When to Listen.

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You ever love someone so much that when you try, you fail?

My name is Lavaishon Dozier. I am 24 years of age and I was Abusive. I found out this year dealing with my ex Jasmine. I have known her for some time and we have had our fair share of ups and downs. 2015, we reunited. God had answered my prayers.
I was very happy and thrilled to finally have someone who loved me for me and who i could finally love. Months passed by, everything went a little left. We started experiencing problems and a lot times we argued. It started from me breaking the
fan and acting crazy. I had completely lost my mind. She became afraid and I felt terrible.I asked myself " what happened?" It started to getr worse. I would then start to put my hands on her. It went from grabbing and pushing, to complete terror.
Choking her, threatening her. Wild things. I would find myself asking God to forgive me and to help me get through this because i loved her. During this time, I was dealing with not hjaving a job and really started to struggle. She would have my back.
I asked God to forgive. The devil himself allowed me to grieve and put myself down. Wanting to kill myself, threatening her life, I found an answer. GOD. Even though its only been over two weeks since the incident, I feel the God has done this for a purpose.
He has told me not to quit and follow his lead. Since i have, i have felt a great deal of stress leave. My goal is to help thers in need and to follow God and do whatever he tells me. I asked God to one day bless me with a woman who i could love.......

Which leads me back to Jasmine.

Jasmine is very beautiful. She's smart and well rounded. She always has her faults but it doesn't take away wjo she rreally is. I love her more than anything. My love for her is unthinkiable! God has told me not to give up on her love. He has spoken to me.
"Keep Fighting! She is in your life for a purpose." God has told me that. He gives me signs on what I should do. He shows me everything and tells me what I need to know.

The moral of the story is " Don't Give UP! Give everything to God and he will handle it all!" He speaks to me now. I have followed his word and I won't stop

Each step I take is a step of faith and betterness. God has told me that Jasmine is for me and that what I need to do is everything he says. I really believe that. God has a purpose for us all and anyone going through this, believe and keep faith. Give it all to him and praise him and he will open your eyes!


Jasmine, I love you and im sorry. I cant express the way I feel but what I can do is make it better. Through God.
Like i told you, He is allowing this to happen for the better. Just believe. I Love You and Never lied when i told you. We have
had our problems. I just want you to know that I have forgiven myself. I am taking all the steps to show you what God has shown me
and tell you what he has told me.

Submitted: December 20, 2016

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Submitted: December 20, 2016




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