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this is the story of maggie spencer. the girl with the life no one could ever even imagine. the girl with the fight and the fearless attitude, and how she came to be. this is the story of her life, the ups, and the downs. the excitement, and the fear, the love and the hate, and everything in between.

"alone. lost. have you ever felt this way? well, that’s how it is for me. i’m maggie spencer and this is my story."

Submitted: December 19, 2016

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Submitted: December 19, 2016



Chapter 1

I'm 17 years old now and this all started when I was eight. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was alone in my house; my parents were out drinking and dancing somewhere. They said they would be home by 11:00, it was almost 1:00 and I got worried. Me being young and not the most intelligent human being, I decided to go into my parents' bedroom, which was strictly off limits, to look and see if there was a note or a sign, anything telling me where my parents were and when they would be coming home. When I walked into their room I was fascinated by all the lights and pictures. My parents actually looked happy in some of them. I was looking through a drawer when I heard the door slam and the screaming started.


"MAGGIE! Where are you, you worthless piece of shit?!" My father screamed. I'm trying to run out of the room before they catch me. I slam the drawer in a hurry, and it ends up being really loud. I hear feet stomping up the stairs, I turn to run but I'm too late. A hand grabs my hair and I let out an ear-piercing scream.

"What do you think you're doing? In OUR bedroom? You know you are not even allowed near this room." My mother yells with her nails still digging into my head. Her breath reeks strongly of alcohol. My father bursts through the door.

"MAGGIE! How dare you come in here. You have no right; you were going through our personal property too? Oh that's it. I have had enough of you. We don't even need you around here. You are worthless, you do nothing around this house, all you do is get in the way, and you have no purpose. This is the final straw. Pack your bags now! And if I hear one word from you, so help me God, you don't want to know what I will do to you." My father literally exploded. My mother is still ripping my hair out. She finally loosens her grip and I go to my room. I get the bag they had me pack the last time I got in trouble out from under my bed. It has everything I need, and more. But I don't think I'll actually be leaving. I never do. I walk downstairs with my suitcase to see my parents with anger and alcohol written all over their faces. They begin screaming at me, the usual.

"Can we get this over with please?" I ask with a sigh. My mother and father suddenly stop yelling.

"I warned you." My father said. I suddenly felt an acute pain in my arm and side, then a major blast to my face. I'm falling. I can't see anything. It's all black. It's dark.

I'm waking up. It's cold. I'm lying on something hard. There is a blinding light in my face. I'm lost.

"Where am I?" I say, but it comes out as a whisper. No one answers. I'm alone. Again. I scream, but no sound comes out. I'm lost. My life is gone.

*End of Flashback*

Chapter 2

So you see how I ended up here, but you don’t know where ‘here’ is. Let’s just say my parents are nowhere near ‘here’, they’re on the other side of the country. My so-called ‘home’ was in Las Vegas. This is my home now. Let me explain how I found myself in the middle of nowhere.

*Flashback 2*

I try to stand but I can’t feel my arm. I have an acute pain in my side and my head is pounding. My heart is beating 50 miles an hour. I can’t breathe. The sides of my vision are fading. Everything is going black. I scream one more time. I'm falling. It’s gone. Now, I hear voices. I can’t see, but I can hear. I don’t know where they are coming from or where they are going, but I can hear. The voices come closer, but I don’t hear every single word.

“Help-now-emergency-hospital-breathing.” The voice says. That last word lingered in my head, ‘breathing’. I'm alive. I try to open my eyes; I try to move my feet, my hands, or something. Nothing happens. I hear sirens. They're coming closer; I’m not going to die. The sirens stop and I hear voices.

“Help-her-ambulance-now-breathing.” The voice says. The last word still lingering. I'm still alive. I can make it. I hear more voices; I hear a door close; I hear an engine start; I hear the sirens; then, I hear nothing. I'm still thinking but I'm alone again. I'm by myself. I’m abandoned. I suddenly see a blinding white light and I think that I’m dead. Then, I hear voices, and a strange beeping sound.

“She’s waking up. Someone get Dr. Rivera now.” I hear in a faint voice. I try to talk but my mouth is so dry and I still can’t see. The white is starting to go away. I see colors more clearly now. I make out a face, a man’s face.

“Hi, you finally decided to wake up now huh? It’s been eight days. Well I bet you’re thirsty. Here’s some water.” The man says as he hands me a plastic cup filled with icy water. I take a few sips.

“Where am I?” I barely get out in a low whisper.

“You are in the hospital right now. We found you just outside of Boundary Woods. I bet you’re wondering where Boundary Woods is, right?” The man asks.

“Minnesota. I know exactly where it is.” I say with a more clear voice this time.

“Good, okay. I know you just woke up and all, but I am going to need to ask you some questions. Is that okay with you?” He asks.

“It's fine, but I have a question, who are you?” I ask.

“I'm Doctor Rivera. I performed the surgery on your side and in your elbow.” He responds. I'm a little confused as to why I got surgery, but I think I’ll find out soon.

“Okay, thank you. Now you can ask me anything.” I respond with slight nervousness.

“Thank you; well first of all, what is your name? And how old are you?” Dr. Rivera asks.

“I'm Maggie, Maggie Spencer. And I'm almost 9 years old.” I respond confidently because I know that is the right answer.

“You’re eight? I thought you were much older you seem so mature; okay moving on. So, Maggie, where are your mom and dad?” He asks with a slight smile. I'm thinking about the night they left me, but I can’t remember their faces. All I remember is the sounds and pain.

“I don’t remember. I only remember the night they left me. It was dark and I was waiting for them to come home from the bar. Mommy and Daddy go out every night because they say they need a break from all the hard work they do taking care of me. But they didn’t come home when they said they would so I got scared. I remember looking, for something, I don’t remember what, then I remember hearing screams, and I felt a lot of pain in my arm and side, then, everything went black.” I explained trying to find the hidden details somewhere in my mind, but I couldn’t. I looked up and saw Dr. Rivera writing a lot of stuff down.

“Okay Maggie. It sounds like you’ve been through a lot. I think that once you start to feel a little better, we will find a new home for you. Does that sound okay?” He asked with a friendly smile.

“Okay. Thank you.” I said, still I'm trying to remember anything about my parents, still nothing.

~ about 2 weeks later ~


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