Love and Hate

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Submitted: December 18, 2016

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Submitted: December 18, 2016



I hate him!

With every fibre of my being I hate him!
With every breath I take I wish him dead!
As God is my witness.

I had absolutely no one. Alone in the world, I had been abandoned in infancy by an uncaring mother. Lonely and needy, and craving love and affection, I yearned for the solace and comfort of a warm, caring home.

He came into my life like the proverbial knight in shining armour. It was love at first sight.

He swept me off my feet, swooping me up into his arms. At last, I thought, at last I had found someone who loved me, someone gentle and kind hearted who would care for me for the rest of my life…..

It was all good at first.
He was tender and affectionate, and generous to a fault, showering me with expensive gifts.
And even when he would playfully tap me on my behind I ignored it, taking it to be merely an expression of his fondness for me.

But slowly his playful taps gave way to not so gentle slapping. And I began to see his hitherto well hidden dark side.

I thought hard. While regular meals and a cosy bed were certainly appreciated, there was no room in my life for an abusive relationship with a tormenting protector who acted as though he owned me.

My mind was made up. I wanted out.

And so the little kitten walked out of the house and went back to living on the streets.


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