"That Is Some GOOD Stuff, Man!"

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An 18 year dream!

Submitted: December 20, 2016

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Submitted: December 20, 2016



"Doctor, this is some good shit, man!

Over eighteen years, and it's still messing with my head.


You gave me Valium so I could sleep better,

because I'd just awoken from a 13-day coma.


Seems ironic, involuntarily asleep for thirteen days,

then, when I awake, drugs to make me sleep some more,


But I digress, back to my main point, I'll bet

if I told you 18 years later, it was still messing me up,


you'd upchuck in your Corn Flakes, but I can't think of

any other reason, I'm still having bad dreams,


I dreamed Donald Trump is the president of these United States,

and he and Congress are trying to take us backwards in time.


Back to a time of racial division and coat hangers.

I feel like I'm awake, but there's no way,


Doctor, I just wanted to let you know so others

don't suffer the same years-long after effects,

you've got some wicked stuff there!"


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