Unknown Creatures

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what happened when six friends went to jungle and came across with some unknown creatures.

Submitted: December 19, 2016

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Submitted: December 19, 2016



That evening Himesh, Pratap and Sameer were preparing the meal on the campfire. Pramode was playing the guitar. Sanjay was reading a novel in the light of campfire. Himesh was a jolly person. He was cracking jocks in between preparing food. All of them were college students. They were on camping trip in the jungle of Satpura hills.

Feeling strain in his eyes, Sanjay closed his eyes for a moments and then looked at the sky. Something was running northward leaving behind a streak of white colour. He thought of it being a shooting star. “Look up there, a shooting star.” he said loudly pointing towards north with his fingers.

Pratap looked up at the shooting star. The shooting star was going downward in a slow but steady motion. He noticed that slow motion of the shooting star. All of sudden the star began to go upward. Observing this, Pradeep said, “If it is a shooting star, it should fall down on the earth. Why is it going upward? How it changed its direction?”

Sameer said, “What else it may be, if not a shooting star?”

Pradeep replied, “It may be a chopper or a plane.” They looked continually at the star till it disappeared into the sky.

“Dinner is ready. Come on.” Himesh called.

After taking dinner, they passed an hour or two taking with each other, singing and joking around the campfire. They went into tents for sleeping late night.

Pratap was on watching duty. Sitting idly close to the campfire, he was thinking about his girlfriend who was far away from him at present. Thinking about her when he raised his head to the sky, his eyes saw a white object running towards south direction.  He did not give much attention to it.  His watching duty was about to over. Now it was Himesh’s term. He went into the tent and awoke Himesh for his watching duty. Pratap lay down on the mattress and within minutes he fall into deep sleep.

In the morning, they have a plan to climb up a mountain located about three miles from their camp. After taking breakfast they began their journey to the mountain. The path to the mountain was very uneven and went through the dense jungle. They had to cut away several creepers, branches of trees and shrubs to make their way. It took them three hours to reach the there. They rested for some time and then began ascending the mountain. The hill was full of rocks and covered with the trees, shrubs and creepers. It took them another three hours to reach the top of the mountain. On reaching the top they took their lunch and rested for some time. They took the shots of the scenery around the mountain with their cameras.

While they were descending the mountain, they deviated from the route and reached a side where there was a cave. The entrance was the cave was wide enough to enter a truck. Curiously they entered the cave there was so dark in the cave that they could not see more than a few feet. Pramode lit his torch and threw the light of the torch all around. The cave was very deep and was spread on a large area.

Being interested in the cave Himesh suggested, “We must come here tomorrow to see how long and deep the cave is. Today, it is too late to go further into the cave.”

Promode said, “We must return to our camp before the sunset. Make haste otherwise we will late.” When they returned the camp, the Sun had already set. When pradeep looked at the sky, he saw a bright white glow moving rapidly high in the sky.

That night Himesh put a suggestion of exploring that cave. All were agree on his proposal. They set off early in the next morning. On reaching the cave they took their lunch at the entrance of the cave. 

Now they began the exploration of the cave. There was stark dark in the cave. They lit their torches and moved forward carefully on a passage which led them down to a vast space. They threw lights of their torches in all directions to know the extents of that vast space. The size of that space was about twice the size of a football ground. When they threw the lights on the ceiling of the space they found something written in an unknown script. Watching this Pradeep asked, “Who wrote that on the ceiling and in which script?”

“I think those who lived in this cave in ancient time wrote that”, replied Himesh.

They moved further with curiosity. That space was filled with the stones and rocks. Amid these stones and rocks, they found a small stream of water. They reached at the end of that space. From there the cave began to be narrow. They went about two hundred metres further inside the cave and here they found several small chambers or caverns. Pratap and Sameer entered one of these caverns.  In that chamber they found something in clusters covered with slime. “What is this?” asked Pratap and went close to those slimy clusters. He removed slime from a cluster with his knife and found eggs inside.

“Whose eggs are these?” asked Sameer curiously.

“May be of a snake?” replied Pratap.

“Then the snake must be here.”  Sameer said fearfully.

Pratap said, “I think we must go away from here.”

They came out of the cavern and found that Himesh, Pramode and Sanjay too saw eggs on other caverns.

“Come here and look. The eggs are about to hatch”, Sanjay shouted from a cavern.

All ran to that cavern. Reaching there they saw hatchlings coming out of a cluster of eggs. These hatchlings were of white colour having slimy body, oval face, big eyes, thin and strong body, two legs and two arms.

Seeing these hatchlings, Himesh said, “Whose eggs are these? I never saw such type of eggs and hatchling in my life.”

Sanjay told, “I too never saw this type of animals.”

Pramode began to take photographs of these hatchlings and clusters of eggs.

Pradeep suggested, “I think parents of these hatchlings would be somewhere in the cave or outside the cave. They can attack us.  It had better for us to go away from this place to our camp.”

All were agreed on his suggestion. They at once left the cave and returned to their camp. On the way to the camp they did not find any such type of animal which could be related to those hatchlings.  They found only some monkeys, foxes and jackals. Each of them was afraid of and eager to know about that hatchling and their parent animal. That night they decided to go to that cave again.  

Next day they set off early in the morning to the cave. They hoped to find such an animal on the way which could be related to those hatchlings in the cave. They were alert.

They stopped at a brook to take rest. After some time, Sameer heard sounds coming from amid the thickets at the other side of the brook. He said pointing to the thickets, “listen to the sounds coming from those thickets. Somebody is there.”

Himesh and Pramode stood up and walked towards the thickets shouting, “Who is there? Come out.” Pradeep threw a stone towards thickets.

Pratap said loudly to them, “Perhaps there is an animal in the thickets. Be careful it may come out and hurt us.”

They were hesitating to go much near to the thickets.  Pradeep throw another stone toward the thicket.”  

All of sudden, something jumped out of the thickets and ran towards the clump of trees which was some metres away from the thickets. And within a moment or two it disappeared amid the trees of the clump. They could see only a glimpse of it.

Sameer asked loudly with some fear and surprise, “What was it?”

Himesh turned to him and replied, “I don’t know. I could not see it well.”

“It was of white colour. It was running on its two legs”, shouted Pramode.

Pradeep said, “It can’t be an animal. It must be something like a demon or a humanoid.”

Himesh suggested, “We must chase it.”

Eagerness to see that mysterious creature prevailed over their fear. They went towards the clump. They searched the clamp to find out that creature but it was nowhere in the clump. They crossed the clump and went towards the mountain. It took them two hours to reach the cave. They entered the cave carefully. They had not to wait much for whom they were so eager. When they reached the vast open space of the cave they got surprised by seeing that creature. Fleeing away from the clump it reached into the cave. The creature was feeding its hatchlings. They hid themselves behind a rock. It was about eight feet in height, muscular, grisly, white coloured, having big face with big eyes and long canine teeth. Its entire body was covered with long hairs.

Pramode observed the hatchlings for a while and said in low voice to Himesh, “the hatchlings are growing very fast. Yesterday they were not as big as they are today. How much they grow in a single day!”

“No human can grow so much in a single day.” Himesh remarked.

Pradeep said, “They are children of demons.”

Himseh urged, “Talk in low voice. Don’t disturb that creature. It is very dangerous.”

All of sudden Sameer lost his balance and staggered for a moment and his feet hit a stone and the stone rolled down and caused other stones to roll down. The sound of rolling stones attracted the attention of that creature. It turned its face to the direction of rolling stone and found some human beings in its den. The present of humans make that creature feel unsecure. It rushed to them. Seeing the creature was rushing towards them they began to run away towards the entrance of the cave. That creature chased them to the entrance of the cave. It was not interested in killing them or wound them. They were so afraid of that strange creature that they did not dare to turn their heads to look back till they reached the camp.

At night Himesh was on watching duty. That night they decided to take extra vigilance. Himesh and Pramode were on watching duty. They were talking with each other in order to lessen their fear and keep the sleep away. During their conversation when Himesh look at the sky deliberately, he got surprised by seeing something of bright white coloured was going down towards the mountain leaving behind a trail of white and blue coloured smoke. He nudged Pramode and said, “Look and that thing flying towards the mountain. What is this?”

Pramode looked up at that object. “I think it is a plane or a rocket.”

“It is the same thing as Sanjay looked that day, isn’t it?” asked Himesh.

“Perhaps, I can’t tell exactly”, replied Pramode.

They began to observe the movement of that object in the sky. Covering some distance towards the sky the object stopped for some moments and then began to go down.

Pramode said, “Look! It is going down. There is no helipad or runway in this jungle then where will it land on?”

“It will crash”, Himesh guessed.

Sanjay who was so far inside his tent, came out and joined the conversation. Pramode told him about that object. Hearing the description of the object he began to think something.

The sleep was far from their eyes. About two o’clock they again saw that bright object going up in the sky. Going some hundred metres up in the sky, the object stopped and then changed its direction and began to come down with high speed towards the camp. Seeing the object coming towards them, they stood up. Within a few moments the object was hovering above the camp. The camp and the area around the camp filled with the white light. They were frightened and astonished. After hovering for a minute or two, the object landed some metres away from them. All of sudden the object threw a beam of red light and began to scan them one by one. After scanning them, the object began to go straight up in the sky and soon it disappeared from their eyes.

“What was it?” cried Sanjay.

“It was a flying saucer”, replied Pradeep.

Sanjay said, “The creature we saw in the cave may be related to this saucer.  What are you think, guys?”

Himesh replied, “May be.”

Sanjay looked at the sky. The sky was clear, nobody in the sky.”

Next morning they decided to go again towards the cave with a hope to find that creature somewhere around the mountain or the cave. They reached the brook where they had previously found the creature. They were expecting to find the creature here again. They were on alert to cope with any situation. Soon they found that creature. It was roaming amid the bushes and trees.

They hid themselves behind a rock. They decided to chase the creature in order to see what it does and where it goes.

The creature was roaming in search of food. He ate whatever edible to him ranges from grass to a monkey. He killed two monkeys and began to carry the carcasses towards the mountain. They chased the creature up to the cave. They did not dare to enter the cave. They returned to the camp.

They were in dilemma. Sanjay said looking at the camp fire, “I think we should return to our homes and keep silent. We have nothing to do with that beast.”

Pradeep showed disagreement saying, “I have never seen such type of creature in my life. I think it is somehow related to the flying saucer.”  

Himesh said, “You mean it is an alien or something related to alien life! If it is so, how does he alive without life supporting system? Atmosphere of the Earth can be fatal to him.”

Pramode said, “Have you noticed the rate of growth of its hatchlings? There are thousands of eggs. What would happen if half of the total eggs successfully hatch and half of these hatchlings successfully grow into adults? These creatures may be dangerous to human life.”

Pratap said, “These creatures must be killed.”

Sameer said, “They will be came to known someday or the other to the people and will be killed by police and forest department. We don’t need to tell anybody about them.”

Pradeep asked, “ Sameer, why should not we told others about these creatures?”

They were disagreed with one another on that issue. That night Sameer and Pratap were on guard. After midnight, they heard the sounds of howling coming from the nearby bushes. They threw the lights of their torches to bushes. What they saw in the light of torches was enough to make them freeze with fear for some moments. In the bushes there were many grisly creatures who were staring at the camp with eagerness.  Sameer cried with fear, “oh my God! They found us and are coming to kill us.”

Pratap stood up and rushed to his tent. Sameer too ran behind him. Prtap brought out a gun and began to fire towards the bushes. Hearing the sound of firing Himesh, Pradeep, Pramode and sanjay too came rushed out of their tents.

Coming out Himesh found Pratap firing towards bushes. He shouted with fear, “What happened. Why are you firing?”

Sameer cried, “The creature has come.”

Himesh rushed back to his tent and returned with his gun.

Here, being afraid of the gun firing, many of the creatures began to run away from the scene. One of the creatures sustained a shot and fall down. Some creatures ran toward the camp to attack. A creature moved towards Pratap. Pratap aimed his gun at him and pulled the trigger of gun but there was no bullet in his gun. He tried to insert the bullets into his gun but it was too late to load the gun. The creature pawed on his face. He fell down on the ground. Before it could do more harm to Pratap, Himesh aimed and fired at that creature. The creature got a shot a fall down.

Meantime Sanjay killed one more creature with his gun. Now the creatures began to retreat. Soon they ran away from the scene.


After these encounter, all of them gathered around the camp fire and somehow passed the night. They packed up their tents early morning and trekked to the nearby village which was ten miles away from their camp and informed the head of the village about the incident. The village head informed the police and the forest department.


Police and forest department officials came next day. They reached the scene along with Himesh, Pradeep and Sanjay. Dead bodies of four creatures were recovered from the scene. Later police raided the cave and its adjacent area and killed several creatures and captures hundreds of clusters of eggs. Some cluster was taken for further study and examination. Rest of the cluster were set on fire by the officials.

Pratap sustained serious wounds on the face. He was taken to the hospital for the treatment. It took him about a month to recover.


 Scientific examinations of eggs and dead bodies of these creatures revealed many biological characteristics in these creatures that were not found in the species of the Earth. Some scientists believed that these creatures were the hybrids of an alien species and a species of the Earth. It is believed that some of those creatures are still alive and are kept in secret places.

© Copyright 2018 Sumit Kumar Arora. All rights reserved.

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