Amine The Series: Transendence

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A young boy during an ancient time, is found to be the target of an enemy tribe. His father shows him how to hunt. He finds his true love, and he has a child. Will this boy and his family survive this horrific time? Open the book to find out!

Submitted: December 17, 2016

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Submitted: December 17, 2016



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This book is dedicated to my family


Amine The Series

Chapter 1: Transendence



Let me take you back in time as we start our story in the year 2120 B.C. with a father and a son...... You can hear my father and my grandfather sprinting through the trees, faster than you can even blink. They jumped out into an open field, filled with tall grass and bullhogs. The bullhogs fleed the field as fast as they could. As if they knew danger was near. When my father and grandfather landed in the field. They had finally found what they have been searching for all this time...

But before we get into that. Lets’ start this story from the very beginning. My father's name is Niba. His parents’ names are Hototo and Karma. They lived all alone in the saquoia trees. Their life revolved around the wilderness. Every night before they went to sleep the prayed to the god of the moon, Hento. Everyday Hototo went out hunting, and Niba and his mother would stay home and do the chores. Some of these daily chores included sweeping, gathering firewood, and watering the garden. As much Niba hated the fact that he wasn't aloud to hunt with his father until he was 13, he enjoyed staying home with his mother. Karma was always playing jokes on him. One time while Niba was out getting water from the river, she snuck up behind him and scared him. He fell right into that river, and got soaked. So afterwards, Karma made him a nice pot of tea to warm up.

But one day while Hototo was out hunting, Karma and Niba were attacked. They were attacked by a savage tribe, known as the Bakaak. When they got there, Karma told Niba to run as fast as he could and hide until his father got him. So Niba ran and found himself a hiding spot in the trunk of a dead tree. While Hototo was coming home from hunting he heard screaming coming from his house. So he ran as fast as he could back to his house. When he got there, he saw Karma and the Bakaak standing there. So he walked up to them calmly. Hototo is a very peaceful person, so he doesn't like to cause any conflict between people. No matter who they are.

So Hototo simply said, "Why are you here? We haven't bothered you." The leader of the Bakaak walked up to him and said, "It is not you that we're after. "Then why are you here then Maulizi?", said Hototo curiously. "We are here because out elders have had a vision.", said Maulizi. "What was in this vision that you speak of?", asked Hototo. "They saw that your son will one day have a child that will cause us to be in danger.", said Maulizi fiercely. "So your here to take my son to make sure he doesn't have any children?", yelled Hototo furiously. "Yes, so where is he?" said Maulizi viciously. "Nowhere because you aren't getting him!" yelled Hototo fiercely. "Wrong answer! Either you give us your son or your wife is going to die!", yelled Maulizi savagely. "Ok, how about we make a deal Maulizi?", said Hototo very calmly. "I'm listening.", said Maulizi. "Let's make a treaty, stating that we are never allowed to come into your part of the forest ever again.", said Hototo.

So the Bakaak agreed to the treaty and they went on their way. When Hototo knew that the Bakaak were fully gone, he ran and called out to Niba. When Niba heard his dad called, he got out of his hiding place and ran home as fast as he could. When he got there he ran right into his dad's arms, and hugged him. Hototo, while squeezing his son in his arms, said that everything is going to be alright for now on. For as long as we stay out of the Bakaak's part of the forest...

(A few years after that horrific incident, Niba’s 13th birthday is only 1 day away.)

Niba and his mother are home doing their daily chores. While his father is out hunting. When Hototo finally got back from hunting all morning, he called Niba over to help him. When Niba heard his father calling for him, he looked over at his mother in surprise. “Go on. Don’t keep your father waiting.”, said Karma. So Niba ran over, as fast as he could, to his father. 

“Since your 13th birthday is tomorrow, why don’t you go check on all the animal traps around the forest.”, said Hototo. Niba was so happy by this that he just took off running, without saying a word. “Now don’t you go get yourself hurt!”, yelled Hototo laughing.

When Niba finally got back after a couple of hours in the forest checking the traps, he walked over to his father looking very depressed.

“Why are you sad?”, said Hototo. “All of the traps around the forest were empty.”, said Niba sadly. “Now if we got something in the traps every time we looked, that would just be to easy.”, said Hototo jokingly. “I guess your right dad.”, said Niba still a little disappointed. “Now lets’ go help your mother with supper, ok.”, said Hototo.

So during dinner, Hototo told Niba that they’re going to start his hunter training tomorrow. As soon as Niba heard this news he hurried up, scarfed down his dinner, and went straight to bed. “Good night Niba.”, said Hototo and Karma laughing. “That boy really has a lot of enthusiasm.”, said Karma laughing. “He probably gets that from you.”, said Hototo laughing. “Now we should probably get to bed. We have a couple of weeks ahead of us.”, said Hototo. “You mean you have a long couple of weeks ahead of you.”, said Karma. They both just laughed and went to bed.


(First two weeks of training: Bow and Arrow)

That next morning Niba and his father woke up at dawn. As soon as Niba woke up he hurried up and ate his favorite breakfast; fish and berries. After he ate he ran over to his father.

“For the next two weeks we are going to be working on your archery skills. You got that? No fooling around. This is a skill that you’ll be using your entire life.”, said Hototo seriously. “I understand father. I will try my hardest at everything you teach me.”, said Niba. “Good. Now just remember one thing.”, said Hototo. “What?”, asked Niba curiously. “Be patient. You will not master these skills right away. It will take time.”, said Hototo. “Ok.”, said Niba. “Now lets’ get started.”, said Hototo.

After that brief conversation, Hototo told Niba to gather sticks and fibers. When Niba got back from gathering these items, Hototo told him that before they can train he must first craft a bow. But before he can craft a bow, he must make a carving knife. When Hototo told Niba this, he gave him a fang of a saber tooth tiger to use as the blade.

“I got this for you, during my last hunt.”, said Hototo. “WOW! This is so cool! Thanks Dad!”, yelled Niba in excitement.

Hototo then showed Niba how to craft his crafting knife. Then Hototo told Niba that now that he has his own crafting knife, they can start making a bow. Hototo then showed Niba how to balance and craft a long bow. When the long bow was finished, Niba said, “Don’t I need arrows to use this?”. “That’s what we’re going to craft next.”, said Hototo.

So Hototo then told Niba to gather up some more sticks and feathers for the arrows. When Niba got back from the forest again, Hototo showed Niba how to sharpen the ends of sticks to a fine point. These arrows were a lot harder to craft than the bow was for Niba. This was because if the arrows were just a little unbalanced, they would fly off in a totally different direction. After Niba finished crafting a few arrows, Hototo told Niba that he would need a quiver to hold all of his arrows. So they got some animal hide and some fiber and crafted one. Hototo then told Niba that they were done for the day, and that he should help his mother with some chores. So Niba did exactly that.

That Next day, Niba woke up early again, had his breakfast, and ran over to his father. This time he noticed that his father was setting up targets for him to shoot at.

“Well are you just going to just stand there and watch, or are you going to grab your bow and quiver and come over hear!”, said Hototo. “Sorry! I’ll be right over!”, said Niba.

That day Hototo showed Niba how to shoot his bow properly. Niba then practiced for the next two weeks, working on his archery skills. On the last day, Hototo and Karma walked over to Niba. “Show us the results of your training for the past two weeks.”, said Hototo.

So Niba raised up his bow, drawled the arrow back, and fired. The arrow flew off his bow, and landed right in the middle of the target. “Nice Shot!”, said Hototo and Karma. “Thanks Mom and Dad!”, said Niba relieved. “Now tomorrow we’ll start your spear fishing training.”, said Hototo. “I’m looking forward to it.”, said Niba.

(Second two weeks of training: Spear fishing)

That next day Niba woke up at dawn again, and had his favorite breakfast. He then walked over to his father and asked him what he needs to do today. Hototo told him that he first needs to craft his spear, just like last time. So Niba ran into the woods searching for a strong, sturdy stick. When Niba got back, Hototo showed him how to carve the end of his spear to a point using his carving knife. When Niba finished carving his spear, Hototo told him that that’s all they are going to do today, and that he should help out his mother. So again, Niba did exactly what his father told him.

That Next day Niba and his father walked down to the river near their house. When they got there they took their shoes off and stepped into the river to start training.

“Now remember, patients is key to spearing the fish. Don’t rush.”, said Hototo. “Alright. I’ll give it a try.”, said Niba… SPLASH! “Did you get it?”, said Hototo. “No. I just got the ground.”, said Niba sadly. “Now this is a difficult skill to perfect, so just keep working at it.”, said Hototo.

So for the next two weeks Niba worked on spear fishing. This took him a little longer to perfect than the bow, but he finally got it. So again, on that last day Hototo and Karma walked down to the river over to Niba. “Show us the results of your training, Niba.”, and Hototo.

So Niba went into the river, lifted his spear, and SPLASH! Niba speared a fish. “WOW! Great work!”, said Karma and Hototo in amazement. Now that your basic training is over, tomorrow we are going out to hunt Tonyx.

So that night Niba hurried up and ate his dinner. He is going on his first hunting trip tomorrow so he needs to get so rest. Especially since their hunting Tonyx.

Tonyx is a legendary saber tooth tiger. His fur is black, and glows a light blue at night. His eyes shine a baby blue, like the moon. Anyone who dares to hunt down this beast, better not take him lightly. But Niba’s family has been hunting Tonyx for generations now. So they know his abilities.

That very next day, Hototo, Niba, and Karma woke up at dawn. Niba and Hototo hurried and ate their breakfast so they could get going. Before they left into the forest they said good bye to Karma. She wished them good luck then they left.

(The hunt for Tonyx begins)

Niba and Hototo were running around in the forest all day, and when they went home they told Karma that they didn’t find even a trace of Tonyx around.

“It’s ok. We’ll just keep searching until we find him. Right Niba?”, said Hototo. “Ya!”, said Niba. So they just sat down by the fire, ate dinner, and went to bed. They went out again that next morning. But all they found that day was bullhogs and deer.

After about a month of searching for Tonyx, Niba and Hototo were starting to give up hope. So before they went to bed, they prayed to Hento. Hoping that the moon god would help them during their hunt tomorrow.

That morning, Niba and Hototo had breakfast, said bye to Karma, and went back into the forest. Now we’re finally back to were our story began.

When they jumped into the field, they finally found what they’ve been looking for… Tonyx! But Niba noticed something strange about him. He seemed to be a little distracted by something. So he snuck up behind him to see what he was looking at. Then he saw her. The most beautiful girl he’s ever laid his eyes on.

But then when Niba looked back at Tonyx, he noticed that Tonyx was about to pounce on the girl. So just before Tonyx could pounce, Niba jumped in front of the girl, got out his carving knife, and scratched Tonyx’s eye. Tonyx then ran away, back into the depths of the forest. When Niba made sure that Tonyx was gone, he looked back at the girl.

“What are you doing out here, all alone?”, asked Niba. “Well… I was just out gathering some berries for a snack.”, said the girl. “What’s your name?”, asked Niba. “My name’s Agnii. What’s yours?”, asked Agnii. “I’m Niba, and that’s my father, Hototo, over there.”, said Niba. “Hello nice to meet you Agnii, but no need to alarm you two but we have to get out of here.”, said Hototo. “Oh! It’s to late for that, Hototo!”, said Maulizi viciously. “Look, we crossed the border because my son saw this girl in danger. So can we just leave. I promise this won’t happen again.”, said Hototo. “Fine! But if we ever see that your son produces an offspring, it’ll be war.”, said Maulizi. “You have my word.”, said Hototo.

So Agnii went back with the Bakaaks, and Niba and Hototo started heading back home. When Niba noticed somebody following them. “Agnii!”, Niba yelled, “What are you doing here?!” “I’m here because I can’t live with those freaks any longer.”, said Agnii. “It’s fine. Now lets just go home before the Bakaak spot her with us.”, said Hototo.

So they hurried back to the house. Niba introduced Agnii to his mother, Karma. Karma graciously welcomed her into their home, and told her that dinner is almost ready.

That night before they all went to bed, Niba had to show Agnii how to pray to the moon god, Hento. She didn’t know how to because the Bakaak tribe don't worship any god. After that, Karma showed Agnii a place to sleep for the night.

The very next day, Agnii woke up and saw Niba eating breakfast. So she ran over to him, to eat some breakfast with him. Agnii sat really close to Niba, and she started talking.

“So Niba…you were really brave yesterday when you saved me from that terrible beast.”, said Agnii scooting even closer to Niba. “Well I had to do, what I had to do.”, said Niba nervously. “I would love to learn a few skills from you.”, said Agnii flirtatiously. “Well I would be honored to teach you some skills.”, said Niba happily. “Great! Can we start tomorrow?”, ask Agnii excitedly. “Absolutely!”, said Niba.

So for the rest of the day Niba and his father went out hunting for dinner for the next couple of nights, and Karma and Agnii stayed home and did some chores. That night they had dinner and went to bed.

(First two weeks of Agnii’s training: fighting)

That morning Niba and Agnii ate some breakfast, and went off into the forest. After about twenty minutes or so they found a perfect spot to start her training in. It was an flat, open meadow perfect for fight training.

“Since we have now found the training spot, we can finally begin.”, said Niba. “Yes, finally!”, said Agnii. “Now before we get into actual fighting though, I need to explain to you a couple of things.”, said Niba. “Ok…what?”, said Agnii confused. “The trick to winning any fight is not pure strength, but patience.”, said Niba. “What do you mean my that?”, said Agnii still confused. “What I mean is that you wait for your opponent to attack first. This is because your opponent is most vulnerable when attacking.”, said Niba. “Oh…I get it now.”, said Agnii. “Alright, since I told you that, shall we begin?”, said Niba. “Yes, we shall.”, said Agnii anxiously.

So Niba taught Agnii foot placement, defensive stances, and attacking positions. They worked on these for the next two weeks. On that last day, Niba told Agnii that she was ready for the next time she ever got attacked again. Afterwards he told her that he was going to teach her how to spear fish. Agnii was pretty exited about that. So they headed back to the house, ate dinner, and went to bed.

(Second two weeks of Agnii’s training: Spear fishing)

That morning Niba and Agnii woke up, had breakfast, and walked into the forest. Niba told Agnii that the first thing they needed to do was to find a strong, study stick for Agnii’s spear. Niba showed Agnii how to carve the end of the stick to a fine point using his carving knife. After they did that, they went down to the pond, a little past the river, next to the house.

“Now Agnii, this skill is a little more difficult than fighting. So just remember, patients is the key to this. So if you don’t get it the first couple times it’s ok.”, said Niba. SPLASH! “I got one!”, said Agnii. “WHAT?!”, said Niba very surprised. “It took me like a full three days before I even got close.” “Well…I’m just lucky I guess.”, said Agnii.

So everyday for two weeks Niba and Agnii practiced their spear fishing. On the last day, Agnii pushed Niba down into the water. So he just pulled her in with him. They both just laughed, and got out and sat down on the side of the pond. They just stared into each other’s eyes for a moment, and they kissed.

(10 years later)

Niba and Agnii have been married now for a couple of years, and Agnii is pregnant. Their child could be born any day now.

One day, Niba and Agnii were just taking a walk in the forest when Niba noticed someone following them. It was a Bakaak spy! So Niba and Agnii ran as fast as they could back to the house. As soon as they got there, Niba ran straight over and told his father what just happened. Meanwhile, Agnii went into the house with Karma.

“This must mean there is a war coming.”, said Hototo. “What should we do?” asked Niba. A moment later a few of the nearby tribes were there. “Why are the Bakaak after you?”, said the neighboring tribes. “It is because about 11 years ago they came here looking for my son. They told me one of their elders had a vision that one day my son will father an offspring that will cause them great harm.”, said Hototo. “Well, if that’s the case then we’ll fight with you.”, said the Neighboring tribes. A few seconds later, there was screaming going on in the house. So Niba and Hototo ran towards it. When they got in there Agnii was holding their newborn baby girl.

“You and Niba need to get out of here before the Bakaak come.”, said Hototo. So Niba and Agnii ran as fast as they could while carrying their newborn. They heard fighting going on behind them. And a couple of moments later, they heard someone chasing them. So Niba and Agnii made a decision to hide their child. So while they were trying to find a place to hide her, they prayed for Hento to look after her, and to keep her safe from harm. After they prayed they stuck their daughter under the roots of this tree, and ran into the direction of the battle.

“Who is this baby girl?”, you may ask. “Well that baby girl is me…AMINE!”

To be continued...
























































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