Off To Sleep

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Submitted: December 18, 2016

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Submitted: December 18, 2016



Off  To Sleep

One last visit to the bathroom for the night, staring at the grinning reflection in the mirror while turning out the light.

Climbing into bed feeling in darkness for a pillow, wrapping myself in the blanket that will catch my tears. The grin is long gone as the day has come to an end, there’s no need to keep playing pretend.

The mattress is battlegrounds, sleep is the enemy, battle scars are left from the nightmares, even the good memories that I will never again see. Tossing, turning, pummeling of my thoughts, unworthiness,useless, forgotten, waste of a soul with little purpose to life.

While the broken record replays questioning why are you here? What good are you to anyone? Is this what it means to live? Why are you even alive?  The war escalates, burning eyes, walloping to my consciousness, with clenched fist, kicking as if being dragged by the enemy to the medicine cabinet begging for the bottle of magic that will guide me to sleep.

Just what the enemy wants, to fall in love with the bottle full of magic wishing that I would rather stay sleep without ever having to awake.

We both grow tired as sleep releases me. The kicking and screaming comes to a halt as my fist become a soft open hand laid to rest on the pillow holding my head.

My eyes dry while reminiscing the memories that are tattooed to my conscious as I drift off to sleep. Until tomorrow night when sleep the enemy returns for another fight.

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