just another day

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a love story with a twist

Submitted: December 18, 2016

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Submitted: December 18, 2016



Just Another Day

The alarm went off with its usual cacophony, guaranteed to awaken even the soundest of sleepers. And even before I stretched out my arm to turn off the annoying sound he was on top of me, breathing heavily and nearly crushing me with the weight of his body.

It was as though he had been lying wide awake, and the alarm signalled to him that I could now be persuaded to start with the fun and games that he unfailingly expected of me each morning. Almost as though it was the raison d’etre for our sleeping together, sharing the same bed.

Usually I don’t mind letting him have his way with me. I think I still need that reassuring expression of his own need for me, a reaffirmation of our love for each other. I still don’t know him very well, it has only been a few weeks since we’ve been together, but it seems to have been love at first sight for both of us.

I was in the coffee shop, sipping my cappuccino and nursing a broken heart, the result of a failed relationship. He was on the street outside, quietly watching me from a distance, his eyes warm and compassionate, and strangely understanding. Afterwards, it seemed like the most natural thing for him to walk me home, and I was so desperately lonely, so needy for love and companionship, that I invited him in and then just let him stay on.

He made few demands on me. That we would be sleeping together was a given. But beyond that he let me do whatever I wanted. He was patient and giving, uncomplaining when I was delayed at work, and absurdly happy to see me when I returned home.

Having been wounded so deeply in my previous relationship, at first I was guarded in my response to his overtures. But his warm, affectionate manner and trusting, unquestioning nature overcame my defences. Very soon I had become completely and hopelessly dependent on him, emotionally and psychologically. We became a happy twosome, sharing a comfortable space that comes from an unconditional acceptance of each other, faults and all.

He was rubbing his nose against my ear. ‘Stop it’,  I told him in mock annoyance. ‘That tickles’.
He drew back, eyes twinkling. How well he knows me, I thought. He knows I can’t be angry with him, I love him too much for that. I reached out in spite of myself and began to rub his neck.
‘Move,’ I said softly, my arm still around his neck. ‘I need to get up. I have an early meeting at work today’. He rolled over and I lifted myself off the bed.

When I came out of the shower he was waiting for me.
‘Not now please, I have to run. I’m late’.
I began rummaging in the closet for my clothes, silently cursing the mess it was in. He still stood there, silent, watchful. He had sensed my mood, and decided not to make any more playful demands.

It started to drizzle as I left the apartment. I hate the rain. It completely ruins what I like to think of as my smart, stylish appearance, and is murder for my new leather boots. It is very hard to look elegant and sophisticated when your hair is wet and limp, and your clothes far from chic, thanks to all the splashes from puddles along the way.

I turned back to look up at the window. He was watching me, silently supportive. He knows I hate the rain, and that I’ll be in a foul mood all day. I waved to him, managing a smile. I didn’t want him to think I was unappreciative of his being there for me, looking out for me.

It was dark when I left work. The meeting with the new clients was slotted into my schedule last minute, and since it was important – read lucrative – my boss expected me to drop everything else and meet with them, even if it meant staying late. It would have to be pizza for dinner again.

As I had expected, he was waiting for me. The bear hug he gave me nearly knocked me over. I gave him a quick kiss on the forehead before heading for the shower.

He lay sprawled on the sofa. I sat down on the carpet, and placed my head next to him. The wine had put me in a good mood. I gently tickled his middle, and he turned to look at me. I smiled at him. He closed his eyes.

Soon, it was time for bed. I closed my book, got up and stretched. Ever alert, he opened his eyes and gave me a quizzical look. I nodded, then started to turn off the living room lights.

And then we went into the bedroom together – the young, successful corporate executive and her devoted golden retriever.


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