The Year The Lynx Won The GABC

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This was the winning shot. It was all up to me. I could hear my teammates shoting my name and giving me encouraging words. I took a deep breath and pushed the ball away from my chest towards the hoop. It was rolling in the right direction. There was a full moment of silence as the ball sailed through the tense air. it landed on the hoop and slowly rolled around the rim. And then......... It dropped in.

Submitted: December 18, 2016

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Submitted: December 18, 2016



Hi. My names Mae. Mae Evangeline Howard, and I'm humiliated by it. You see, I'm a basketball champ. I'm on a team called the Lynx, and this year we won the GABC, Girl's Annual Basketball Comp. And that's why I hate the name Mae Evangeline, it's too girly for my liking. My team consists of only one type of girls. The type who could beat any high school football jock at any arm wrestling game. The type who's rooms are covered with posters of their favorite female basketball heroes and have shelves full of trophies. They're called highly devoted winners. The ones who care about basketball and fully understand the devotion and hard work it takes to become winners. My two best friends are on my team, and that's one of the reasons I love them. There's Gwen, and she's a highly talented lay up extraordinaire. She can steal a ball from anyone at anytime. Even Leah Thomas, the experienced point guard on team Bulls, the winning team of last year's GABC. Then there's Savannah. She's kind of shy around strangers, but when she's on the court she's bold as a lion. She's an expert at jump  shooting. When it's her turn to throw  a free throw, everyone takes a sigh of relief. Last year the Lynx came in fourth, behind the  Tigers, Tarheels, and Bulls in first. But this year, we won first. We were in the newspaper, in magazines, and each of us hit around  1,000,000 followers on social media. It was like we got famous overnight. It was insane. This all happened around six months ago. Our team is still talked about once in awhile though. And anytime any of us go somewhere, we get stopped to sign an autograph. So you might have thought the GABC was a little competition set up by a youth group leader. No its a huge deal where I come from. It's on TV, and everyone watches it. I got on team Lynx because I was on a different team when I started doing basketball. It was called the Cougers, and my coach noticed I was to advanced for the team. She asked her husband, the  director of the GABC. He came and watched me one day, and then met with my parents. He explained that he thought I was very talented and promising  toward his job. He put me on the team when I was 10, and it;s been three years, and I'm still loving basketball. And this year was the best  year in basketball. Did I mention that I made the winning shot against the Sparks? Well I did. I'll tell the story. As I walked up to the court I could hear my hopeful and faithful teammates cheering my name. Savannah was clapping and yelling, "Go Mae!!!!" and Gwen was waving her arms. Trying to get my attention. I set my feet on the middle court line. I stared down at my Converse while I listened to the encouraging words from my team. I put my head up and stared at the hoop. Trying to tell myself that it was up  to me and that I needed to make this shot, though could under pressure. I looked at coach and she nodded. It was time. My teammates were still cheering as  I got handed a ball. I rolled it around in my hands for a moment. I need to make this. Then the Lynx will win the GABC! I thought. I held the ball up to my chest and glanced at the backboard, aiming for it. I stepped forward with all my might. The ball sailed through the hoop. There  was 1 moment of silence in which nobody talked. they all watched the ball as it hit the backboard, rolled around the rim,one, two, three times, and then.... Dropped in. I had done it! I made the winning shot!  And that, is the day the Lynx won the GABC. THE END "And that was my essay!"

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