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Each one of these poem represent a character, a story of their life, but you're only getting a piece of it. Enjoy.

Submitted: December 16, 2016

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Submitted: December 16, 2016



Long, long, ago in this small world

There were wheels tied onto her as legs that swirled

Again, again it will spin and fall and curl


Now I play along in a fantasty

Of who we are and what we can be

Because everything just keeps on falling apart

And locked away in your heart


Every time we fall, deeper and deeper again

The timer on the table counts to ten

Know that you were once living

And will again


Today rain was what the sky had brought

I listen to the raindrops falling with no thought

I smiled, greeting you 

Calmly staring at a paper of the key you drew

"What is something that can be lock, but never unlock,

If my life was as easy of birds in a flock,"

You say, as a person who only carries locks


"It's going to be okay,"

Follow what I say

"Every time we fall and think that we are trash

Just know that I was once alive

And would be with you again"

That is my greatest promise to you, who only carries locks

You cried, wishing to rewind my clock

But all that was left was my grave in shock

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