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Does Money Buy Happiness?
What's going on? You don't have to work extra hours with this bad pain! I had to work hard to bring the happiness in my fiance's heart for his birthday on the date September.6.2016. Before, I move from Lebanon to US, my life was completely different. I used to drive luxury cars. I never care about money, or I have to worry about bills. When I finish school, I go out with friends and family to mall or any places for fun without thinking about money. Every weekends, me and my friends send donations for any organization to help poor people, or we make small party for orphans and poor kids to draw smile on their faces. When I moved to U.S.A. Sep,17.2012. I learned what does mean saving money? I never worked before, and I never account how much I have to save to pay bills to the house, or I have to wait for my next pay check to buy something I like. On August.3.2016, I started thinking about my fiance's birthday gift. I planned to buy him SamsungNote7, his phone was always without charge. I worked extra hours while I was sick. Whenever I get enough money to buy the phone, I lose half of the amount to pay the house's bills. I ended up with frustration, depression, and cried every single night thinking about my old life and my new life. Eventually, I decided to think how I use the money that I saved to buy two important things instead of SamsungNote7. After he asked me his question " what's going on? you don't have to work extra hours!" I answered him on Sep.6.2016. with his gifts and reservation in his favorite restaurant "that's why I used to work extra hours with bad pain". He was so happy and shocked that he got Samsung Gear Watch and Hp Laptop. In this personal experience I can clearly approve that money can buy happiness once we know how to use it. Happiness and money are related to each other, money is source to make your life and your special people in your life happy by several ways to reach the goal of happiness.

Submitted: December 16, 2016

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Submitted: December 16, 2016



Does happiness comes as money? Happiness comes as person, and sometimes comes as money. DO NOT think that money can't buy happiness 

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