The Greatest Show On Channel 7, 5, 4, Etc, Etc!

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Gee, I wonder what's on? EVERY fricking channel!

Submitted: December 17, 2016

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Submitted: December 17, 2016



This is a collaboration between Hullabaloo22 and myself:



Turn on the set and what do you see?

Trump on every channel of the T. V.


I've totally forgotten what it was like in the past,

before the media domination by this pain in the ass!


The media's wearing knee pads, they're an embarrassment,

as they fall all over themselves to cover this excrement!


Angry rhetoric from this king, and yellow clown.

Yes, he screams, while society is falling down,


due mostly to the bullshit and venom he spews.

He must have everybody glued to the 24-hour news!


He’s craving excitement, he’s craving attention,

will do or say anything to get a mention


in any of the reports – he should star in them all

or else viewing figures he’ll make sure will fall.


He needs all this coverage, he won’t be ignored;

it gives strength to the myth that he is adored.


And all this before he’s become President.....

he’ll brain-wash us all – is that his intent?


The media love him and they are making it clear=

that to them 2017 will be ‘Donald Trump Year’!

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