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This is simply a draft from the essay i had to do for a Freshmen Comp, which is based on trying to write about a character in first narrative and writing about how the psychological aspects of their past/environment,etc, affects them, whenever way i wish, weather through a fictional character, yourself, etc. So I decided to do this based on the contents in A Dance of Dragons, book 5 based on the Song of Fire and Ice series by George R.R Martin, and the contents based on the character Jon Connington, with the situation being based on the temptations of Christ as he encounters internal struggles since the the events of his past as well as with temptation from a well known character.

Submitted: December 17, 2016

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Submitted: December 17, 2016



Jon Connington




I’m Jon Connington, former Hand of  King to the Mad King Aery’s,former  of Griffith Roast of Storm's end, and former sworn brother and friend of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and now, a former soldier of the Golden company, walking aimlessly across the unforgiving desert. The desert wind’s continues  to command armies of fierce sand storming themselves as my barren feet attempts to drag itself on the dry sand in all it’s soulless glory, like a chained elephant purposely dragging itself with it’s feet on it’s fated wasteland. As the sand’s rides with the wind, blowing my spirit along with it to, I can still hear the hawk’s above the hot sun distantly, clawing so simultaneously that it almost sounds like laughter, a mocking type of laugh in fact, may the Faith of the Seven, and all of the God’s from the Narrow sea and beyond, for being in this Narrow sea of dust, swimming breathlessly in my own sins and failures, for, as I thought, until I’m a deserved corpse. For here I walked, with the God’s above me through those accursed little for not being able to end the fool of a king at the Battle of the Bell’s, for if it wasn’t for my foolish need for glory, everything would’ve been different, I can still hear the Bell’s even in this forsaken place. Now I’ve been rewarded by King  Aerys of my “ service” in keeping Robert in one piece with my banishment from the Seven Kingdom’s  my rejection as Hand of King and all my lands taken from me, both by Aery’s and Robert, dividing and taking all my land out of spite, I thought being in this desert would be my eternal home, the taste of bitter sand in my tongue my new food, the barren wasteland my new garden, the little bird’s my new family, the sand storm’s riding across the desert sea my new banner men,and my silver prince, who's now among these dust, shall be what’s left of my enduring year’s, or so I thought, until I was approached by an individual here in this desert, one with many names, but is well known as the Spider.


Continuing my walk on the sand bed, the wind’s were losing steam and the sun above begins to release it’s madness on me, threatening to torch my body in flames once the arrow’s of blown sand dies down, for the living corpse that I was, I was more than willing to let the sun burn what’s left of me. Contemplating on this I sequenced my eyes in astonishment. In a few feet away,there was  a hooded cloaked man wearing a dark robe with seemly wrapped sleeves from a distance, walking the seemly towards me , than the last wind dies and the sun releases it’s wrath.

The  Targaryen sun’s ray’s blinded my eyes while breathing it’s fire into my skin, and by the time I managed to get my eyesight back, the individual seemed to have vanished in thin air. Walking on, the sun eats my skin, and while my skin felt pain, my soul felt nothing, for the last spark of fire in me died the day the Golden Company banished me from their ranks based on rumor’s of a “dishonorable act”, so I was waiting for when the sun would burn my body, so that I may at least lay to rest. The ray’s claws itself all over me,I despite how I felt in my soul, I still felt the need to keep on walking so I stubbornly use my feet on the brown grass for many hours until the sun had enough and forces me to drop on my knees.

Sweating like a horse as it’s about to be slaughtered by a force beyond its control, I could feel my stomach ache of hunger, my whole body feels like it’s on a boiling point, and as i fatherly lay my hand on the mattress of sand, all seemly empty of the beauty of gardens yet is one of the sign’s of life, my house name, the griffin, within me, still desires to spread it’s wings and fly, so I try to get up but both the shield’s of the sun and my aching body brought me back down each time I try, so after one last attempt, I lay in the sand bed and crawled forward until I realized how fruitless the endeavor is for me in the long run, so I lay there, hearing the claws of vultures circling around me above, rain came down my eye, as I thought that this is how the God’s shall bury me, of how the world will see me, a dishonorable man with no titles, no land, no family, no armie, just a simple peasant, these were my thought’s and I was prepared to accept my faith and try to think about how I may at least see Rhaegar and his sweet voice again until a felt a cool breeze from the ruthless sun, and upon my eye’s below me the brown sand was suddenly a dark shadow, a hand touches my chin like a faith healer and forces me to raise up my upper waist, I looked up to see that it was the cloaked individual, whose face was all but hidden, and with a sweet, high pitched voice he said “ It’s time for the griffin in you to be reborn.”

“Who are you?”

He takes out a small piece of bread form under one of his sleeves and show’s it to me in an offering manner.

“ A Spider”


I nearly grab the bread out of his soft hands when he swung it back to himself, much to my confusion. “ I did say I was a Spider,and a spider doesn’t just give things away without any benefits.”

“ What do you want from me.”

He moves his finger’s suggesting me to rise, so I stood up, and saw before my own eye’s, my home, Griffin Roost, the castle standing there with the sunlight showing the magnificent white wall in it’s god-like purity with it’s watchful tower’s and crimson pointed roof’s making it look like it was made with the the combination of the rough steel of Bran the Builder and the angelic touch of the god’s, I  nearly drowned myself in tears  when he than turn me around to the other direction and showed me King’s Landing, from it’s square shaped layout to its elegant appearance shining it’s reflection on the ocean floor  and the city gates all cornered from every angle.

“ All of this can be your’s”

“Mine.This has to me a trick, a mummer’s trick.”

“For you  this isn’t a trick, you can have not only give you back your land, your home, your titles, but also maybe more. In my generous offer,you'll be able to turn these stone walls into bread, bread for your eternal nourishment of your physical and internal hunger, if that’s what you truly want.”

Gesturing the bread closer to him, I looked up at him, and after he makes a small anticipating tilt of his head I slowly let my bony fingers edge towards the bread, half expecting him to swipe it away again, until my hand’s touch the sweet warm bread in all it’s hard silk crust and soft fulfilling underbelly, I couldn’t help but wonder if the God’s are finally ending my misery, than a fatherly soft hand came on top of mine as my hand lay on the bread.

“ Is this what I show you, this bread, these castle’s, is that of great desire for you.My lord.”

“My lord”. Just hearing me being called that again, after so many years of living the life of a peasant, just did something to me it’s like a fire that has regained its spark after many year’s being dormant. And so I said a firm yes.

“ Than in order to do this, you must give me your bread and bow. For a silver dragon is in need of you.”

The Spider removes his cloak off his head, revealing a man with a round baby face, small devious eye’s and a mischievous smile. This man wasn’t any man, this was Vary’s, a man who rumor has it spouted lies and paranoia at the King Aerys, and next thing you know there’s whisper’s of him burning servant’s peasants and knights,men burning alive in the fire of the son’s of the hot sun itself, with  no last minute shadow to cloak it from the extremities of the passion of the madness that the fire bring’s that consumes all it set’s itself upon, and now I’m staring at the sinister eye’s of the man who started it all, who started the spark of madness, with it’s spread causing a war that destroyed the realm, ruined a dynasty, and turned everything I’ve ever to not. I quickly let go of my hand from his, not wanting to deal with his eunuch filth any longer, as I reach for the end of the hilt of my sword, I can hear a small laugh

“ Laughing at my misery eunuch.”

“Partially, what do you mean to do to me, especially when I made such a kind gesture to you.”

“ I refuse to destroy my honour, my very being, in order to bow to the likes of you. I may die here in this desert, but I will not die a dishonorable man.”

“The likes of me? Said in a mocking concern.” You consider yourself above me simply because of your honor. Well tell me Jon, has being honorable help you so far, has it ever helped you at all.

“ It’s a part of me, ever since I was a babe.

“And what has those.childhood lessons brought you, they seemed to help you at the Battle of the Bell’s greatly, as I can tell from this glorious land all to yourself the God’s offer you.

“ Quiet!.” I wanted to face Robert myself, I wanted to spare as many innocent’s as I could, and that is my honor, I did what I did and must.

“ So you did. Admirable your honor is, for those who have the time and advantages to care for such things, for the smallfolk, the poor folks running across the dirty streets forced to fight with the noble’s and with each other for simple housing, food and being simply being able to exist, and live peaceful lives for themselves and their families, and even those simple things become nule and void, for despite surprisingly certain young people’s desire is to live by the dreams and valor of honor, they all realize one thing eventually, that honor will never help feed them or their families, it’ll never prevent them from becoming victims of starvation and poverty, it’ll never turn their feces into gold, or their wooden cabin’s into high castles, and even their dirty robes into silk wardrobe, they all eventually get to know that the honor you noble’s hold dear will not ever put an end to the streams of misery from the Narrow Sea to the bleeding lakes of the Riverlands or the field’s of corpse across the cities of Maiden accompanied by it’s grass soaked with the paint red, made by the angelic horn’s of war, or simply because it is in their power too.

“ Heh. You really think you can taint me with the cries of the smallfolk, I know of their sad plight, many nobles live while keeping their honor. Rhaegar Targaryen. There was a deep pain and a joyful tingle based on not having said that name for so long. “ Barristan, Arthur Dayne, N…...Ne.One of Robert’s, loyal dogs.

“ Mm, Ned Stark you mean, yes an honest and honorable man with admirable leadership, a keen sense of justice and a caring heart, treating everyone equally from smallfolk to nobles, and simply tried to do what's right thing and those specific things are why his head is in a spike, and his son tried following his foolish footsteps, resulting in him losing his war against the lannister’s and losing his whole family and his own home the North in the process, same goes with Arthur Dayne, honorable, gallant, and no longer with us, same with your dear Rhaegar, if you consider what he apparently did to Lyanna as honourable and gallant.

“ Do not mock him, you never knew him like I did.”

“So be it.”

“ And Barristan still lives. A knight who literally bleeds honor.”

“ That i can not argue, for his honour allowed him to watch millions of people burn alive by orders of the King, with him continuing to show his honour by joining with Robert Baratheon, when he became King as the rest of his brothers died for theirs.”

I’ve never begin to thought about it like that, for yes, it was a requirement for all those who guard the King to follow the King’s order and protect the King by oath and let him do as a King wish, I just always thought that the horror stories of burned men was just heresy created by rivals, although, and if Barristan did watched these people burn, if it was because of his honor, I was able to think more thoroughly before the Spider spoke again.


“ Honour, my friend is an illusion, a invisible structure which all men of noble birth inspires to be to hide themselves of the darker implications of what happens in this world, and each other, honours a cloak that helps some nobilities and some inspiring peasants from the demonic implications of themselves, giving both of these groups of people these false and sugarcoated reasons to go off and waste their lives in pointless wars, despite statements of overthrowing a tyrant, fighting for your country, going out for glory, valour and honour, it is all an illusion, an illusion for knights to use it as an excuse for cowardice and apathy as they serve a tyrant, for lords to ride out and bring out their vengeance on this world for all its woes and wrongs weather by claims of the throne being their right, a lord hurting his pride or a simple rage of a man whose women as been taken from him, or peasants fighting for a new found purpose not involving their mundane and messy lives and live on their vengeance against this cruel world and some going into their darkest desires, unknowingly disguising this in their fantasies of glory and valor, and many people never truly realizes this ill,uision, on this world, and within themselves, and when they do they often times either go back to their fantasies or just waste away as a walking corspe..”

I didn’t wanna hear his tongue any longer, the words were cutting me like a million arrows. “ And what did an upstart like you know of honor, what do you know about the millions of men whose honour gave them reasons to fight for and protect their fellow men, it inspires loyalty for generations upon generation, keeping men from acting like savage beast across the realm, it gave us all a reason to remain the best of what we can be, its our basic intergrity, if we all lose our honor, we would lose our standing not only with the realm, but with ourselves, with no standards, we’ll be reduced to demons doing a we wish and this world would be the likes of this desert.”

The Spider’s eye’s widened a little bit than lowered his eyes and nods his hand as if in slight agreement.

“ Did you know what Tywin Lannister would’ve done on that desisive Battle of the Bells.”

I know full well what that opportunistic snake would’ve done.

“ Than tell me what he would’ve done. Your grace.”

“ He.He would’ve burned the town, he would’ve burned the town into the ground, and everyone in it. Then he’ll call his men up to look for his dead body.”


“ Do you expect me to stoop to his level.”

“ Perhaps, after all he is still amongst the living and powerful, moreso with the descisions he’s made.

“ Like sacking cities, sending demons after innocent children, conspiring with demons,flayers, and killers.”

“ He did what needed to be done, these were times of war, and sometimes you must use tactics that enemies would never expect of you, to ensure that your always one step, and the one’s that always managed to that is the most ruthless and ambitious of men, for they have the the drive and willingness to do what it takes to be winner at all cost, just ask Ramsay Bolton, who managed to take the Stark main home, Winterfell, with guile and deception, or the likes of a man named Peter Baelish, whose rise to power from lowborn to a well known political player, he didn’t get this far with honor, but by being hard working enough to do the task at hand with the willingness to use any sort of methods neccesarily, even if those methods involves piling up a castle of bodies and deserts of broken lives, or the likes of Tywin Lannister whose use of pragmatic mindstate and brutality has consistently brought men to stop any rebellious thoughts and attempts by both lords and peasants alike, gaining respect and fear from everyone, and this is alongside the likes of Roose Bolton, whose feared by many in the North for his cold, dark and sometimes sadistic nature but the Starks utilizes him because thye know that in moments of war or other dark hours, they need ruthless men around them, those willing to use unsavory methods that not even they are willing to use, just as Tywin willingly destroyed the children of the Aerys for Robert when he himself wasn’t willing to.

“ What’s the damn lesson on this rambling of yours.”

“The lesson is that the greatest thing they used in their disposal through their actions is fear, for fear keeps all men from disobeying written and unwritten social contracts and laws of the land and helps to keep it peaceful and quiet, helping to use this to keep the realm stable, in the greater knowledge and proof that steeping out of line even just a little bit will have the dire consequences.

I couldn’t help but agree with this, for you do need ruthless men in dark times, but even then, all these men used treachery to go up the ladder, and its all worked out for them, for now Roose is Warden of the North, Tywin is the Hand of King and the Frey’s are lords of Rivverrun, many benifits, even if men would never step out of their boundaries once again or they’ll be parts of the desert sand, but even than..

“ Fear is beneficial, as well as deceit against an enemy, but fear doesn’t nearly inspires loyalty, it forces it down your throat, but how will that helps your sons and your sons,sons in the long run, for its better for your enemies to fear you but your men to desire to follow you and your offspring no matter, for if you only threaten your own people and bannermen with swords and torches as the only way to gain their loyalty, than either in your lifetime, they’ll take the opportunity to cast their hated leader out of sight if they see the chance, and if not with the lord, than most likely his descendants, and so one must do his duty as a lord and protector to his people to give them the respect and benefits that they desire, treat them and their children as if their your own blood, and when you do this, in times of trouble, your bannermen and their children will willingly fight for you, and in generations, their descendants and eventually the smallfolk, will fight for your descendants, based on the mere memories of a ancestors ablility to inspire loyalty for generations.

The Spider smiles amiably as the sun lightens up the left side of his face and blinding my eye’s as my mind remains in constant agony of the stings of the Spiders sweet poison.

“ I’m glad to see that your not weak willed.”

“ It runs in the family, eunuch.”

“ The same family that left you to fight loyally to the Targaryens on your own while they sided with Robert when the tides turned.”

I wanted to yell and call him a liar, but they did, I gave my dear cousin the position of constellean when I became Hand of King, and how he repaid me was to raise his banner for Robert instead of their fellow family and lord, guess it was in their “ honour” to do so, just thinkign about brings out a fire wilder than the heat coming from the desert sun, as the Spider continued.

“ Congratulations, my lord, for you’ve proven yourself a man not of weak will but a man of massive integrity.”

“ And foolishness, I’ve failed in my task because of my damn need for honour and glory, everything I’ve fought for, no everything Rhaegar fought for all went to nought, men fought for him and believed in him, they all knew that he had plans on ending the tyranny of King Aerys once he crushed the Rebellion, but only if only I was more ruthless , and didn’t sought him out personally.

“ Don’t you fret, you will have your chance of redemption a lot sooner rather than later.”

The harsh winds decided to charge blowing sand at me, and once, I released my arms from across my face and open my eye’s, to my astonishment, standing in front of the Spider and staring down at me was the very great Prince Rhaegar himself, with his heavenly long and silky hair dancing for the calm winds, purple melancholy eye’s full of genuine warm that the actual sun can not provide me, an angelic pale face in all it’s beauty, and his great black cladded armor full of a soldier's spikes, just being able to see this face again, not caring weather it was even a reality or an illusion, made me very close to being able to provide rain for this dessert it hasn’t seen in years.

“ Rhaegar.?”

“ You are not done with the living yet, you’ve been my loyal friend for many years, and continue to be so against all odds, and despite all of that, I’ve failed you, along with my family, my kingdom and everything this world has hold dear.”

“ Don’t say that, you’re not the one who started this war, none of us knew the extent in how your father, and this war he caused, would go.

“ But now we know how much farther we must go, for thanks to Varys, my only remaining child lives.”

“ I thought all of your children got murdered by Gregor Clegane.”

“ No, he managed to sneak one of them out of my wife’s room before Tywin’s men came, and now he’s safe across the narrow sea.

“ And what must I do.”

“ Go to him, train him, protect him, help him grow to be a strong and good enough king to take by the kingdom and serve the realm, and soon you’ll have your home and lands and everything you’ve ever had before all back in your hands, Im relying on you, I know that you wouldn’t fail him like I did, he’s always living in me, so Im begging you Jon ,accomplished this for me and may my soul finally be at peace.”

Before I could even open my mouth up for questions, he was gone, invisible like the gentle winds.

“ Now do you understand what you must do.”

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