The Store

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A short story on racism.

Submitted: December 16, 2016

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Submitted: December 16, 2016



The drive to the store was quick. Jody loved to see the snow flakes falling off the trees. She thought the trees ran faster than their car. Dad was a horrible driver, the little girl hissed.

Madison walked sluggishly. She wanted Kellogg’s Froot Loops but the store obviously kept them in tight corners, and her legs were not willing to find them. But she needed them! Hallelujah! She eventually found it. She walked towards it. As she stretched her hands to it, another hand raised its head to claim ownership. She raised her face to see the opponent. But instead of claiming her right to the cereal, she stared at those large eyes. The eyes rested on hers too. She became dumb. She could not remember anything; including her name. His face became the one she saw in her dreams. Those large eyes, she could not take her eyes off them. "You should take it," he finally said. Her heart thumped hard. Her throat hurt. "No....," she stammered, "You..You should...," she took the packet from the shelf and stretched it towards him. "I'm sorry.." "No..," his eyes brightened as he talked. "I'm Bigger," he let out his large palms. "Take the cereal." The cold breeze blew in. It made Madison bite her lower lip. She brought her hand out of the warm hood's pocket. But with the breeze came dad. "What are you doing with him?," his baritone voice brought back the life she wanted to let go off, the life she had been living? the only life she had. "Step away from him, Maddie." Madison turned back to look at him. His steps quickened towards them. "I said move!", his large arms pushed Madison away.

Confusion crept into Madison's head. He's already filled my life with shit, now he's here again, her mind reminisced. But she had to force her lips to move? they always lost their strength at the eleventh hour. "What are you doing, dad?!" "He's dangerous, Maddie," her father said. Bigger stood in the shadow of shame. The eyes of Fergusons' store rested on him. "What have you done to her?" Madison noticed Bigger's eyes had lost its initial brightness. "I wassin doin' nothin' to yo' daughter," he replied. He stole a glance at her eyes. Plea and unprofessed affection filled his face. He picked up the cereal and made to leave. Dad pulled his large clothes back. "Don't you leave for nowhere nigger!," dad barked, "I'm talking to you!" Madison just wished her mother would show up. Lemme go look for her, she contemplated. No! No! I can't leave him to dad.

Bigger smiled. Madison saw dimples?perfect dimples. But it was a smile of nervousness? sweats trickled down his nose. He pulled his hand out of his sweater but immediately, something went from behind that deafened her. Bigger fell to the ground. Someone shouted something and everybody went to the ground. Madison just stood confused. A man ran up to dad and pulled him up. They both pointed to Bigger; dad let out a smile.

Emptiness became waves and waves became sound. Her ears and brain interpreted the sound. Everything happened so fast. Madison could not but let the tears flow. She did not know what she felt, she just let the tears flow. "Are you okay, baby?," mom asked. Jody was with her. She put her hand in her mother's. She looked at the lifeless body that laid across her. She stared at the black handkerchief, it had ended him.

"The man who shot said he wanted to pull a gun on your father," mom said at dining the next morning. "I could have been dead!," dad's ever-wide lips broke into laughter, "God bless America!" Everybody cheered except Madison. "They are just too dangerous," mom smiled at Madison. "I'm happy you are safe, Maddie. He could have done bad bad things...," her voice drifted off. Madison was lost in a world beyond theirs. She had lost something she could never find again. She had gotten back that life she hated. She had seen the only love she could ever have shot down right before her? they said he was dangerous. She had lost everything; practically everything in just one night that hoped to rebuild the future.

She had no choice but to go in search of that black soul. She wanted another five minutes of perfection. At 9pm the following day, the exact time they left for the store three days ago, she pulled the trigger on herself.

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