Lost City

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Submitted: December 18, 2016

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Submitted: December 18, 2016



Chapter 1

Walk Alone

Once Abon Time There Was a Man Called John He was working As Army Solider. He lived in USA but now he is retired from the army he was married to a doctor that she was called Mary he got 2 sons called Jorge and Jell. Jorge was 10 years old and Jell was 6 years old.

 He Had a Good Family but One Day the captain of the army send him a message that his wife is going  to leave him with another man. One day, his wife opened the door for the man she had known him from the club he was called Donny, he found that a strange man with his wife and was talking about leaving his husband here. And to come with that man. He acted without thinking that He Grabbed His Gun and Shoot Him And As Well As His Wife.

He Didn’t Feel Bad for What He Had Done He Grabbed His 2 sons with Him and Went out Of His House Luckily He Got a Shelter To Stay In.

The Next Day He Went Out To Buy Some Food for Him and for His sons.

 When He Came Back He found that His son Jorge was killed …And Jell was kidnapped.

No!!!!!!!!! He Said …

He Was Angry For That And Checked The Windows And Found A Blood On It…. He Checked The Street Which Was The Window Looking At.

 He Found Way fill Of Blood … He Moved through That way to know if that Blood Was For His Second Son.

While He Was Walking. He Found two Men Were Talking about a Boy Who Was Lost from a House near by.

 He Grabbed His Gun And Started To Move Slowly Then He Scoped On Them. Then Unluckily They Were Having Guns Too.

“Put Your Guns Down I Want to Talk Only”He Said.

“Who Are You? A Stranger?”The Men Said.

“My Name Is John”John Replied.

“What is Your Names”He Asked.

“I am Justin and This Is My Friend Marten”

Hello Justin Who You Was Talking About?He Asked.

I was talking about a Young Boy Was Kidnapped Today at 3 Pm at a House near By but IDidn’t Know the Man Look Like

But I Know Which Way They Went.

WHICH WAY?!? He Said

 You Have To Move That Way Until You Find A Police Station Then Take The Right Turn Then Move Forward Until You Get To The Sea Shore Then You Will Find A House On The Water Get In it You Will Find My Friend He Will Tell You Where To Go ……….

He Started To Walk the Way He was told about.

 After That He Went near the Police Station Then He has been Captured………

After John was captured at the Police Station He Was Kidnapped He Walked up and Found Him Self in a Dark room Fill of Dead Bodies the Smell Was Very Bad That He Got Sick. The Dead Bodies were Alive like they were Zombies.

That Was Strange Very strange that john thought he could be dreaming he realized that he is not dreaming and the dead bodies were not dead yet. The problem is that they were taking their body for bad things like cutting the man’s head or hand etc.

After a moment john saw a light coming out from a room. He was feeling bad for that people that the governments were taking them for that things and he was working for them he felt angry that he was the one who used to take those people to the government. 

He felt sad for what he have done to those people. After a while the door was opened and a strange man came out.

“Who Are You” John Asked

The Strange Man didn’t answer and he took the saw and started to cut a man’s hand.

“No Please No Please No!!” John Said

He Felt Sick And Helpless That A Man Needed Help And He Couldn’t Help Him.

“Don’t Worry You Are Next” The Stranger Said

“You Were From Far Land. I KNOW YOU JOHN” The Stranger Said

“WHO ARE YOU?” John Asked

“Really You Must Have Known By Now” The Stranger Replied

Do You Remember Jessie John?


Yes Jessie the Woman that You Killed and You Didn’t know even Who Was She.

I didn’t kill a woman called Jessie.

You did. Do you remember the man was with your wife?

Yes, Who Was He?

The Man Was Jessie But she was dressed up like a man to know how you would act.

“You are Stupid what were you thinking?” John Said.

“I know where your son is. And I know who killed your son” The Stanger Said.

“Who? Did That I Will Kill You!!!!” John Said That.

John took the knife And Hit the Stranger Hard in His Leg.

“Who are you? Tell me before you die” John Said

“My Name Is Donny” The stranger said

Donny? Ok Tell Me the Full Story Or You Die.

“Ok I will Tell You” Donny Said

Before He was going to say the story Donny was shoot by a sniper on the other building.

“Tell me where to find the kidnapper man please before you die please” John Asked Quickly

Donny Said 9910312231 John didn’t understand it but he wrote the numbers then Donny died

John took the key and ran away after taking his supplies he found himself near to his old house where his wife was died.


After John found himself at his old house he checked on his wife’s body he didn’t find anything or even a blood he was surprised from that he got out from his house and went to a city called freighted City.

Found it clear means there were no people there.

He was alone at everything he felt hungry he start to walk until he meted a man. He asked him about what had happened here.

The man ran away and didn’t answer him.

John followed that man until he arrived at an old cottage.

 He entered it to check in for people but badly he didn’t find anyone too.

He asked that man again what happened here.

 He ran away again and john followed him until he went to an old factory.

He entered there and found that the people lives there but they were like that man can’t talk.

So he tried to talk to anybody to ask him what is happing no body answered him.

He walked sadly for a while but he found that an old woman needed help but nobody did help her.

So john helped her and he asked he about what happened here.

She replied that those people got a nervous shock because of the government that they were taking the children away from their parents for months then they found that their child had been killed.

He felt so sad.

“Do you know how I can find the number 9910312231 or even do you know that” john asked

The Woman Said Yes I Know.

John Felt Happy To Know What That Number Is.

She said that Number Was For An old Man That Lives In An old Cottage near London but You Will Find Him at the Clock Tower.

John Thanked That Woman and Started to Move after getting some Food to Eat. But John Was Tired And Needed To Sleep.

To be Continue


Chapter 2

The Hope


After John had took to the old woman he went to London on foot cause there was no any transportation there that he could take for the London journey he have moved at 1 am and walked for 12 hours he walked for 10 km on his foot. After all of that tall journey he was at the doors of London. He saw Dogs were moving on the street. In a while he found that one dog was hurt in his leg. He took him and helped him so he could walk. John liked that dog and named it Donny. He took Donny with him and continues his journey. He walked  2 km on his foots he didn’t feel tired at all because he was worried about his son and the old man that he may not find him. But after a moment he found a little girl was following him he was letting her to follow him for a small while. Just in case to be sure that girl are following him or no. But he found that girl was really following him, he didn’t know why she is following him. That’s why he stopped and the dog was not reacting with her as he knew her. “Why You Are Following Me?” John Asked Angrily. “Following? I am not Following I Am playing With My Dog only” The Little Girl Replied Politely. “Please Sir I am Sorry If I Disturbed You But That Is My Dog! And Thanks For Fixing His Leg” The Girl Said With Kind Voice. “Oh Your Dog But I Found Him Alone and Was Hurting” John Said Angrily. “Sorry sir I was just getting help only that’s why he was alone”The Girl Said Kindly. “What Happened To That Dog?” John Asked politely. “He Was Defending Me From The Dogs Around The He Was Been Bitten From One Of Them.” The Girl Said. “Oh ok I Guess You Want Him Now” John Said Sadly. “Yes, Please And I Can Help You If You Want.” The Girl offered. “Yes Please I Need To Find The Clock Tower Please.” John Asked Kindly. “Come I Can Lead the Way to the Clock Tower.” The Girl Said. “Thank You” John Said. “Sir! Sir! ... Are you okay Sir?” The Girl Asked Quickly. “Yes, I a…………………………….” John Said With Felling Unwell. After That John Found Himself at an Old House with comfortable bed he asked Illness “Why am I?”  “You Will Be Okay No Worries My Young Man” Many People were talking at once. After that john was unconscious again. He Walked Up Again on A Soft Voice Saying That He Will Die In 4 or 5 Days. “He is having A Bad Virus Cancer Virus he won’t survive badly” The Doctor Said. “No! …. No! …. I Can’t Die Now I Need to Find My Son and need to Take My Revenge” John Said Angrily. After that John Got on his bed and ran away from the house he was and found himself near to the clock house. John was very sad about what he had heard from the doctor but he won’t give up finding his son and taking his revenge for his other son. He has got only 5 days in his life that’s not a problem that he will need only 3 to find his son and 2 to take the revenge it won’t a problem at all. John realized that his death is near and he will meet his wife and he can apologies for her about what he had done to her and felt sad that he will left his son alone in this bad life and long one that’s bad he felt unwell again but no time for giving up now He must find his son as soon as he can.

 While John was walking he was talking to himself in sad actions that he couldn’t protect his 2 sons and let first to die and the other to been kidnapped that’s made him felt much sad.

And made him angrier.

“Finally the Clock Tower”. John said. He felt Hopeful.

He Entered In The Clock Tower And Found The Old Man Sitting on The Chair.

To Be Continue 


Chapter 3

Away From Help

After John went to the clock tower he found the old man was sitting on a chair. He was happy to see the old man. He entered slowly but the old man was shooting by a police gun that has the gun load on the ground. He knows that the police came here but he asked himself why did the police come to this place and kill that poor man. He stated to investigate the place to make sure he didn’t miss something. After his investigating the place John found that the old man had written a number on a paper in his pocket. The number was 3326125 West land in the country side near California. He Felt Hopeless That his only hope was that old man and he is now dead. After a several times John heard a footsteps coming to the clock tower. That was unexpected he went to hide. And he saw that there are 2 men came to the clock tower. “The little Boy I Have Him.” The Man Said. “Good I Will Come To Take Him From You Tomorrow At The Code 3356 Password Of The Entrance And the Place Will Be At The West Land Called The Lost Land At 5 Pm Okay My Friend See You. What is the boy’s name?” The other man asked and Said. “He is John’s Son Called William.” The Man Said. “Good I Will Come Tomorrow To See Him.” “Don’t Worry I won’t Forget the Money for You” The other Man Said. John Felt Happy To Know Where Is The Place That He Can Find His Lost Son And Can Take His Revenge From These People. But In The Other Hand John is Nearly To Die He Couldn’t Make It But He Has To Do It For His Son. John Felt Weak and Can’t Move Again. He Has Been Unconscious For 2 Hours. 3Hours Later John Waked Up and Found Himself in a cellar and tied up in a dark room. And found his son on his right he was unconscious. “Son! Son! Oh No What Did They Do To You They Must To Pay” John Said Angry. A moment ago a man came from the dark side of the room and was having a knife. He wanted to make john to see his son’s death. But unluckily that John wasn’t tied up well. “Who are you? What do you want from us? Please let me and my son go and I won’t let you pay.” John Said Angrily. “Badly I am sorry to let that happen but you must suffer from seeing you own son die in front of you” The Man Said. “Why you are doing this?” John Asked. “You don’t know why do you?” The man Asked Unkindly. “No, I don’t”. John Said. Of course the man was badly shaped and was angry from John that he killed his sister (John’s Wife). And he wanted to let john suffer from seeing his son’s death like he made him suffer from letting his sister die.

To Be Continue 

Chapter 4

The Strange Dream

Do you remember me john? I am your wife’s Brother Justin I am going to kill your son in front of you.

 “No don’t do it please, it was a mistake I didn’t know the truth I only knew it when Donny told me no……… please………. No……….”

Sir! Sir! Are you okay? Sir!? “Uh where am I?” John asked.

“Who are you sir? From where are you from sir?” the two men said.

“I feel dizzy I am from lost city” he said that to know where was the lost city was and what was the lost city too.

“The lost city? What is the lost city means?” the men asked.

“You mean the lost city which in Russia near the sea?” “I heard that the lost city was an island near Russia too.”

The two men said. “Yes, yes, the Island near Russia thank you gentlemen.” John Said happily.

After that John continued his way to Russia, then he will move from Russia to the lost city all of that to find his son after he realized that the numbers were written on the note in the old man’s pocket belongs to a number in Russia and it was written in Russian language.

John didn’t understand anything from Russian because he was from USA. So he will get a problem to talk to people there.

He used to walk to the train station because he was in a non-transportation place.

 He walked 12 miles on foot. He used to walk 2 and half days to arrive there. After he arrived there was a train which going to Russia he ran through the door.

 The journey took 10 hours by train to go to the ships place.

So he can take the ship to Russia and from Russia to the lost city.

The journey took 12 days and 4 hours to arrive Russia.

While he was on the ship a tornado happened near the sea John thought he will die and couldn’t get his son back and there was no way to run from the tornado on the way was to turn back to USA.

But John didn’t give up and he went on yacht and went to Russia by the Yacht  he found a way away from the tornado disaster and he used to go to a land near Russia and it was away from the tornado. John waited until the tornado stop.

Until that John Felt tired and hungry he started to collect woods and stones to make his camp until the tornado stops he made his camp and fired the wood so he can be warm then he made a weapon so he can kill an animal to eat.

 But badly the Island was empty means no any living organism was there. He slept for 10 hours. He woke up on sea went on him that touch his leg. When he walked up he found that the tornado has stopped. He bagged up his stuff then continued his journey to Russia.

To Be Continue


Chapter 5

Long Trip

John took the yacht and went to Russia he took 5 days and 13 hours to arrive to Russia when he arrived the people were Russians and they don’t understand English At all. John was strange in the people eyes. They thought him crazy that he was searching every where to find the lost city to talked to the people but they didn’t understand him at all. He felt hopeless that nobody knows English. He walked in the entire city near the sea to find the way to the lost city while he was walking he found an inn. He entered it and sat down near the fire. He ordered a drink but the drink maker didn’t understand him at the first but he pointed at the bottle and said “Two please” and pointed by his hands. The man understood by his pointing and brought him 2 bottles to drink. While he was drinking two men entered to the inn and John found the drink maker hided and he didn’t know why the two men sat next to John. John asked them “Who are you Guys?” the two men surprised that he was not afraid of them and asked them that kind of questions. “Yu arnt from her ar yu? The two men said. They don’t know English well. “Huh? What did you say?” John asked. “Yu arnt from her ar yu?” They said again. John finally understood them and said “Yes I am not from here am from USA and I want to find the lost city” “The lst cty? Huh” They said. “I kow whre it is but first yu mst fight us K?” One of the two men said. “Fight you Huh it will be easy.” John said. Although the two men were so strong but John knows some tricks so he can put them down. They started to fight john didn’t train for years but he was strong. He grabbed the chair and throws it on the first man’s head he got down and took the other with his hands by beating him in the face. John was angry but he didn’t finish them off because he wanted to know the way to the lost city. “NOW TELL ME THE WAY!” John said angrily.  “It is at the sea yu mst take yur yact and go east until yu find a bg stons comes out from the sea. When yu find that you wll be near from the lst cty. The journey wll take 3 dys from nw.” they said. “3 Days Huh Ok thank you.” He went out from the Inn and went to his yacht and started his new journey to the Lost City. John Felt Dizzy again. “No not agai……………………………..n” then John felt unconsciously. After he woke up he found that he was near from the big stones. He felt that his end was near.  “I must get my Son back!” he said sadly. He found the sea shore of the Land he went out of the yacht and he was kidnapped by surprise “Who are yo……………………u? The men took him down and made him unconscious. And took him to the military base.

To be continue 


Chapter 6

The Revenge

John was taken to the military base. “Remove his head cover.” The Military solider said. “Where am I?” John asked. “So Solider John Martin It has been a long time since I last saw you.” The Captain said. “I heard that you are looking for your son don’t worry he is with us solider man or I should say murder man, that you have killed many citizens like your wife, Donny and Jessie.” The captain continues his talking. “Don’t you remember this Face?” “Look Me in the eye.” Captain said angrily. John recognized him that he was the army captain. John got a problems with that captain that the captain wanted John to kill the poor people because they wanted to make a revolution on the military. Because they used to take their children and kill them to make sure they won’t cause any problem to them. John was asked to kill those people but he refused. They punished him hard for refusing their request. And he ran away from the military base. From that day he became retired from being an army man. “Did you recognize me? I guess not. Ok men do what you should to do.” The captain said. They army men started to beat John hard and hard until the blood came out from his face. They were treating him badly. “Stop lock him in his old cellar and we will have another talk tomorrow!” The captain said. They took John into his cellar. It was dirty and cold. There was no bed. He used to sleep on the floor. They didn’t give him any food to eat or any water to drink until tomorrow. “Wake up Wake up Hey You Wake up” The army man said unkindly. John was tired and couldn’t wake up at all. So the army men took him from his neck and send him to the captain. “Well well there you are again. So I guess you are asking where is your son don’t you?” the captain said. “WHERE IS MY SON OR You Will Die!?” John Said Angrily. Although john was ill but he was still strong. “You I can kill you right now but I won’t do it now you know why cause your son will be the first that who will die in front of you.” They garbed a small child with a head cover on his head John thought that he was his son because they clothed him his son’s clothes. And the captain said to John. “You will do what I say or I will kill your son.” “I will do anything but don’t kill him please.” John said scarily. “Ok then You must kill the poor people that live in London at an old factory, I guess you have visited it before didn’t you?” John realized that he was talking about the old factory that was the old woman lives. “I refused to do that I won’t kill ANYMORE.” John Said and he wasn’t afraid of him. “In that case I will kill your son.” The captain said. john realized that the boy wasn’t his son because his son was having a problem in walking means that he can’t walk well he need a wheel chair and that boy seemed to be well doesn’t need a wheel chair. But In the other hand that boy belongs to a family and his family need him to come back so John had to think that he have to save his son by taking the risk and do what they say or he could save the people and let the boy die . He had to choose between them. And took the risk and let the boy die. John was sent to his cellar again. But that time he got a plan that how he could save his son and kill the captain then to run away to the yacht and get back to live USA again. While John was been sending to his cellar he took the army man’s key without knowing that he had his key. He sat in his cellar until it been totally dark and took the key and opened his cellar door. He was lucky that the army men were sleeping but not all of them he found a man coming near to him. He came out from his back and broke his neck and took his weapon and hided his body. Then he went to the captain room. He moved slowly that nobody heard him at all. He opened the room and found that the captain had died from a food toxic. He wasn’t surprised that he could die soon. He took the keys from his pocket and went to his son cellar. His son was hurt in his face and his leg was injured too. John took his son and went out from the military base without anyone knows that he went out from the base. That he knew the ways to went out from it. That he used to run away from it from the last time he was in that base. He took his son and realized that he wasn’t far from his yacht at all. “Oh my Son I missed you so much” John said lovely. “Dad I missed you too.” John’s son replied with low voice. John was Very ill and nearly to die but he knew that he must get out from this island and go anywhere else. They took the yacht and went to France. In the way to France John Felt that it ends here. He took his son in his hands a said. “How old are you now 7 or 8?” John asked Jell. “I am 7 years old now Dad.”  “I am sorry my son I know I did miss you but you must know something that I loved you very much and if your brother Jorge was here he would have happy to see you too. I want you to be strong and be away from the problems my son and I want you to be like me doesn’t afraid of anything. And I wanted to say that I loved you and you must to know that I am very ill and I will die. And I am sorry to let you been kidnapped and I am sorry to kill your mother and I wish she would be here to tell her that but you must to do what you want but the important thing you must be on the right way and don’t fall down and never give up anything you must be with the weak people and help them and keep them safe after you are safe.” I love you my son very mu……………………………” John Died. “NO No It can’t be It you can’t leave me please don’t leave me Dad I don’t know anyone here dad you was my Dad and my friend Please NO NO NO NO!”  John’s Son said while he was crying.


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