School Thief

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Vladimir is out to seek his revenge on Jorge Glow, a heinous bully from the start of a very young age. Jorge is rich, in fact, as a teenager, he is probably richer than 99% of the people on Earth. Vladimir's plan is to sneak into school at night, and sabotage Jorge $300,000 computer.

It was all quiet in the school, and Vladimir had been careful to make sure no one else was in the school.

So who... or what... had just turned on a classroom light?

Submitted: December 20, 2016

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Submitted: December 20, 2016



School Thief



By Fan



Standing stock still in the semi-darkness, Vladimir listened intently. Everything was silent. There wasn’t a single soul. Wrapped in the plush, velvety blue curtains of his eerily quiet, empty classroom, Vladimir felt a mixed sense of feelings run down his spine, making him shiver with anticipation. This was the real, not some fantasy adventure series on seen on TV. Rays of moonlight shone like the bright beam of a flashlight across his face, illuminating him into a ghostly white figure. Anyone who might have looked up from three floors below, on the courtyard of the International School of Washington D.C. might have seen Vladimir, and might have thought that they were seeing a live ghost. However, no one did look up. It was the middle of the night, the school was completely empty.

Vladimir was alone.

Slowly, as if afraid to shatter the silence of the school, and cause a beast to awaken, Vladimir untangled himself from the curtains. As he did so, he thought of again how strange it was to keep 19th century Victorian curtains in a modern 21st century American private school. Vladimir had always supposed that it was a tradition or something, but now, at 1 o’clock in the morning, he wondered whether if they had their own hidden secrets as they glistened a spectacular ocean blue in the moonlight.

Quietly, his heart suddenly racing in anticipation for what he was about to do, Vladimir stole into the corridor of the 3rd floor of his section of the school. Stopping, and listening again, he felt the first signs of doubts creep into his head like ants. Was he really going to steal?

Yes, he had to. He wanted to.

Jorge Glow. The name felt sour even in Vladimir’s mind. It was the boy who had bullied him for six and a half years, starting from third grade. He was like the devil himself, with his no-better sidekicks making everyone’s life a living hell. Nonetheless, it was Vladimir that they picked most on. Vladimir wasn’t unpopular, or poor, or in fact anything abnormal. They just picked on him because they could. They picked on him because of the smallest things, like dropping a pencil in class, or misspelling a word on the whiteboard in the front of the classroom.

But Glow’s personality wasn’t the only thing that made him such a heinous bully. In fact, it was because that his family was one of the richest people in the USA that made him so much worse. Rumors say that Jorge’s weekly pocket money was more than the annual spending of a whole village in Africa. He’s probably a multimillionaire himself. Not that anyone in the ISW (International School of Washington D.C.) was poor, as the semester bill came to a hefty amount of eighty thousand dollars. Each school year had three semesters, so totally, the amount goes nearly to two-hundred and fifty grand a year. But even so, everyone was poor compared to Jorge. His wealth was like a magnet, it drew people towards him, and repelled teachers’ inquires. What did the teachers care about if they were paid more than five thousand dollars just to stay quiet? Even people he bullied wanted to be close to him – for the money.

However, lately Jorge Glow just had his fifteenth birthday, and his parents had spoilt him even more by purchasing him the world’s most expensive computers, costing over three hundred thousand dollars.

Vladimir knew where Jorge kept the computer – in a glass case – much like the ones in museums that cover over the most expensive jewels, with guards surrounding it. It was like that, but more, as there were no security guards (although Jorge’s parents had certainly tried) so the case was almost everything proof. Name it, and it will prevent it all. There were also at least half a dozen cameras surrounding the case, and many bright LED display lights beamed down on it 24/7.

At first, when Jorge came to school with the computer, and showed everyone its high-tech features, its enticing features, its crystal clear display, and the pure fact that it was made of solid 24k gold was enough to astound the school. But what shocked the school more was that Jorge planned on keeping it in the school, locked up in a display case. Despite the protests from the teachers and parents, Glow’s parents had bought themselves around the complaints, and in the end, Jorge had been allowed to keep the computer in school. Jorge had locked the computer up with two seventeen digit code locks, and also a finger print scanner. Yet that didn’t bother Vladimir, he knew how to pick locks, even ones as complicated as Jorge’s.

As Vladimir continued creeping silently down the dark corridor, maneuvering his way towards the waiting skateboard, he felt the latex glove that imprinted Jorge’s fingerprints rub uncomfortably against his body.

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, in his peripheral vision, Vladimir saw a sudden flicker of bright, white light. He felt his stomach summersault, making him feel sick in the cold, air-conditioned atmosphere of the building. Slowly, he turned around in the direction in which he saw the light, there was nothing. Thinking that he must have imagined it, Vladimir was just about to turn back, and hurry on his way, when the classroom just a few meters away suddenly lit up.

Vladimir froze. He had been certain there was no one in the school.

So who had just turned on the light?

Heart racing, he slid into the shadows cast out by the classroom light, and peered through the open classroom door.

There was nothing. No one.

Feeling increasingly uneasy, Vladimir reached for the switch that was set in the wall to turn off the harsh, white light. Then, like a skyscraper falling, a row of blue chairs at the far end of the classroom collapsed with a deafening crash.

The sound shattered the silence.

Vladimir jumped in fright, snatching his hovering finger away from the switch. His heart tripled and quadrupled in speed. He sprinted out into the corridor, his terrified scream was stuck, caught in his throat, unable to announce itself to the open.

Slipping, crawling, half-stumbling, Vladimir tumbled down the corridor, fleeing for his life. Something had made the chairs fall, but he couldn’t see it.

All he could do was run.

Abruptly, another light from a classroom a few meters away flickered on, then another, and another, until all of the classrooms of the corridor were on, casting tens of ghastly shadows of Vladimir on all sides of the corridor walls, some long, some short, some eerily disturbing.

He sprinted on, his horror driving him forwards. What was happening? He knew that something was going on, and that he needed to get out.

But where was the exit? Vladimir could have sworn that the corridor wasn’t this long.

And it was then that all the lights from every classroom extinguished all at the same time, like a candle caught in a sudden gust of wind. The effect seemed as if to snatch Vladimir’s life with it.

He crumbled onto his knees in the total darkness.

Vladimir looked up, his breath shallow, and saw a figure in front of him. He tried to take shape of it. Strangely, the figure seemed vaguely familiar to Victor, like a classmate that he knew, like… but he felt himself slipping away, and the tugging memory became distant, and blurred itself like a fading dream.

The shape stood blacker than the total darkness around Vladimir, darker than the night.

Then, in a rasping tone, the figure spoke three mocking words...

…that stopped the rapid beat of Vladimir’s heart.





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