Open Letter #1

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An open letter for anyone who need this the most; the ones who keep on fighting.

Submitted: December 16, 2016

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Submitted: December 16, 2016



Dear You,


Your brain may have many tabs open that it can’t function properly, you decided to shut it down; your sponge like heart may have absorbed so much water like tears that it almost felt heavy you decided to throw it away; and maybe you got into those days where you don’t feel like reading or being on the internet or you don’t feel like watching a TV show or you don’t feel like sleeping or you don’t feel like existing in general. You just sat there straight eyed, blanked mind, heavy hearted and silent. You have been lonely, you have tough days where everything is falling apart and it tears you down. You’re scarred, hurt, broken, felt like drowning with tears that it almost fills you up to the brim.

But look at you, you’ve strived hard to make it this far. All those bruises and scars hammered to you, all those evidences that the sun has glowed on you, that the moon has beamed on you that the stars has shone on you and you’ve grown and tripped a hundred times maybe a thousand. You started out as a blank canvass and now you’re a beautiful work of art, you’re ripped at every edge but you are a masterpiece and like an image so much you made it a permanent part of you. My dear you are brave and you are awesome.

Take a step back and look around you, you have more people who loves you than you think. They will never be exactly in your shoes to first handedly experience your struggle but they have two ears to listen to your cries, they have two shoulders for you to lean on, they have two arms to wrap you in a hug to build you up, they have two hands to hold you in this bumpy road and they may only have one heart but it’s enough for you to fit in there and be showered by their love and they have a pair of eyes to see you as you still are without judging you because that is how much they cared for you mattered to them.

Although you are very small and your kind have in existed in this world for on a short span of time, you are an important part of something really large and beautiful. We have our dark inner battles and our own demons dragging us down and we are all hiding in this rotten cage of our inner self but my dear please conquer from within. Never let them win. We will fight those dragons with you. Happier days are coming. Amazing moments are coming. Fill your soul with memories worth living for.


All my love.

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