Piece of the Light

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Submitted: December 18, 2016

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Submitted: December 18, 2016



 Piece of the Light


Chasing the bright green light.

Radiant upon the Crossings.

Of a heavenly sky glowing on the west.

Feet galloping on the grass.

Spreading his legs in frantic motion.

Reaching out with one arm.

To feel the embrace of angelic warmth.

Before it dissipates into the starlit background.


Autumn winds pushing back with  harshness.

Refusing you the light you’ve been seeking.

Since you’ve been a babe, having been a witness.

Of generations of people around.

From comrades to family

Chasing the green light.

Running in many paths to feel the fire above heaven.

Desiring for it to be the salvation of their wandering souls.

For it to make their soul whole and their existence in this world assured.


Many succeed, more fail.

Spirits of the one’s whose visions were never met.

Illuminates the atmosphere from the celestial streams beyond glowing candles above.

To beneath the surface of apathetic critters and grass roots.

You are determined to not be part of those that’d fallen.

So as the green light steadily diminishes itself into the background.

You begin to rush yourself as leaves of summer passes by you.

Earnestly going all the way to a high cliff, pushing against the immortal air with naive courage.

As you stand up there with your toes at the tip of the edge.

The green light fades it’s light and evaporates from the night sky.

Internally yearning for it to return, the feeling of failure begins to emerge.

A lost soul you’ve felt is the only destination as you walk the forest of life.

Than you aim yourself down and realizes the deep oceans depths below.

Taking a step back with haste, you take a breath in relief.

Thinking of how many actually had fallen chasing the light.

Than you look down again from a safer angle and notice a glistening green light shining from the deep sea.

You marvel at the beauty of it, as it continues to shine more fiercely, more so than even from the green light itself.

Turning towards your arms, than your legs, steadily seeing the light glister all around your body in a united creed.

As you focus upon the ocean, mainly on its light, you steadily realize that the light it a reflection of your being.

Paying attention more to the autumn leaves as they pass by, becoming more  aligned with the once adversary wind as it blows your hair and letting it dance in tune.

Becoming fully aware of the presence of the green light upon yourself.

You walk away from the cliff, internally at peace, with the green light gracefully shining in muse.

As you walk with a piece of the light.


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