all that money, when we have each other?” My mind fill with anger of my wife, as her heart fills with greed.

A few weeks had passed. The side of my eye heals where my wife stabbed me, and make sure I’m ready to file charges against my wife. I get myself looking fresh and clean and make my way to the court. The house lawyer calls me up to the stand. Skimming at the check list of things that my lawyer gave me to do in court before.

I arrive at the court, prepared for what I am going to hear. I go on the stand and tell everyone what I remembered on the day of the incident.

The doctor goes up on the stand. “The client is clearly delusional, judge. You see the drug that we gave him, comes with a few side effects. It can make him think things that aren’t all the way true.”

I quickly jump up out of my seat. “I object your honor; I remember exactly what happened and told the doctor as well. He is clearly lying about the side effects. He even gave me the idea to press charges on Rose.” Just saying her name brings chills down my spine. I turn my head to look at Rose, and she’s giving me a deep glare. Just looking into her eyes, I can see the hate and fury that she feels because I did press charges against her. The corner of her mouth turns into a smile. Then she puts a handkerchief to her eyes. Pretending to be sad about what happened. Making herself look innocent. If they only knew her true self, what she actually is, a psychopath.

The judge called up one of the witnesses from the robbery at the bank, and Rose come up as well. Rose says some words and the witness nods her head to her voice. The witness shake, the memory of the robbery floods in her mind she barely able to stand on her two feet. Rose and the witness went back to their seats. The jury went into the room. Five hours passes on the clock. The judge goes to tell us if Rose is innocent or guilty.  “Rose is proven innocent.” Rose and the doctor both smile to each other and look in my direction.

My heart starts to beat faster. How is she proven innocent of this whole thing? I rewind my memory of me watching the news. It said that a female is the leader of the robbery. Two males were also part of her team to rob the bank. That means one of the testifiers was a robber and the doctor as well. They are going to come after me and kill me, and the witnesses that testified against Rose.

That night I lay in bed, thinking it all over in my head as to what had happened with room pitch black. No light streaming in my room. I slowly drift off to sleep, feeling safe from my wife in this room.

I wake up to loud footsteps in my room. My wife looks me in the eyes. “You thought you could get rid of me?” The knife in her hand cut a layer of my skin. Blood drips off my neck.

“You need help, Rose. I know you won’t get away with killing me.”

She lifts the knife off my neck. “Who cares if I get caught. I absolutely don’t like you one bit. That’s why I am going to kill you...tonight.” Her face is covered in joy, watching me in pain and suffering. She stabs the knife into my neck, and I take my last breath. Her smile wide, while she watches  me die.

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