Severing Blood Ties

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Exert from story "They come into my violated home only to violate it more by taking photos of a dead girl and then putting her lifeless body into a bag and carrying her away as if nothing has happened."

Submitted: December 15, 2016

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Submitted: December 15, 2016




Severing Blood Lines

“Class this our new student, Blair Caliber.” Are teacher introduced today, I didn’t see why she needed introductions. Her family has been the talk of the town ever since they moved into the manor in the mountains. She walked up to the front of the room after the teacher turned to her to give us more details. “As you all know I have moved into the manor, as the teacher said my name is Blair, I like badminton, kickball, and having those sophisticated parties. You know the kind where everybody dresses up in tuxedos. Now what else you you guys like to know?”

“Where do you move from?” asked Tubs. He was the biggest kid in class by far weight wise.

“I Moved from a small town, it’s name is unimportant.”

“How is it unimportant, something happen there that you don’t want getting out?” Asked another newer kid named Terry. Her face lit up more red than a santa christmas decoration, “Well if it means that much to you then i’m from Luxor Florida.”

“Thank you now was that so hard?” Terry said mocking her.


After the introduction the teacher sent her to one empty desk, the one next to me. “Open your book to page 167 please and bread the chapter jotting down notes, Sebastian let her use your book with you to take notes for today.”

“Why don’t you have other books?”

“Just do as I say today please?”

“Fine.” I replied sternly.

She scooted her desk closer to mine, close enough to smell her minty fresh breath.

“Hi i’m Blair.” She stated this fact looking into my eyes with her hazel brown eyes, her strawberry blonde hair, and her runners tan skin, she stared and I felt as if my soul was going to run out at hers.

“Hi i’m Sebastian.” I replied and we both laughed.


I didn’t know the bell had rung until I heard people leaving the classroom, “Hey do you need a ride home?”

“I mean if you don’t mind my family just moved in so I thought I’d have to walk today, it’s no trouble for you is it?”

“No I live up that way anyway, just a bit further up the road from your manor.”


We started down the hall, and the looks she was receiving were less than pleasant,people stared at her with cold raven’s eyes trying to pierce her soul.Looking for secrets they could not find. She started to run out of the school and I chased after her.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing, look just take me home please.”


We got into my 2005 honda civic and rode off towards the mountain.

“So why did you turn pale when you saw Terry today?”

“Oh, it was nothing he’s just a relative who was waiting on us to start a little game is all, I was just surprised.”

We get to the front gate of the manor, “Thanks Sebastian!”

“No problem Blair, look I can pick you up for school tomorrow if you want me to.”

“That is a nice offer but I must refuse it, my butler would be furious if someone else took responsibility for me.”

Then I see a car drive up from the marble columns behind the gate, “Blair who is that?”

“He’s just a friend I made at school today.”

“Ask him if he can stay for dinner, I’d like to repay him for doing us a service.”

“Well how about it?”

“Can’t sorry I have to go take care of my little sister, after our mother passed I have to do everything around the house but thanks for the offer.”


With that I left, backing up quickly and racing towards home. Why did I tell a complete stranger that, why did I let her in, what’s happening to me? I keeped asking myself this over and over again until I got home and still had no real answer.

“Maddy I’m home.” I waited for a response but none came. I called out again “Maddy i’m home.” Still no response, I started towards the kitchen. On the floor was her soaking in a pool of blood and guts, enough to make me puke. I started to hyperventilate, I couldn’t take another loss of a family member. The last thing I remember Is phasing out and hitting my head on the counter.


When I wake up it’s night time and as I look around I’m still in the kitchen, my fingers are wet, but a sloppy wet and it hits me I’m lying in her blood. I attempt to get up by my head prevents me from standing. I try again and pull myself up using the counter as a guard rail to go over to the table were I sob, and yell for Maddy. I get myself to call the police, “Hello 911 what’s your emergency?

“Um my name is Sebastian and i’m calling to inform you that my little sister has been murdered.”

“Please stay on the line we’ve sent police and an ambulance.”

I stay on the phone she doesn’t say anything, she just listens to my sobs until the police arrive.


“They come into my violated home only to violate it more by taking photos of a dead girl and then putting her lifeless body into a bag and carrying her away as if nothing has happened. Then a doctor comes up to me and exams the wound on my head, he tells me to ice it and put gauze on it in the morning and after 2 weeks it will heal.

“Sir I Know you’ve been through a lot but could you tell me one more time what happened?”

“Look, I came home from school and found her in a pool of her dark red blood as if she was trying to swim in it with her face in it, is that enough.” I yelled the last part but I just couldn’t contain my anger. First my father, then my mother, and now my sister dear god what am I to do. I’ve got no family even remotely close. Then at the door I see Blair, the girl who had somehow gotten me to open up to her in the two hours I had talked to her.

“He sebastian what’s going on?”

“Why do you care, we’ve only just met but you're running to my side now?” I said that coldly but I couldn’t feel anything at that point. I felt like I had been frozen in a glacier, my whole body was numb and I could hardly talk. I was so sleepy at that point I just fell over.


I woke up in a room that clearly wasn’t mine, I tried to move but it hurt my ribs were the sorest they have ever been. I move my hands to my head and there is a gauze wrap there were the wound had been. I slide myself forcefully out of the bed and I fell to the ground, the carpet was dark red just, just like her blood had been that night. The stains of her were still on my hands, crusted and the smell of death. As I pull myself up someone enters the room and they ran off, in a few moments Blair was in the room on her knees next to me helping me off the ground.

“Why are you going so far to help me?”

“Because I want to, because you have had a tough life and now it's someone's turn to help you in exchange.”

“Look I didn’t ask for your help, I just want to be alone right now. Where are my things I’m leaving.”

“No you are certainly not, not in this condition.”

“Says who, are you honestly going to stop a stranger from leaving?”

She looks at me with those same eyes as the day before, and I feel compelled to stay here. “Look just take a shower and have dinner with us that’s all i’m asking.

“Fine.” I replied with but I wanted to say no let me the fuck go.


She lead me to a door in the room and told me, “There's soap and shampoo in there, use any towel you want when you get done. I walked in undress and turn the shower up to dragon’s fire hot, well you get the point to the hottest setting and I just stood there for what seemed to be an eternity. I reach for the shampoo and I wash out the streaks of red in my hair, I go for the soap and wash off my skin from yesterday. I open the door and see a change of clothes on the counter, they really were not my style but still were better than the crispy red ones I had.

I walk out of the bathroom to see Blair standing there with a midnight black dress on.

“What’s the occasion?” I said with a hint of frustration in my voice.

“Nothing my family only eats in things like this, it’s definitely a weird tradition.” She smiled.

She lead me down some halls, the halls we of brilliant colors, royal purples and golds, Emerald green and silver. My eyes were seeing an actual symphony, I just couldn’t believe it. We came to a grand staircase made of marble. “From here on don’t talk unless spoken to.”


“Just don’t, and do something about that…”
“What about that what?”

“Nothing now let's go.”


I followed her down the stairs and then some to a dining room table, the only person I see there that I know is Terry. We continue towards the table and i’m seated across from Blair by a butler. But as I sat down I felt this gaze hitting me hard, it was as if it was staring down into my soul to see what I would do. I acted as calmly as one could in a situation like this, and I hear Blair talking to people further along the table. As we sit down a huge platter is brought out and it is huge, almost human child size. As the butlers open the platter the smell of death hits me hard, as it comes off all the way I can see Maddy’s cold face at the other end. I get up out of my chair and sprint towards the doors, I see that they are closing, I make myself run faster and make it through before they shut all the way. But that did me no good considering everyone from that room has surrounded me, all holding a piece of Maddy’s cold dead body in their hands.

Someone rolls her head towards me like it was some ball to be played with, I fall to my knees and begin to sob in rage and anger. Blair approaches, with what seems to be fangs bearing from her mouth almost like a cobra before it strikes it’s prey.

“Is this you goddamned game you mentioned, you twisted freak of nature?”

“Who me never.” She mocked me but sounded innocent all at the same time.

She got closer, and closer, and closer, she got down on her knees and whispered “ When a pure blood drinks the blood of a mortal the mortal is given the power of immortality if they are damned for hell anyway. Looks like god favored your sister there.” she said with a guilty smile.

As she leaned in closer I took my head and smashed it into hers, she jolted back.

“Do you not realize i’m trying to give you the power of immortality here, are you stupid or something?”
I looked at her for a moment, “First you kill my only family I have left and then offer to kill me to make things right with the world. I really don’t think so lady.” I get off the ground and try to run but my head wouldn’t let me. She came back this time licking her lips at the beat to my pulse beating. Even I could hear it, I was scared, lonely, and thoughtless about what to do. She struck down on my neck with her fangs, she cradled me in her arms until I losted my freedom.


I awoke what felt like days later, in the same room I had been in. I knew they were mocking me when I saw my sister's body strung up like a puppet from the ceiling. I tried to move but I was restrained to the bed by what felt like rope. Blair came in opening the door quietly as if not to wake me. But I heard her talking to someone, “Master he has awoken.”

I see Maddy walk in the room, her ruby red eyes glowing like the pits of hell.

“Hello brother nice of you to finally join us.”

I was in shock but not, I knew I should have been but I couldn’t feel it.

“How are you still alive and being called master what is going on here Maddy and lastly untie me from this bed.”

“Look for this to be short, we are pure bloods in the eyes of the world of the underground. It’s time that you woken up from your ignorance. Blair untie him.”

She walks over to me and begins to untie the nots not looking at me once.

“Now you and Blair will be married for the survival of our kind okay. Oh and forget your other life please you are not going back.”

I stared at her in disbelief. “So wait how come your telling me what to do, why are you so high and mighty?”

“Because I killed our parents to make sure I was put in charge now deal with it.”

My eyes sunk into my skull when I heard that, I slowly sank back into the bed and slept for what seemed like an eternity.

When I awoke the only other person in the room was Blair, she was sleeping in a chair with her head in her hands on the bed. I slowly rose out of bed put the clothes that were folded up on a dresser on and walked out of the room. Exiting I thought to myself, why would she not put guards up outside of my room, does she actually think I’m that arrogant and didn’t know anything?

Walking for what seems like hours until I find the grand staircase from yesterday, I slowly descended not wanting to make a lot of noise. At the bottom I find myself surrounded by maids and butlers who appeared out of nowhere.

“Sir I’m afraid that Ms.Silver has asked us to be sure that you don’t leave the premise of the house and to make sure you do as you are told.”

“What is with your tone there, you sound a bit frightened.”

With that I took control of their minds effortlessly, just has I had practiced on the playground bully so many times years ago.

“Your new orders are to take me to where Maddy is.”

“Can’t sir she is out right now and won’t be back till dawn.”

“Then let her come back to find she is no longer welcome yes.”


With that I sent them off doing various things to sabotage the house, and in a Michael Bay style. I’m thinking her pulling into the circle drive “her” servants come out to greet her as one stays back to light off fireworks from the woods behind the house, while another detonates some minor explosives to make the house cave in on itself. I can see it all playing out clearly in my head now. Next she chases me into the woods where I have pitfall traps with the steaks through them, she falls into one and then we seal it shut with concrete for what she did to our parents and whoever else she has wronged in this cursed eternal life. I’ve never feed on a human once but her she wears the souls of her kills like a cape, and she wears their blood like a dress. The smell of death that she radiates is larger than a god damned black hole.  


Now the only problem is where Blair falls into this plan, she could make it or utterly destroy it from the inside.

“Sebastian what are you doing?” I hear called down from the top of the stairs.

“Just a welcome party for Maddy when she gets back, why do you ask?”
“Oh I don’t know maybe because of the explosives set up around the house and the smell of fresh dirt and wood chips from the woods.”

“Well I’m getting rid of a queen with no right to rule, help or leave those are your options. All the servants here are now under my influence.”

She runs down the stairs as soon as I say that leans up on her toes and kisses my lips with hers. I follow her lead.

“I’d love to help get rid of her.” As she says that she is smiling.


I go over the plan with her, and her only suggestion to change it is nothing. So we wait for Maddy to return from wherever she went. She returns at around 8:30 p.m.,”Aw, look at you to so close I knew you guys would make a great couple.”

All I do is nod at the servants and the fireworks go off in the background, and from the manor all you hear is the sound of stone crashing on stone. “Well you were really stupid thinking I knew nothing at all about are race, and thinking I couldn’t even influence the wills of others.”

Her face is as red as a tomato, she charges at me and I take of sprinting towards the woods. She follows blinded by rage just as planned, she trips over one of the traps some how.  I start thinking fuck you physics work with me here. We come to a meadow, basicly a minefield of pit traps. She runs almost all the way across until her foot gets caught on the very edge of one and she falls down into it. I approach it slowly, looking down I see a bloody painting, smears on the dirt walls and the sound that the faucet makes when you turn it off but the last little bit of water falls making the drip noise.

I stand watch over her until the concrete truck makes it here and we fill the grave of Maddy Silver, I get a priest to come pray for her just to add insult to injury.

“Turn around.” I hear Blair say.

I turn around to see her in the reddest dress I’ve ever seen in my entire life. She approaches me very slowly as if to tease me. She leans up on her toes and we kiss until dawn comes. To this day I tell that as a legend to keep the kids behaved.




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