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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
the story about boy and girl around the age of 16-17, but mainly about the boy and how badly he is treated.
this doesn't have actual names for personal reasons and also to avoid any kind of coincidence

Submitted: December 15, 2016

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Submitted: December 15, 2016



WARNING: This story contains graphic language

note: english is not my first languege, so please forgive my grammar and spelling when you notice mistakes



 A boy and a girl in School Park

Boy:”you know I wish this town burn to the ground sometimes”

Girl:”why you say that? Nobody did anything to you..”

Boy:”I guess you didn’t notice how I’ve been treated around, everyone been trying to get on my nerves since I moved here. And of course you won’t see it, you’re a good looking girl that everyone will act nice with, waiting for a chance to take advantage “

Girl:”yah .. I’ve seen it .. but- “

Boy:”don’t bother, I won’t change my mind about how I see this place and I’m sorry for being a jerk and brutally honest”

The boy takes out a bag of cigarettes and start smoking one

Girl:”Stop it! Didn’t you tell me you will quite? It’s bad for you and it’s against school rules..”

Boy:”I can’t help it and I don’t give a shit about school rules, like the people working in here are nice or “good”, just a bunch of scum’s”

Girl:”(sign)… come on we will be late for class”

The girl spot group of 4 guys that always hit on her and bully the boy coming

Girl:”let’s go!”

Boy:”alright alright..”

The 4 guys saw them and one of them started saying

“Well.. isn’t this the edge lord and his bitch haha”

And the other said

“yah baby you know mine is much bigger than his so come here..”

The boy got pissed and right when he was about to go to them the girl stopped him by holding his arm

Girl:”please don’t, they only want you to do that!”

Boy:”and you want them to get away with all that shit they’re saying??”


Boy started to calm down

Boy:”fine.. I hope you see what kind of shit I meant about this fucking shit hole”

They started walking away from the guys while they’re saying all kinds of things

“Look at him go! Fucking pussy”

“Not only edgy but also a fagget”

“just listen to the pussy huh? HA!”

They just kept on walking ignoring them

Girl:”I have to go now, see ya!”

Boy:”yah sure”

The girl went to her class and the boy went to his

The boy entered the class and set on his usual seat in the back

The teacher start given the exam results, when he gave it to the boy he smiled and said “better luck next time”

The boy took the paper and saw his result 15/100, he started acting like he’s spacing out while he was saying from inside

“Even with all the luck in the world I won’t be able to even get half score in you shitty class, unless I joined your “extra hours classes” so I can pay you like everyone here already did. Given me extremely hard tests so I can get the message, I got the message alright fucking piece of shit just like everyone in this fucking school”

The boy started looking around to notice a girl in the front seat looking at him, when she realized he noticed her; she took her nose up out of ego and turned

The boy said to himself “oh yah.. her .. the top of our class, the girl that kept on saying all kinds of shit about me, and I don’t even remember doing anything or even talking to her.. Some just hate you by default I guess”

After the class finished the boy went to his house, he didn’t meet with the girl because her class ends later

When the boy arrived he met his father waiting for him

Boy:”hey I’m back..”

His father throws some papers at him and said “explain this”

The boy:”what the.. what was that for??”

The boy toke the papers from the ground

His father:”those are reposts from your school. Avoiding classes and having really down grades, you’re the last in your class! This is unacceptable!”

His father noticed something red in his jacket pocket

His father:”what is that?.. is that what I think it is”

He put his hand on his pocket and pull out his cigarettes bag

His father:”you’re smoking??”

The boy throws the papers on the table and said “whatever” and starts walking to his room

His father:”this is not over! Come back here!”

He grabbed him by his jacket and the boy gabbed off in anger and start yelling



You never spoke to me about how I’m doing or feel, it’s always about some kind of shit like this..

Since mom died I feel like I’ve become just a shitty responsibility on you.. Other than that ..nothing..

Maybe ..maybe you’re the one that made her sick maybe you’re the one who actually killed her with all your bullsh-“

His father punched him in the face and the boy  fell on the ground

His father:”watch your fucking mouth you brat”

The boy got up, covered with his hand the blood coming from his nose.

 took his jacket and storm out

At the same moment the girl just finished her class

Girl:”I wonder how he is doing..oh yah I forgot “

She went to the market to buy something , while she was going the 4 guys saw her and they started talking

“isn’t that the hotie that hangs with the edgy fuck”

“yah that her alright”

“hey! come on this will be fun”

After 30 minutes

The boy setting in the top of an abandoned building, looking at the sky smoking.

Thinking about his day

 Then he heard someone coming.

It was the girl and she was crying

Boy:”what is..”  he noticed her condition and said “what .. what happened?”

At the moment his father in the house talking to himself

“I really shouldn’t have done that ..I .. I should look after him.. but I can’t just go see him after what I done..”

He went to his bedroom, he set then he realized after while something is not right.

Someone missed around; he rushed to his closet to check on something

“Oh no.. He took it”

He run out of the house and got on his car

“I have to find him”

He drove to his usual places and didn’t find him

His father:”where where could he be..oh god ..where?..”

 then he remembered the abandoned building he caught him once hanging around on it.

In his way he saw the girl trying to run be she couldn’t.

 he stopped the car, and went to check on her

“oh my god what happened to you?”

The girl said crying:”you have to .. stop him.. he’s going to.. they .. raped ..he’s going to school”

His father:”who?”

Girl:”your ..son”

His father:”oh dear god.. Please don’t tell me he did this to you”

Girl:”no .. he didn’t .. i.. i..”

The girl couldn’t catch her breath; his father got her to the car

The boy seen running on his way to school in anger, when he arrived he spotted them in the hall laughing and hanging around like they’ve done nothing

he started walking

They noticed him coming and they start saying

“hey! Did your girlfriend said hey for us? I bet she-“

Without further notice he took out his gun and fired a bullet to make a hole between his eyes.

The other 3 started running; he shot one in the leg and other in the back the last one kept on running.

The one who got shot in the leg started begging for his life “please no! I swear it wasn’t my idea it-“

He shot him in the head, then he started walking to the other that was crawling “please I’m sor-“

He shot him as well in the same way, and then he started looking for the last one.

Everyone was running screaming and hiding

On his way he met his teacher

The teacher noticed the gun on his hands and started to panic

His teacher:”please son .. put.. put down the gun”

The boy looked him straight in the eyes and said “here is your fucking payment”

He shot him in the stomach and left him on the ground.

The boy kept looking for the guy not given a damn about all the other people, there was no exist in that side of school.

 While he was looking he saw the fear in people’s eyes.

 He laughed and said “OHH the irony, I’m the monster now..”

He noticed the sound of shaking in a closet; he opened it to find him.

Before he could even beg he shot him twice and closed the closet letting him sink in his own blood.

When he turn he saw that girl who always spoke bad of him, on her shock she couldn’t move a muscle.

He took out his gun and shot one inch away from her head then he start walking to her and said “here.. here’s your fucking reason to speak shit about me”

The girl was so scared that she pissed on herself then she fainted.

He start walking to the front door, Everything start to look blurry and slow to him.

he took his gun and put it on his head, looking at the girl and his father running to him yelling

He couldn’t hear them but he understood what they’re screaming for.

The boy:”I’m sorry”







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