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This drama is a re-make from one of my old assignments I had in school. I'm really proud of the story I came up with back then and now I want to develop it and make it even better. This story, like my first one is also kind of based of a dream (or maybe more of a nightmare) that I once had. I've also been inspired by the film "The Impossible".

I'm really nervous about posting this in English since I originally wrote it in Swedish, when it comes to writing stories I get really self conscious about my grammar etc. So take it easy on me, haha!

Submitted: January 17, 2017

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Submitted: December 19, 2016



The ground is chaking, I look through the window and I see people run for their lives. Everyone is shoving their elbows into one another to make their way through the crowd, only for the slightest chance of survival. The panic is glowing in their eyes and the screams echoes between the houses. Me? I'm on the fifth floor in a building and now I've got two choices. I can either run up another five floors, that'll take me to the headquarters and I might be able protect myself from the incoming water. Or I'll run down to the streets and hope I have time to make it far enough up in the hills before everything gets washed away. Deep down I know that it's useless, I'm most likely screwed no matter what.

Math has never been a problem for me so somewhere in my confusion I manage to calculate that I have 20 seconds and then the giant wave will hit the building I'm in. But I have to make a choice, which choice seems less worthless? Nothing is impossible, at least that's what people say, and I begin sprinting up the stairs. Maybe, just maybe there is a slight chance of me making it out from the wave.

After one flight of stair I stop. The elevator? Will it get me to the headquarters faster? Since my fitness is equal to zero, I'm already out of breath and I can feel the panic rising inside of me. I realise that if the wave hits me while I'm in the elevator there is no way that I'll make it out alive. I can hear the clock inside my head ticking and I continue to run up the stairs. 17 seconds.

I manage to get up about another three flights of stairs before I have to stop again, my legs feel like spaghetti and I plunge onto the landing between the stairs. My whole surrounding is spinning, I'm desperately trying to fix my gaze on something, anything. Fortunately I succeed to make my eyes focus on a tiny, blue bird on the extremely ugly and extremely beige wallpaper. Who the fuck thought that it would be a good idea to put up a beige wallpaper with birds on in a stairwell? I feel like the bird is looking back at me and it looks like it's mocking me, ha-ha, here I am, alone in a stairwell knowing that a certain death is awaiting me. Hilarious.

I'm furious, frustrated and desperate to get to the tenth floor, but my legs won't carry me. Besides, I only have about 15 seconds before the wave hits. "Get yourself together for fucks sake, don't be such a wuss!", "Do you want to die? Do you?!". No, I don't want to die. But I can't bring myself to stand up again. Then I see something I thought was impossible, the tiny, blue bird that was on the wallpaper a minute ago is now gone. It's now flying about four inches right in front of me. Not only that, it's also speaking to me.

"Really, you don't want to die. And yet you simply sit here like a silly person staring at me. Haven't your parents teached you that it's rude to stare at other people?". I can't utter a single word, how could anyone if they were in my position? The bird continues to speak to me, "you're aware that the wave will hit you in 12 seconds, right?". 12 seconds?! That can't be possible! And just like that, I was magically on my feet again, though I stood up too quickly and got awfully dizzy so I had to take a breather before I could continue up the stairs. My legs felt really weak still but this time I was determined not to give up, I won't fall down again. Getting up also started opened a tap in my eyes and tears flowed uncontrollably down my cheeks as panic filled my chest once again. I'm fighting my way up the stairs, my vision is blurry and my legs are as heavy as led, and in only 10 seconds everything will be washed away.

Finally, I can see the end. One stair, ten steps to go and only five seconds before I'll be crushed by a gigantic wave. "Nothing is impossible" I tell my self as I stumble up the last flight of stairs. Once I'm inside of the headquarters I close and lock the door. I turn around and in front of me, on the other side of the room I see windows, nothing but windows along the whole wall. Did I really just run up five flights of stairs for nothing? I don't think I've ever felt so defeted in my entire life. Since there is nothing I can do, I sit down on the floor and watch the wave dash right towards me. 3... 2... 1. Everything goes black. It's impossible to move or think. I can only focus on the excruciating pain running through my body, it's like a thousand pins and needles going through my body. It's like someone's cutting me with a million knives and putting me in a bath of acid at the same time. Then I wake up.

I throw myself up from my bed, I'm covered in sweat and my cheeks are wet from tears. At first I'm confused and don't know where I am, then I hear my mother's heavy breathing in the bed next to me. Right, we're on vacation, we're in Thailand.  We had decided to escape our relatives and the cold weather this Christmas. Fortunately my mother's a heavy sleeper so my scream didn't wake her up. The dream made me both sweaty and extremely thirsty so I decide to get up and take a glass of water. I walk carefully to the kitchen and look out the window, we have an ocean view. But the view looks unusual somehow... Out of nowhere I can feel the ground shaking again, once again I can hear the people's screams echoing in my head. It's the last thing I hear before the wave swallows me once again.

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