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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Melodic Magic

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Waiting under the time clock in the freezing cold was not what I had in mind on my birthday. It all started one week ago, I, Hana Baxter was excited for my birthday. I had so many plans on how I was going to do it until I talked to Alex Night, the boy I had a crush on since I was a kid. I never really planned on telling him how I felt but I didn’t have to because he confessed to me. My reaction was subtle but on the inside I squealed like crazy person. Alex patiently waited for an answer.

“YES! Um…of course I would love to go out with you.” I tried to remain as calm as possible but that was turning out to be hard.

“Nice, well since we are officially dating do want to hang out on your birthday that’s coming up?”

“You know when my birthday is?” I felt joy of all kinds.

“Well Duh I like you. So is that a yes or…what?”

“Yes! Yeah sure, let’s hang out.”

So let’s go to my birthday.  I tried to find the best outfit I had in my closet but it seemed like it didn’t exist.  After a long search in my endless closet I found it, the perfect dress.  I kept glancing at my clock hoping time could speed up. Finally it was time, this year I wouldn’t be spending time with my family or friends but my boyfriend.  Saying that word made my heart race.  My mom and dad left their presents for me in my room.  Earlier that day my mom made me a birthday breakfast, she told me that since I’m hanging out with my ‘friend’ we wouldn’t have a birthday party which of course I agreed.  I took my jacket and scarf since it was winter right now.

He told me to wait under the huge time clock at the park. I looked at my watch, he was already twenty minutes late but I didn’t worry.  An hour completely passed and still he didn’t show up. I began to panic a little. Nightfall finally came in and the place started to get colder, people who were at the park left I was pretty much there alone.  I wanted to leave but hope still burned inside me.  Two hours passed and still no show.  Finally midnight came in.  I got stood up a fool like me believed he was actually coming.

“Darling don’t me sad.” A voice calmly said.

“Who said that?” I glanced around but saw no one.

“Me? I’m a friend. I’m sorry that he didn’t show up.” The voice got closer.

“Friend? From where? You don’t sound like Annie at all and how did you know he didn’t show up?”

“Darling you’re standing out in the cold at midnight waiting for someone and I know it is not Santa Clause.”

I blushed a little, it was indeed embarrassing especially when someone witnessed it.  The voice sounded soft and mellow.  “Well who are you? Can you show yourself?”

“Well I’m not sure do you want to see me? I may be a disgusting pervert or something even worse.  Do you still want to see me?”

I thought about it for a minute.  “Yes. I still want to see you.” A black figure jumped over my head and landed in front of me, it walked closer.

The figure finally was in light view, it was a girl in a purple, frilly dress.  She had midnight brown hair with purple highlights that matched her dress and crystal clear grey eyes.  She looked like around the age of fourteen to sixteen.  Her black high heels clicked and clacked as she walked to me. “Hi. Nice to meet you. I’m Nina Saga, your friend.”

I was shocked but in a sort of good way because she wasn’t a pervert or a creep well I don’t know that yet. She looked quite pretty with her matching makeup and her twin tails.

“Nina? I don’t recall ever having a friend with that name?” this was probably a scam, I was cold, depressed and tired and I didn’t want to deal with a con artist right now. “Well I’m going to go now. Sorry”

“Oh come on Hana is this really the treatment get?”

“Ho-how do you know my name?”

“Here take this.” She handed me a laminated, black card with only a number on it. “Call me.” She walked off and disappeared into the night. Creepy.

I shoved the card into my pocket and completely forgot about it. When I arrived home my mom asked how I spent my day. I just made up a few things friends would do on a birthday. She seemed to believe it. I went up to my room and fell straight for my bed. Today I got stood up and noticed by weirdo. That was just crazy but I’m sure Alex had a good reason for not showing up today. I slowly dragged myself off my bed and showered. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought. “I’m me not a freak. I’m me not a freak. I’m me not a freak.” The reason I say that is quite simple I’m a natural born genius but being that isn’t so easy especially with demon-like parents. Oh believe me they are horrible but only when it comes down to me acing an exam.

I quickly dried my hair and went to bed. I started to hear strange noises, I slowly opened my eyes and saw my mom digging through my draws. “Mom? What are you doing?”

“Darling, you’re awake? I was-was looking for…um…this!” she picked up my underwear.

“Were you really looking for that? My underwear?” I rubbed my eyes trying to make sure I was seeing the correct thing.

“Ye-Yes…Why else would I be here, but darling did you by chance meet anyone odd or creepy yesterday?”

“Why? Is something wrong?” Did my mom know Nina if so how come she didn’t tell me? This was weird, I think I’ll keep my meeting with Nina a secret for a little while.

“No I didn’t. I was with my friend whole day yesterday even until midnight.”

“Okay-Okay, Good.” She was starting to get a little suspicious. She placed back my underwear and silently left the room. I hurriedly dressed and got ready for school, Thank God I didn’t have homework due for today. I sat down, had breakfast then waited for the bus. I hopped into the bus and sat in my favorite seat, next to my best friend, Annie Fullwood, Daughter of the richest household of Harvana.

Harvana is a small town with really interesting people. The mayor, Mathew Cautic, is a small, old man with a love for dark humor.

“Sooooo how was your B-day with Alex Night?” she gave me a small nudge with her elbow.

It was…actually I got stood up.” I sighed, the thought of it depressed me, a lot.

Annie gasped in surprise then laughed. “That idiot stood you up. What an ass. I can’t believe he actually did that.”

“I still don’t know why you find this funny?”

She looked at me with guilt in her eyes. “You don’t know?”

“What?” Annie pulled out her phone and showed me a video. Alex was talking to Elaina Hearts, beauty of Harvana but that’s all to it, beauty and no brains.

“Babe do you really want me to do this?” Alex looked a little nervous.

“Yes! I want to make fun of her. You know she likes you so confess and forget her on her birthday.” Elaina had a devious smile on her wretched, beautiful face.

“You promise you wouldn’t get jealous?” I stopped the video before I even heard the answer.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked trying to keep my current rage under control.

“I don’t know I thought it was a prank or something I didn’t think he’d actually do it.” Annie showed no signs of sympathy she didn’t even look sorry.

“Well he did and I feel horrible.  What kind of friend are you? You didn’t tell me anything and you didn’t even show the video!”

She looked a little white but my bitter emotions couldn’t stop. Annie began to laugh.

“What’s so funny?”

“You think I care how you feel? What kind of friend am I? I’m the friend who doesn’t need you to feel like somebody.”

I choked a little on her words my best friend just insulted me. “Why are you acting like this?”

“Acting? This is real. Hana did you think that I became your friend for a happy friendship? No! I only wanted your brains. For a smart person you sure can’t tell when someone is using you.”

Tears welled up in my eyes. My friend, my only friend just admitted she was only using me. Annie got up and sat somewhere else. That’s why she didn’t care, she didn’t have any genuine feelings for our friendship. I got stood up, met a weirdo, got pranked and lost my best friend. I held back my sadness and waited to arrive at school. Today was going to be odd. As I dragged myself to class Elaina stopped me. “How was your birthday? Was it fun?”

An infuriating feeling welled up as I grabbed the prettiest girl’s hair and wrung it. “DO LIKE HURTING OTHERS?! WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!!!”

Elaina screamed for help but only Alex stopped me. She was crying profusely in Alex’s arms which annoyed me even more. Annie watched quietly and did nothing. I looked like the bad guy here. Everyone watched me with displeasing stares, I’m the one who got hurt why is no one comforting me? I did NOTHING wrong! The teacher came running out to see the problem and took both of us to the office.

“Now who started this?” The teacher, Clara Barkly asked in a soothing yet irritating voice.   

 “It was HANA! All Hana’s fault.” Elaina started.

“My FAULT?!! You pranked me on my birthday not only that you embarrassed me in front of everyone!”

“Yeah like anyone cares.” She rolled her eyes.


“GIRLS! Calm down. Elaina, what did you do to Hana to cause her to hurt you?”

“Miss, All I did was ask how her birthday yesterday was.” She sounded so innocent it burned my ears.

“Is this true?”

“Yes but! She made a video talking to Alex Night about standing me up on my birthday and he did. Elaina came to gloat about it.”

“Is this true?”

“No-no…nothing like that happened.” Her innocent voice was back on.

Miss Clara sighed. To me this was unfair I have all rights here, I did nothing so I don’t deserve any punishment.

“Do you have any proof of this video?” Miss Clara saw the hope in my eyes.

“Yes. Annie Fullwood has a copy of the video. She showed it to me today.”

She nodded. “Alright you both may leave.” Elaina and I exited at the same time, her perfume smelled toxic and sickly. “You’re lucky today normally I would have people like you expelled in minutes.”

I rolled my eyes and walked off. “Such a bitch.”

The day passed normally with no one calling me back to the office but the only thing was everyone rumors. A rumor like: I was jealous of Alex and Elaina dating so I attacked her. It was spreading like wild fire. After school Miss Clara pulled me aside. “I’m sorry.”

“For what?” Nervousness gnawed at me.

“I asked Annie earlier about the video she said she didn’t have anything like that.”

My body started to shake uncontrollably. “Really now? So what’s going to happen?”

“The principal has suspended you for one week for damaging a student for no proper reason.”

“She’s not even hurt! She doesn’t even have a scratch!” this turned out to be even worse.

“I’m sorry.” She walked off leaving me more depressed than I ever was.

While walking home I started to here humming. I turned around to see if anyone was behind, no one. I continued on. Today was really, really, really bad the thoughts stressed me out. What is my mom going to say when she hears I’m suspended?

Darling~ I heard the bad news today are you alright?” I knew this voice, Nina Saga.

“What do you want?” I asked angrily.

“Well~ while walking home yesterday I realized that you have no motive or reason to call me so I created one.”

I looked around but still saw no one was she in my head? “Hey look up.” She giggled softly.

I did, she was sitting on a lamppost. Today she was wearing a frilly green dress with green and white heels. “Listen right now I want to be alone.”

“Sure no problem but~” she jumped off and landed on her feet. I opened my mouth to say something but before I could she threw a pill that I managed to swallow by mistake. I coughed and gagged at the sudden dry swallow. “I...” I coughed. “I could’ve choked and died!”

“Yesss but you didn’t” she said cheerfully.

“What was that?”

“That? Oh that’s poison.” She calmly stated as she examined her nails.

“Po-Poison?! Why did you do that?”

“I have an antidote. In a weeks’ time you will collapse and die but if you call me you shall receive the antidote.” She clapped like a little kid who enjoyed their favorite TV show. “So now you have a reason to call me. Oh when they ask for the code say: ZYXW”

She walked off and disappeared. What was she, a ninja? I couldn’t tell if this was a joke or reality but for now I’ll just go home.





Submitted: December 20, 2016

© Copyright 2021 LadyHaruka. All rights reserved.


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