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a boy trying to live his life normally and one day of hoping to be a great adult.

Submitted: December 19, 2016

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Submitted: December 19, 2016



Avery Stroud 2897 words

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All Grown Up

A story by

Avery Stroud










To my surprise, I was unaware of how my life was going to change throughout the years. All I knew was that I was growing up by changes in my body and my mind. This was supposed to be a normal process of growing up, or so I thought. Life went by like a blink of an eye. I was afraid but happy, not knowing that whatever happened from the past years effected how I am today. So many moments that I shared with my family, but I could only remember a few. Many things in my life has changed, but how was I supposed to know how it will impact me.

The furthest memory I remember from being younger was when I was seven years old. I remember like it was a few months ago. A sunny Saturday morning, my mother putting up laundry on the clothes line to dry. My brother and I and our friend Josh were in the backyard playing. I can’t remember if I was playing on the swing set or on the monkey bars. I think my brother was on the swings and I was on the monkey bars. Yeah that’s it, when I was on the monkey bars I also remember swinging my feet from side to side. The design of that play set was stupid. I don’t know why they put a swing right underneath monkey bars. So I ended up kicking my brother in the face. He goes running towards our mom, no surprise there. I closed my eyes and wait for my name to be yelled. I jump down and started walking over to them, trying to waste as much time as I can. I peek my head around the corner of the garage and she had already sent my brother inside to my father. She was looking straight at me but I acted as though she didn’t. Walking over to her, she had an angry look on her face. I rush to say that it was an accident, she looked down at me and ignored what I said. She took me by my hand and took me into the house.  I ended up getting put into the Time Out chair for 7 minutes.  Being only 7 years old, I didn’t know what to do other than stare at the wall.

So I’m the type of kid who never took things so serious so I started making up a game while I sat there. I’d see how far I could move in the chair without getting out of it. Luckily for me, I’d always made it to where my toys were. Remembering this makes me laugh, for being such a child. But I guess that is what children do. Few hours pass by, in reality it was only 7 minutes, my mother had dinner made for us. She kept calling my name, each time raising her voice until I finally came out.

I ate in silence, only looking down at my food. Looking to my left from the corner of my eye I see my brother holding an ice pack on his cheek. I tried so hard to not smile, but a little smirk seemed to appear.

After dinner I went back into my room and laid in my bed until it was my bed time. My mother came into my room trying to say good night to me. She sat down on my bed to talk to me.

“Do you understand why you were put in a timeout?”, she said.

I told her that I was sorry and it was an accident. She said it was okay and also said that there are going to be times when I make mistakes in life by accident, but people are going to believe that it was on purpose. She kept talking about keep pushing through. I wonder why she was telling me this. Was she going through something that made her give a speech?

The talk she gave me reminded of the time when it was the 4th of July. We were at my friend Tyler’s house waiting for the fireworks to begin. My mother and Tyler’s mother went inside the house to go to the bathroom and get some food before the show started.

Tyler decided to take some fireworks from his dad’s workshop. I remember that he really wanted to see them go as his eyes widened when he begun to set them off. We took a soda can and set off the bottle rockets and aiming them anywhere. As stupid as this sounds, Tyler started to aim the fireworks at his neighbor’s house. I can remember his laugh vividly as he fired the fireworks at the house. There was a fence blocking off the neighbor’s house and Tyler’s house. We heard the door open and someone scream “hey”. Our faces turned pale as we ran inside his house.

We ran past our mothers to Tyler’s room. We heard the knocking of the side door. We heard yelling from his room, so we decided to peek out from the room. As soon as we peeked out, I could see my mother and Tyler’s mother screaming at the neighbor.

The neighbor, in frustration, left to her house. When everything was settled down our mothers had to talk to us. We sat around the table talking about what we had done to upset the neighbor. Our mothers told us why they were yelling at the neighbor. My mother explained that the neighbor had taken the situation too far. Calling us names that when we were younger we could not say. My mother also told us that in life, there are people that are going to get angry at whatever you do. Which is okay if you make a mistake but to learn from that, but if they take it out of term then you must defend yourself.

From that day on I learned to stick up for myself, my family and friends. I figured there will be more times in life about that similar situation, which there were but I think looking back, could be much worse situations than the fireworks.

In seventh grade, this was a turning point in my life as I was heading closer to high school.  I was definitely one of those seventh-grader who knew just about everything. It was a normal day at school and you know how it is during lunch time, crowded, a ton of kids in line to get their food, and many sitting at the tables eating. I was late to lunch and knew I had to get in line so I dropped my books right by my locker. I saw my friend in line so I asked if I could jump in front of him because then I would have to go all the way down the line. Being only like eleven years old, the line felt like it was the line for a store to open on black Friday. In reality there were only about 13 kids behind him. One of those kids of course had to be the kid I had hated in middle school, Justin Knocker. He hated the fact that I my friend let me skip. He started to argue with me and guess what? I argued right back. His voice grew louder and louder as well as mine, until the whole cafeteria was looking at us. I remember Justin talking about my friend because he couldn’t think of anything else to say to me. His words were rude and insulting, just like being a bully. I stood up for my friend and said he did nothing wrong. Just thinking about the way I acted makes me cringe.

When I was finished yelling at the top of my lungs, Justin just completely shut down; I got butterflies in my stomach because I knew I was going to get in trouble. Then it will lead to me having to talk to my parents.

I was right, I had to call my parents during school and explain everything. I told them Justin was making fun of my friend for no reason and I had to stick up for him. After the phone call I knew I had to apologize for embarrassing Justin in front of the whole school. I saw him sitting in the principal’s office. I went in there and apologized for everything that I had done. I told him that there was no need to have brought my friend into this. He accepted it and I was relieved.

That time from sixth to eighth grade I had decided how I wanted to plan out my life for the future. I had planned out what I wanted to do when I grew up, this meant deciding on what high school and college I wanted to go to. I even thought of what being married and how many kids I wanted to have. The one thing that surprised me the most was that it all came true.

I applied to Lowell High School in San Francisco. The drive was only about 10 minutes away. As like any regular freshmen, I was nervous and overwhelmed. Through my high school life was the most changed I have ever been. Especially since puberty hit, but let’s leave that alone. I grew some inches, got a new look and started to be more social from freshmen year through junior year. I honestly don’t remember my freshmen and sophomore years as well as I did for my junior and senior years.

Junior year, I just went with the flow. I did my homework, procrastinated here and there but that year went by the fastest. My senior year, I realized who were my real friends and who were the fake ones. Narrowing down who my friends were and realize that I only stayed with them because I felt that they were the ones I could talk too. I talked to the other students in school but it was only if I sat next to them or something. My friends changed how I view the world than just inside my school. Even though I changed a lot, my friends told me not to change for other people but what I thought would be better for the future. Having them as my friends I thought differently.

I think being senior is when everyone changes the most from high school year. I decided it was time for a job since my parents started to make me pay for anything I wanted. Part of the whole growing up thing I guess. I applied and went to many interviews. I failed them, each one making me better at the next until finally I was hired. I was a busser at a Cuban food restaurant downtown. It payed good and I also got reserved parking, so thank goodness I didn’t have to look for any. Working there for a couple of weeks and going to school I barely had any time for free time. I could manage some little time in my life to spare, but I wanted to spend some time with someone. At school I spent time with friends as well as work. At home I spent time with my family. On the little free time I had, I was by myself. So guess what I did, I got a girlfriend.

My mother was amazed for some reason. She said it will teach me how to respect a woman. The girl was from my high school. I just noticed her my senior year because there were so many students that attended my high school. I forgot what class I was in, but we were assigned to sit at a table together. Throughout that class we talked and got to know each other better until we finally moved forward. I then met her parents and she met mine. We went on couple dates and things went along fine.

Anyways, I feel like she is one of the people that changed how I viewed the real world. She helped me with so much like applying for colleges. I applied at the same school as her and lucky enough we both got into UCLA.

My entire senior year were the most memorable moments. A lot of people told me that I had really changed the most. Even though I feel the same, looking back now I did change a lot. I wish my grades were a little higher. That was the only thing that stayed with me during my four years.

I’m not going to lie; I was worried about the future. How will my life turn out? I had so many questions that could not be answered. I wondered what kind of job I will have. I kept thinking of new majors I wanted to go in before I started college. I was also worried about leaving my friends behind and making new ones. Even though to this day I have been in touch with my high school friends after I graduated college, I was still anxious.

There were so many thoughts running through my mind thinking about my future and how things would turn out. During my senior year I even thought about having my own family. How many kids I would have and also wanted to keep my girlfriend for a very long time. Well that didn’t end up happening. When we graduated college we packed our stuff and left, just me and my girlfriend. My freshman year for college went by so fast that I don’t remember it all. My sophomore year was the year that my life changed again. I had broken up with my girlfriend and second semester she transferred. There was a part of me that was glad that she transferred but sad that we broke up. The reason why I was happy was because it would be awkward seeing her in my classes.

After we broke up I wasn’t sure if I would find anybody like her again. It made me lose track from my school work and my grades began to slip. I had told my mother what happened and she was very upset. She thought I had found the perfect one, but she was wrong. At the end of my sophomore year I was lucky enough to pass all of my classes.

My junior year was my most outstanding year throughout my college life. This time I had found love. I met her sort of the same way as I met my old girlfriend. Except I was late to class and all the seats were taken. There had been one seat left right next to this pretty girl. When I was looking for a seat she waved at me to come sit next to her. I thanked her and I started to talk to her. For some reason I could not look her in the eyes even though I thought she was the prettiest girl in my college. After 3 months of talking we became more serious and started to date.

I had now something to care about and my grades began to pick back up. I also knew what I wanted to be career wise. An IT director, but first I had to start at the low level until I got a promotion.

I know I didn’t talk about this but living in the college dorms was a big step into living on your own. Yeah you have a roommate but I learned how to manage the small important things I have to know when I live on my own. Like washing my clothes and buying food as well as learning how to cook. Now that I learned most of the necessities that I needed to know, all I could think about was if I would maintain a job.

My entire senior year of college I was looking for opening for what I was majoring in. I didn’t want to wait so I searched early. In my second semester I had an interview for a well-known company. At that moment after the interview I had the best feeling in the world. I had gotten the job and as well as my girlfriend had gotten her dream job.

Now it was time for graduation, I normally do not cry for anything but I somehow did. I was happy, everything came true and all that worrying I had done for the past 5 years were nothing to me.

Moving into a small apartment saving a lot of money together so that we could afford a house was exciting but cramped. Knowing that we wanted to live in a house together was the right time to propose to her during her birthday with family.

Our lives went on and we even had two kids running around our big house. I also hadn’t forgot about my high school friends. I had invited them over one day when my wife and kids were visiting her family. We talked and caught up on each other’s life. That is why I am telling this story, my friends were interested in how I became somewhat successful. How every little detail impacted my life?

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