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Submitted: December 20, 2016



The Color of Her World


She’s been color blind her entire life, only ever seeing a world full of grey. Grey people, grey animals, grey everything. Until one day, she bumps into the new boy at school. As he begins to helps her gather her belongings, they stare deeply into one another's eyes, just smiling. And that’s when everything had changed. He was complete color.  

It all started on October 4, 1998 when Rosie finally arrived. The doctors told her mother and father the bad news but then reassured them with the fact that she would still be able to see, just with no color. They were very shaken up from the news, but thought on the bright side, atleast she isn’t completely blind. They knew as she grew older, her disability was going to become harder to handle. As Rosie started preschool they knew this was just the beginning. Rosie’s parents talked to her teacher and explained the issue. The teacher was very understanding and explained that she also had a color blind child. She understood the struggle that Rosie’s parents were going through and explained that she would do whatever it took to make sure that Rosie was as comfortable as possible. She made many changes to the classroom, so that Rosie wouldn’t have any issues participating in activities. She made all different kinds of things for Rosie. Patterns but instead of being color patterns, she made shape patterns, and so much more. The teacher and Rosie’s parents discussed the idea of having a weekly meeting, to discuss how she had done that week and if she was making any progress. The year went great. Rosie came home everyday, and told her parents all about the exciting things that she had done that day at school.

Preschool passed, kindergarten came, then elementary school, middle school, and finally high school. Rosie is fourteen years old now, a new freshman in high school. She makes a lot of new friends on her first day. Many people question her and ask her what  it’s like to be color blind. She just explains to them that it is just a struggle that she has had to learn to live with. She tells them all about the support that she has received from family, friends, her teachers and pretty much just anyone she had ever met. She explains it's just one thing wrong in her life and that she can’t let it hold her back from doing what she wants. She enjoys her lunch and begins to make her way to her fifth hour class.

On the way there, her and this boy bump into each other in the hallway. Everything comes crashing to the floor, their  books, papers, everything, knocking her into the lockers. He hurried to bend down to make sure she is okay, reaching out for her hand. She picks up her glasses, puts them on, and looks up at him reaching for his extended hand. That's when everything changed. But for the better. She just stared deep into his eyes, and saw nothing except for color. She stood up, smiling, but beginning to cry. He bent back down to gather up her books and everything for her, noticing that she was crying. He hurried and sat them nicely in a stack on the floor, and then gently grabbed her to make sure she was okay. He asked her what was wrong and she began to explain to him all about how she had been color blind, and had spent her entire life so far, just being able to see black and white, no matter what  it was. He stared ather, just looking a little confused and that's when she told him, “You're the color of my world.”

He gave Rosie a little smile, still looking a tad bit confused and she told him that he was the first thing that she had ever been able to see that was in full color. They then gathered up their items, properly introducing themselves to one another, and began walking to lunch, together. The spent the whole lunch together and then skipped their last three hours of the day. After school  Rosie invited Ryan over to her house to hangout. When they got there, she introduced him to her parents, and then explain what  had happened. Both her mother and father began smiling with excitement, and went to the other room to talk. Rosie and Ryan went and sat in her bedroom and worked on some homework. They took a little break and her mother brought them up a snack and drink.They sat there for awhile just talking about their lives. About four hours had gone by, when Ryan sadly told Rosie that he had to leave. She looked a little upset, but said okay and she walked him down stairs to the front door He turned around to give her a hug, and they said goodbye, and he began to walk away.

The following day, they went to school, met up between every class, and pretty much repeated the day before. It became an everyday routine. He would come over, they would work on their homework for awhile and then enjoy a snack. They did this everyday for about a month and a half, when finally he popped the big question, he asked Rosie to be his girlfriend. That Friday, had to have been the  best day of her life. He stayed until around ten o’clock that night just watching movies and spending time together. He realized what time it was and said he had to head home. She walked him down stairs, got her usual hug, but this time a kiss as well. Her face lights up like it never had before. He opened the door and began walking out.  She watched as he began making his way to the end of her driveway, seeing everything around her in black and white, except for Ryan.  The color of her world.


Living In A Nightmare


As I make my way into Mr.Lawrence's 1st period history class, the events from the night before circle in my head. The bell rings and I snap out of my train of thought. In big bold letters on the white board “Who am I” is written. Seconds later Mr. Lawrence walks through the door. “Everyone take your seats, I have quite an exciting project for you guys today”, “Since this is history class, today you are going to learn about your history. The assignment is simple. You have one week to gather as much information as you can and create a presentation on who you are. In the information you gather you must include original origin, ancestry, any interesting background, and any other information you'd like. You have the rest of the hour to start working. If you have any questions, I will be at my desk if you need help.” Plugging in my headphones, I pull out my laptop and open google. Staring blankly at the google screen, I start to type in my last name. “Crediski.” Few results pop up but I am not surprised. It is not a very well known name which makes this assignment easier on me. Scrolling through google images I see what looks like my dad and my grandma. Still scrolling I notice a picture that I think my mom showed me of my great grandma. With a few seconds till class is over I pack up my things and wait patiently for the rest of the day to be over.

At 2:30 i'm already in my car, driving out of the parking lot. I walk into a house that smells of fresh cookies, walking into the kitchen I see my mom washing dishes.

“Smells good in here”

“Well I sure hope so” said my mom. “I've spent the last 3 hours baking these cookies. How was your day sweetie? I explained how high school was high school and that the only cool thing was the History project. After stuffing my face with cookies I went upstairs and started rummaging through boxes, looking for anything to go along with my project. As I open my laptop I think harder and harder about this assignment. “Who am I”. Well, Im 17, living at home with my mom. My father isn't in the picture anymore, he left when I was born”. Next, I think of my interests. Volleyball, soccer, music, art, and reading. With all these ideas running through my head, I open my laptop and create a slides document. Thinking back to the instructions, I decide i want to add a family tree. “That won't be to hard”, as I thought to myself. “Dinner”, Mom yelled.

Closing my laptop, I head downstairs and sit across from my mom. “How was your day”, I ask her. “ It was okay sweety, the office was pretty busy. I almost even had to stay late just to get my work caught up”. Daydreaming, I find myself thinking of Brandon and what all happened last night. “He couldn't leave me right? He promised me foreve--” “Ashley” “Yes mom” “You zoned out on me, am I really that boring”. “ No mom”, I laughed. “I'm sorry, just a long day”. Jumping into another topic before she started to question me, I hurriedly finish my dinner. “May I be excused? I have a big project to work on. Im even thinking about doing a family tree”. “A family tree?”, she asked worriedly. The expression on her face scared me a little bit. “Yes?” I questioned. “Oh okay honey, have fun”.

Arriving back in my room, I open my laptop and continue working. I look up my great grandma, my great grandpa, my grandma my grandpa, my aunts and uncles, my mom, and once I reach my dad I hesitate. “Should I really add him?” I think to myself. I type his name into google. Nothing. No trace of any man named Robert Crediski. “Mom!”, I yell. My mom comes rushing into my room. “Is everything okay?” “Yes everything's fine, I just can't find anything about my dad”. “Honey, we need to talk..” “17 years ago I wanted a baby. I wanted one so bad, but the problem was I could not get pregnant. We tried over and over again, even went to tons of doctors. Still nothing. One day I was rushed to the hospital with abdominal pains. It turns out I had a miscarriage. The doctors nor myself didn't think it was possible. The baby was small and would  not of had a fighting chance. Heartbroken I went into the baby nursery and cried for almost an hour. The door was unlocked and my eyes saw yours. I grabbed you and ran. The guy I was engaged to left me, He did not want anything to do with me or my decisions. I don't regret it one bit. You are my blessing child”.

Speachless, I did not  know what to say. I did not know what to do. All I could do was cry and back away from the person i thought was my mom. The next thing I know, I’m running. With no destination I run to the bridge. Once I get there, I sit. There I sat on the edge staring down at the icy cold water. Replaying every event in my life over and over again. I contemplate jumping, but would that honestly be the best way out? I talk myself out of jumping and continue to walk. I find myself walking to a police station. Getting the nerve to do what's best, I walk in. I tell the lady at the front desk that I needed to talk to someone. I tell the investigator everything that my kidnapper told to me. After I finish telling her everything, she escorts me to a room with snacks and drinks and a tv. I turn it on and I see who I thought was my mom being taken away in a cop car. Maybe this is what's best. Maybe one day I will meet my family, and until then I will just sit here.


As The Roses Fall


After a long day spent at work away from his wife and children, it’s finally closing time. He calls his wife to ask her what shes wants him to pick up for dinner, but there’s no answer. So deciding they can just  order something and have it delivered, he locks up and heads home. He stops by the only open floral shop to pick his wife up some of her favorite flowers, white roses. He pulls up to the apartment complex and makes his way up the stairs. He fidgets to find his house key. But once he finds it, he realizes the key doesn’t fit. He stands there in complete and utter shock, as the roses fall.

James and Maria were highschool sweethearts. They met their freshman year of high school and it wasn't long after that, they ended up together. Seven years later, they were standing in the alter, their two kids in the pews with their grandparents and other family, watching their mother and father as they both said “I do.” Jordan who was their five year old son, and Makenzie who was their three year old daughter, knew how much their mom and dad loved and cared for one another. Well, that's what they thought at least. Everything had always seemed so well. Until one day everything just changed.

James and Maria started their morning off, just like any other morning. They woke up, got their kids ready for school, and all enjoyed breakfast together. That’s when everything turned. Maria pick up their kids early from school. As the children look at their mother with a confused face, she explains to them that they are going on a little vacation. They all load up in the car, in a hurry to get home. She packs her bags, as she tells the kids to start packing theirs as well. As always, they listen and do what they're told,  but ask if their dad is going as well. She explains to them that dad has to work late, so he won't be joining them. Little do the kids know, Maria and James had been discussing filing for a divorce. As much as James didn't want it, Maria did, so that's what she was going to do. She knew she wouldn't be able to do so with James at home, so she figured now would be the perfect time to do so. Just pack up her’s and the children' stuff, and leave. With no fight or restraint. They hadn’t mentioned the divorce to the children, due to the way it would effect them, but also she knew packing up and leaving would be hard on them to. But now was her only chance, the love was gone, and so was she.

Maria and the children load up the car and head to her mother and father's house. She had yet to mention the situation to her parents, but the second they open the door, they know what’s happening. She grabs the kids and hurries in, locking the car behind them. The children’s grandparents take their bags and grab them a snack as Maria sits on the couch waiting. Her parents come back into the room, joining her, and ask what’s going on. Maria explains that she wasn’t happy anymore, that they had talked about it but James wanted to try to work past things. Little does anyone know, Maria had no trust left in James. James cheated on Maria a few years prior to this happening and swore it would never happen again. Maria gave him a second chance, just to let herself down and find out it happened once again. That’s when Maria decided that it was time to file for divorce. Everyone questioned how she could just give up like she was and said it wasn't right, but the way that Maria looked at it was, how can you stay with someone you have absolutely no trust in.

Later that evening when James got home from work and realized Maria and the children were gone, he knew exactly what had happened. As he wanders around his house panicking, he thinks of the first place she would have gone with the children. Her mother’s house. He pulls up out front, and there sits her car. James gets out and walks up to the door, starting to beat on it. Maria takes the kids to the bedroom and her mother opens the door. He pushes his way in, asking for Maria. She comes out of the room alone, and crying. They sit down and he asks why she just up and left the way she did, while he was at work. He calls for his children but nothing happens. He walks back there and finds them sitting in the corner in the closet. He picks them up and comforts them, walking back into the living room and sitting them down on the couch.

Maria then explains that she can no longer stay with a man who has cheated on her more than once. He stands there, roses in his hand, just begging and begging for forgiveness, and another chance. But it’s too late. She refuses to go back to a man like him. He talks about how it was mistake and he wishes he could take it back. Maria explains that the damage is done, and it’s time to part ways. James sits down beside his children on the couch, and pulls them close. He tells them how sorry he his, and that he loves them with all of his heart. He begins crying as the children just cling to him refusing to let go. He gives them each a kiss on the forehead, picks up the bundle of roses, and stands up. He hugs Maria one last time, knowing that once he walks out of that door, it’s done and over. There will be nothing left. Afterwards, Maria and James just stand there, staring into one another's eyes crying, as the roses fall.


Flowers On Monday


It had become an everything week thing. Every Monday morning I would wake up, and would have some sort of flowers sitting on the front porch of my house with a note attached to them. Roses, Daisies, Lilies Any type of flowers you could think of. At first, I thought nothing of it, maybe just a secret admirer. Until I later realized, it wasn't a secret admirer I thought I had, it was a stalker.

It all started about two months after my husband and I split up. He had been having an affair with another woman, left me, and moved in with her. He left everything. Me, our home, our children, I didn’t see how he made it look so easy. We had been married for five years now, with a two year old daughter and a four year old son. I had always suspected that there was something going on. He was always telling me that he had to stay late at work, or had all these business meetings and business trips that he had to go on. I never really thought anything of it, until he came home from one of his so called business trips, and when I unpacked his suitcase, I found one of his shirts which had makeup on it, and a girls pair of shorts mixed in with his clothing. I was beyond livid, I couldn’t believe it. I never would have pictured him doing something like this, it was unbelieveable. I let it slide for a day or two, but I just couldn’t let it go, I had to say something to him about it. I walked into the bedroom and held up the shorts and his shirt and asked what it was. He tried to play it off by saying that they were my shorts,  but him and I both knew they weren't. I was amazed that he would sit there and try to lie to my face. If he was lying about this, what else had he lied to me about that I didn't know about. He jumped up out of bed and started yelling and saying I was wrong for accusing him of cheating. I just stared at him. I threw the clothes at him and walked away.

About thirty minutes later he came storming down the stairs with two suitcases. I asked where he was going, and he told me he was done, that he couldn’t take it anymore. He tried to make me out to be the bad guy, when all I did was ask a question. I just wanted the truth, I didn’t know that it was to much to ask for. Without telling neither me or our children bye, he threw his bags in his car, and left. I never saw him after that. At Least not that I know of.

Two months after our divorce, the flowers started appearing. Every monday morning, on my front porch, there would be a dozen flowers of some sort with a note. There were only a few men who lived around me, but I had never spoken to any of them. The only men I ever spoke to, were mine and my husbands mutual friends. The first few times it happened, I thought it was kind of cute and thoughtful. I missed getting flowers and such from my husbands, so this kind of helped. But when I happened every monday, for weeks on it, it became a little weird and uncomfortable. I never had seen or heard any one of by the front of my home, so I never knew when it was happening.

So I decided one sunday night, to stay up and wait, to see if I could spot or hear the person doing it. I sat around and waiting. It was one o'clock in the morning and still nothing. I put in a movie and popped some popcorn, and just relaxed on the couch, continuing to wait. Around three thirty in the morning I heard a noise outside. I turned the volume on the T.V. all the way down and just listened. I heard some rustling noises, like of the stuff that the flowers were in. I quietly walked around to a side window and peeked out. I couldn’t see a faced, only a dark shadow. I made my way to my front door and looked out my peep hole. And there he stood. A man dressed in a pair of black jeans, with a black sweatshirt, but nothing to cover his face. That’s when I realized who it was. My ex husband. I saw him writing on the note card and just patiently waited until he was finished. As soon as he was finished writing, he went to place the note back with the flowers, and as he reached down to the flowers, I flipped the lights on and ripped the door wide open.

He just stood there in awe, as we both stared at each other, neither of us knowing what to say, think, or even do. He stood there for a second and then just walked away. Later that evening he called me and apologized. I asked if it had been him putting the flowers there all along and he admitted and said yes. I asked him why, and all he said was he was sorry and that he missed me. We talked for a few minutes and I invited him over for coffee. He came over and we sat and talked. He told me how sorry he way for the way that everything happened, that he missed me and just wanted to come back home to me and our children. I told him I would give him a second chance if he could prove to me that he had changed. He said he would do whatever it took, that he just wanted his family back together. So he came home, and we were one big family again.


Gone Throughout The Night


It was two o'clock in the morning and Abigail still wasn’t home yet. Noah didn't know what to think, he was a nervous wreck. Noah was eighteen years old, and had a younger sister, Abigail, who was fourteen. They had always been very good and disciplined children. That was until the day their father passed away. It all happened a year ago. Noah and Abigail were at school, their mother at home, and their father at work. The kids were at home with their mother later that evening, waiting on their father to get home. The kids worked on homework, while Stacy made dinner. Keith had called around five and said he was running late due to something coming up, but that he would be home no later than seven. As the kids finished up their homework, they helped out their mother, and set the table, getting everything prepared for dinner. They all sat there waiting for Keith to get home, but he never showed. Seven oclock  rolled around and still no word from him. They tried calling his office, as well as his cell phone, but there was no answer on either. They began to worry, but just waited and hoped for the best. By nine o'clock they all knew something wasn’t right. Phone call after phone call, text  after text, but no sign of Keith.

It was now nine twenty seven when there was a sudden “knock knock knock” at the front door. All looking at one another confused, Stacy hurried to the door. When she opened it, to her astonishment it was three police officers. They asked if they could come in, so she stepped out of the way to let them in and the lead them to the living room. They all sat down, the children joining them. She asked what she could do for them this evening, and they told her they were very sorry for what they were about to say. They said that there had been a terrible car accident, and they were very sorry for her loss. Keith was gone. She turned to the children with tears in her eyes. Abigail took off running, out of the room and Noah followed her. She ran straight to her bedroom and Noah joined her. Stacy was lost, she didn't know what to do. Shortly after the police officers left, the children began to hear things being thrown and broken. The children just sat in the bedroom together, talking and comforting one another. Their mother came upstairs to check on them and talked to them for a few minutes. She then went in her room.

A week passed by and that's when everything took a turn for the worst. Their mother began spending her days drinking. She would drink from morning until night. At first she tried to hide it from the children, but then she just began not to care. Days passed by of rarely seeing their mother, She was always in her room, or out at the bar or something. There was no longer any rules or discipline. The only discipline that Abigail really had was from her older brother Noah. But if her own mother didn't even care, and she didn't listen to her, why should she listen to her brother? She began going out every night with her friends, and these different boys. Abigail never thought anything bad could happen. Until the night she snuck out and had a boy named Jake pick her up down the street from her house. It was eleven o'clock, but did she care? No.  Around ten minutes later, her brother knocked on her door. He knocked for a second time, but still didn’t hear anything. He opened her door, and all here saw was her empty bed, and her open window. He took off running to his mom's room, where he found her passed out drunk. He began calling his sister’s phone, but she wouldn’t answer. He sat and waited in his sister's room, hoping she would be home soon.  

It was now two o'clock in the morning and still nothing. He waited up all night. Seven oclock rolled around and thats when he knew something was wrong. His phone rang, it was Abigail. She was crying hysterically, to the point of which Noah could not understand anything she was saying. A few minutes into the phone call, he finally got her to calm down a little bit. That's when she proceeded to inform her of where she was and why she was crying. She told him about having Jake come pick her up, but not long after that, the night took a turn for the worst. She asked Noah if he would come and pick her up from the movie theatre which was about an hour away. That right there told Noah something was not right, for her to be that far away. He grabbed his car keys, and headed down the road.

When he arrived at the movie theatre, Abigail slowly started towards his car. He jumped out, not even able to recognize his sister. Her clothes were all torn up and spotted with blood. Her face, black and blue, with bloody parts to it. He hurried and ran to her, grabbing her and asking what happened. She broke down and started crying, just holding onto her brother. She said that she had met Jake only a week ago, but he invited her to a party. She agreed to go, but when they arrived, there was only a few cars there, and really no movement. They walked in, and it was only three other guys sitting there on the couch, playing on their phone. Abigail went first, Jake following and locking the door behind them. Abigail heard the door lock, and glanced back then started walking forward towards the couch. She sat down, away from the other guys. They told her the party was upstairs, to follow them. She walked behind two of the guys, with Jake and one of the others behind her. They took her to a bedroom, locking the door. That's when her life flashed before her eyes. She realized bad things can happen. The boys all began trying to take advantage of her, and when she resisted and pushed away, they started hurting and beating her. She was knocked out after multiple punches to the face and head. Jake picked her up and threw her in his car. He didn't want to take her to close to home.

She woke up, looking around confused. She was in terrible pain, as she paced around debating on calling her brother. But she had no other choice. Her mom sure wouldn't care, would she. Noah took her to her room, started a warm bath for her, grabbed her some clean clothes to have afterwards, and went too make her something to eat. She took her bath and relaxed, and went and layed down. Noah walked in her room, as she just laid there crying. He went over, sitting there rubbing her head until she fell asleep, just like their father always did.


The Birthday Scar

Avianna woke up on Saturday, June seventh, bright and early. Today was going to be an amazing day, the best day of her life. She pictured what she would wear, how much fun she would have with all of her friends and family, and how much excitement she would discover all in just one day. She could almost perfectly picture every detail, every little bit of time, every place, and everyone that would be there. She had been planning this day for months now. She worked out every little detail and now finally, the wait was over.

Avianna jumped out of her super soft and comfortable bed and ran over to her closet. With great care she lifted the sparkling, red, sleeveless dress from the dark corner where it sat untouched and waiting for that special moment to be used. Avianna slipped into the dress and took a quick look in the mirror. She looked at the sparkles shining when touched ever so gently by the beautiful sunshine beaming in through her bedroom window. She saw a beautiful cascade of strawberry blonde hair in little curls fall down to her waist. Avianna closely examined her vibrant gray and blue colored eyes and beautiful bright red lips. She smiled and grabbed her black purse that was resting on top of her wooden desk and walked out of her bedroom. She quickly glanced down the hallway, noticing that all of the bedroom doors were wide open. She closed her door behind her and was heading down the stairs when she heard the quiet whispers of her family members. Avianna hobbled down the stairs and ran to greet them.

Each of her family members turned away from the table and got up to greet her. They all got up in unison and gave her the biggest hug they could. Avianna was beyond delighted. She always loved receiving hugs. They made her feel so safe and loved. Avianna smiled at them and walked over to the table where her breakfast was waiting. She quickly grabbed it and followed her family to the car. They all piled in the black Cadillac Escalade like sardines. Avianna chose to sit in the backseat of the car. She wanted to watch every tree, every bird, every cloud, and every car. She wanted to take it all in and remember this day for the rest of her life.

Avianna watched as the bright white and fluffy clouds slowly passed throughout the bright blue sky. She noticed the birds were all chirping in unison. The melody they created was beautiful, it was as if they were composers that naturally created masterpieces. She noticed how the sun touched the trees with it’s light. It is absolutely astounding. This day truly is extraordinary. Avianna thought. The car turned onto a narrow road passing through the mountains. Avianna knew they had to pass through the mountains in order to get there.

She couldn’t wait to get to the celebration. Everyone she knew would be there. She knew at last all of her plans were falling right into place just  like she had imagines. Avianna looked out the window once more, and really took in the terrain of the mountains. The trees all growing on a slant and they were all tall and skinny. She carefully took in the smell of the woods. The smell of pine trees, smoke, and rain.

Then all of the sudden, the car swerved. She saw a blue Honda Pilot cruise by with a dent in the front end near the engine. Her father was desperately trying to gain control of the car while her mother was yelling at him to give him advice. Zander was a mess. He had tears in his eyes as the car continued to move as if it had a mind of its own. Avianna gripped onto the seat with the look of pure terror in her eyes. The car was making its way towards a big rock wall, near a huge group of trees. Tears started pouring out of her eyes. This was not supposed to happen, it was supposed to be a special day. Her detailed plans ruined. The car sure enough found its way into the giant rock wall completely smashing the front of the car. Avianna’s head flew back as the car rush into the rocks. She was dizzy and could feel the warm blood trickling down her leg. More tears streamed down her face. Her beautiful red dress was now all torn up and her hair was a tangled mess. Avianna reached out to grab the seat in front of her but found that her hand wouldn’t move. It was as if a heavy rock was placed on top of it. She looked down and noticed that there was a sharp shard of bent metal now embedded in her arm, the war, red goo spilling out of her arm, and the big bruise that followed.

That’s when she noticed her parents and brother were now gone. Everything she loved was just gone within the blink of an eye. Every moment they had ever shared together, just racing through her head like a jet. She would never see her brother’s face light up again when she came through the door after work. She would never be able to go grocery shopping with her mother ever again. She would never get to just sit around on a sunday afternoon, and watch the game with her dad. But worst of all, she would never be able to give or even get a hug from either any of them. She would never be able to say another word to them. Avianna sat there in a pile of darkness as her tears just kept streaming down her face. The day that was supposed to celebrate her own birth was the day she would be alone without anyone to comfort her. Even worse she would have a scar to remind her of this day forever.


The Call


That was the last thing that Steven wanted to wake up to. A phone call asking him to come down and identify a body. He got out of  bed and got dressed and headed down there. When he arrived he spoke with the officer that had called him, an he explained what was going on. There had been a car accident. There was no way that it could be his little sister. She was at school, he knew because he dropped her off that morning. They took him to the Morgue and took him back into the room. He stood there, nervous and impatient, just waiting and hoping it wasn’t Hailey. They uncovered the body, and he fell to his knees. It was her. His sweet, and innocent baby sister. But how, is all he could wonder. How could it be her, when he had taken her to school just this morning. How did she end up in a car? Who picked her up from school?

It all began on April twenty third when Steven and Haileys parents got a divorce. After the divorce Steven wanted nothing to do with his father, and Hailey was just too young to understand what was happening. Their father was just an abusive alcoholic. Steven had grown up watching his abused his mother, and once he was older enough, the abuse started for him as well. The mom was to scared to leave, but knew she had to get her children out of there, they weren't safe. So she left and filed for divorce.

The man came home from the bar late on a friday night, to find no one was there. He began calling his wife and son but there was no answer. He made his way unpairs to find that all of their belongings had been packed and removed from the house. He went on a rampage, destroying anything and everything in sight. Days passed as he just sat at home drinking and going ballistic. About a week and a half after they left, on officer showed up at his door and handed him and env elope. The police officer left, and the man grabbed another drink and sat down to read the papers. It was the divorce papers. The man began shouting and throwing items, calling his wife and son repeatedly, leaving them harsh voicemails.

They went to court for the divorced to be finalized. Steven stayed at home with his sister, while they went. Their mother called them after court was over, and told him she was on her way home that everything was final and he would no longer be bothering them, due to the restraining order she put against him. He was allowed no contact whatsoever with her, or the two children. A few months go by, of it being just Steven, Hailey, and their mother. About two months after the divorce, Steven and Haileys mother passed away. The truth was, she had found out she had cancer, but didn't want to tell anyone and upset them. She knew if something were to happen to her, and the kids still be with their father, it would be nothing but abusive, and she would never be able to forgive herself. Steven and Hailey were devastated. With not having their father around and now not having their mother, what were they supposed to do?

Steven was nineteen, and now raising his seven year old sister all by himself. So he did what he needed to, in order to make things work. Steven was all Hailey had left, he couldn’t give up. He took her to school every morning and then went straight to work. He didn't get off until five so Hailey stayed at an afterschool program with friends, until then. He would take her home, help her with homework, make dinner for the two, then get her bathed and ready for bed. It became an everyday thing. It was a little rough at first of course, but they finally worked together and made their way through. But now his sister was gone to. He just sat there frozen, unable to do anything. All he could keep asking was how she got into someone's car, and who was responsible. Finally the officer took him back to the police station and sat him down. They told him that the person who had her, was across the hall in another room, and he just kept asking who. The officer when to bring the handcuffed man into his office where Steven sat. The officer walked in, the man following, and another officer behind him. The man stepped to the side of the officer and stared at Steven. Steven froze. It was their father. What in the world was he doing with Hailey? He wasn't allowed anywhere around either of them. Steven began to yell, asking him what in the world he was doing, having her in the car, and even being around her. The man just stared Steven dead in the face and then began telling him what he had to say. He said he would never forgive their mother for taking them away from him, and that if he couldn't see Hailey and him, then neither could he. He said it was revenge for what his wife had done. She hurt him, and now that she was gone, the next person left for him to hurt was Steven, and that's the only way he knew how. By taking his little sister from him. So he did what he felt he needed to do. Steven just stared his father in the face, tears running down his, and told him he would never forgive him for what  he had done. His father just stood there, with this menacing grin on his face. His father was taken back to the other room.

Steven headed home to make somed phone calls to family and friends and inform them about the loss. He just didn't understand how his father could possibly do such a terrible and disgusting thing. A week later Steven received the newspaper. The front pape was talking about the accident. His father was sentenced to roughly 15 years in prison. Steven let out a sigh of relief. All he could think about was how this monster he once called dad, was now in prison for a long while, just where he deserved to be.


The Darkness of The Night


I had never had this happen until I moved into my new home. I was going through a divorce, so I decided to start looking for a new house. I found one in the newspaper that really stood out to me. It was a three bedroom, two bathroom house, with a completely finished basement, and an attic. It was seven hundred dollars a month, and a rent to own. I went and looked at it, and fell in love with it right then and there. So I moved my things out of my husbands house and moved in there around a week after seeing it.

I moved in on July tenth and everything was so perfect. Until one night. It was July seventeenth. My power just randomly went off that night at eleven oclock. But when it shut off, it came back on exactly ten minutes later. From then on, it continued to happen every night. I didn't know what to do. I called my friend and told her what was happening, and had her come stay a few nights with me. The first night she was here, it happened. She was sitting in the guest bedroom, when everything just shut off. She didn't know what to think. She came running into the living room, and sat beside me. We sat there and waited, and what do you know. Ten minutes later, everything was back on and working again. I explained to her that it happens every single night at the exact same time.

After it happening for about a month, I finally decided it was time to figure out why it was happening. So, I found out the people’s names who lived there before me and called them. We set up a time to talk, and they came over. I explained to them what was happening and they just froze. They looked like they had seen a ghost.  I asked what was wrong and they just sat there as still as still could be. That’s when they began to tell me the story. They had only lived there for a few months, when they found out what had happened, and decided it was time to move. There was a family who lived there before them, a husband and wife, with their three children. Their nine year old son, and their twin daughters who were six. They loved the house, all the property that they had. From the treehouse, to the trails, the swingset and the pool, it was perfect. Until the day their lives took a turn for the worst.

Their nine year old son was playing in his tree house one day, and their daughters were playing out in the year, not far from the treehouse. The little girls had found some fireworks that were left over from the fourth of July and decided to go out back and play with them. The little boy lit a punk for the little girls, and went back to his treehouse. They had a ton of different kinds, from sparklers, to flying ones. There was a gas can that had been in the tree house, that their father had up there. One of the little girls had knocked it over the previous day and spilt quite a bit, but didn't bother to tell anyone, thinking it was just water. About ten minutes into playing with the fireworks, things took a turn for the worse. One of the girls threw a bottle rocket and it shot up at the tree house. It landed on the rug where the gasoline had previously been spilt. Without any idea of knowing, the rug was still wet. The treehouse erupted into flames and the little boy started yelling. The two girls ran to grab their parents and told them the treehouse was on fire. Freaking out, the father took off, running out to him, as the mother called the fire department. The poor little boy from screaming for help as he burned alive.

The doorway was blocked, and he was too scared to jump. His dad grabbed the hose and began to spray the treehouse. The fire department arrived shortly after he began getting the fire to go out. They put the fire out, but by the time they got to him, it was too late. The little boy was gone. They brought him down, but he wasn't breathing. He had severe burns and with all of the smoke, he couldn't breathe.

The family began hearing a little boy talking at night, and every night, all of the electric would shut off at eleven for exactly ten minutes. They hired a medium, who came in to help them figure out what was going on. It was their son. He was mad about the accident, and said he would forever blame them. They moved out not long after and the next family moved in. They started to experience the weird occurrences as well, and didn't know what to do. They up and moved without telling anyone. They never mentioned what had happened and never wanted to talk about it again.

And now me. It was my turn. I didn’t know what to think after hearing that story. Do I stay or do I try to find another home? I had just moved in, and loved the house, but first the electric, I didn’t know if I could handle the little boys voice to. I stayed for about another month and a week in, the voice started. As time went on, it became worse and worse. At first he would just talk about how he blamed his parents, but then it became a louder and more violent yelling. Telling me that I was in his house and I needed to leave. Then things began to be picked up and thrown across rooms and broken. That's when I realized it was finally time to go. So I packed my things and went on my way.


An Only Son But Now A Folded Flag


Ron’s son was turning 18 in less than a month, a newly high school graduate, who wanted to join the service. It had always been his dream to follow in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps and become a Marine just like they had. But without the support, it was hard to do. Tyler had lost his mother almost 5 years ago in a car accident. Since then, things between him and his father had been kind of rough.  Tyler was an only child, due to his mom having a miscarriage, which had a very strong impact on Tyler’s life. Tyler’s father always wanted the best for his son, but he wasn’t ready for Tyler to go into the Marines. He had already lost one child, he was too scared to chance losing his only other one. Tyler had mentioned it, but hadn’t yet told his father his mind was made up about signing up. He knew eventually that day would come, and sure enough, it did. Sooner than he thought it would.

He was sitting at home one day with his father watching the football game when his phone started ringing. He didn't recognize the number, but went ahead and answer the phone call anyways. It was a man by the name of Sergeant Johnson. He said he was from the Marine Corps and just wanted to have a few words with him. Tyler told his father he would be right back, as he walked through the house to his bedroom. He then began explaining to Sergeant Johnson why he was interested in joining the Marines, and answer the different questions about his health and such, that the Sergeant was asking. He gave him all the health information and everything he was wanting to know, and then thanked him, as he told him he was going to look everything over and give him another call within the next few days. Tyler in went back into the living room where his father was, and when he asked who was on the phone, he just said it was his buddy Scott. He continued on with his day  and just waited.

A few days went by, when he received a call from Sergeant Johnson. He told Tyler that they looked over his information, and they wanted to set up a meeting to talk face to face. The following Monday at one o'clock in the afternoon, Tyler met Sergeant Johnson at his office.They sat down and went over all of his health information, and school information such as his ACT and Asvab scores. They told Tyler they would love to have him as part of their team. He went and did his 12 weeks at boot camp in Oklahoma City, and then was deployed to Afghanistan. He had been there for around a week due to there being a very terrible war going on, and many people were being killed. Including Tyler. Ron’s world came crashing down when he got the news. He had lost the only purpose he had left in life. First his baby in the womb, then his wife, and how his only child, just 18 years old. He was never going to be able to forgive himself. He never wanted Tyler to join the Marine Corps, or any branch of the service in the first place, but he couldn’t stop him. He was grown and was going to make his own decisions and do what made him happy. But now what? Ron no longer had anything left.

He had to sit down and now plan his only sons funeral and memorial service. He wasn’t going to be able to handle doing this. He began looking into the things that go along with a funeral for someone in the service. From the gun salute, to them playing “Taps”, to the flag being presented to the next of kin. This was going to be one of the hardest moments of Ron’s life. He began the planning, and his brother and other family helped out as well. They had a small Memorial Service and then the funeral. Everything went so smoothly, for being as hard of a moment as it truly was. They put together a video slideshow of pictures from when Tyler had been a child, all the way up until his last day here on Earth. After the service, all of the family went out for dinner at Tyler’s favorite restaurant, and then went back to Ron’s and what had been and always would be, Tyler’s home. That’s where they sat and all shared funny and great memories of Tyler and had a family grieving moment.

Around eight o'clock that evening, the family started leaving. Some offered to stay with Ron but he insisted he would be okay. They all told him if he needed anything, to just give them a call and they would be right over. The next morning came, and when a few family members came over to see Ron around eleven o'clock that morning, but there was no answer. His car was in the driveway, but there were no lights on inside. They continued knocking and calling his cell phone, but still no answer. After about ten minutes of looking for the spare house key, his brother finally found it. They unlocked the door and went inside. They called out his name repeatedly, but it was silent. They made their way up to his bedroom, and heard the shower running.

They knocked on the door, but there was no answer. His brother opened the door, and he couldn’t take back what he had just seen. His brother lying there, completely still and cold, with a note beside him. The note read “To whomever finds this, I am terribly sorry. I just couldn’t see myself going on, when I had nothing left. I lost everything, and it was all my fault. Just know I will always love you all.” His brother fell to his knees, hitting a few pill bottles and making them role. He sat there holding his brother, as he just thought to himself, he could never forgive himself. If he would have stayed with him last night, this would have never happened. He would still have his brother.


Gone With The Circus


Lucy was a little girl, four years old, who lived at home with her mother and father in the small town of Pecos Texas. As years went by, Lucy grew older and wiser. Soon Lucy realized she had choices to make and opinions that needed to be spoken. So Lucy decided it was time to go and be her own person. So that’s exactly what she did, she ran away from home, while her parents were gone at the grocery store. Lucy packed her a bag, gave her house one more look and walk around, and went on her way.

She had been walking down the sidewalk for about two hours when she stepped on a semi wet paper. She sits her bag down on the ground and picked up the paper that reads “Join the Carson and Barnes Circus !”  Lucy gripped the flyer and started shouting out to everyone that was around, “I’m joining the circus, I’m joining the circus! Woohoo !” She continued her walk about about another two hours or so when she started to become tired. Lucy decided to rest for the night and then got up early the next morning, as soon as the sun started to come up, and gathered her things back up and went on her way from Austin,TX to San Antonio,TX by foot for two days and two nights.

After a long walk, she stumbled across a ginormous circus tent. She stopped dead in her tracks and yelled out, “I made it, I finally made it!”  In front of her stood a very large pink and orange tent with a little flag waving all around in the wind. She smiled to herself and walked into the tent seeing all the different things there were, to do. There were elephants, caged tigers and acrobatic girls dancing and twirling in pink leotards with a blue ballerina tutu while they giggled. Lucy had spotted the ring leader by her bright pink hat, Lucy thought, such a big hat, she's different from all of the circus leaders i've ever seen. The ring leader spotted Lucy and began waving at her to come over to her so they could speak. As Lucy had always done, she followed the lady’s instructions and began walking over to her.

“Hi, my name is Mrs. Isaac and this is my circus, what can I help you with today Little Lucy Lou?”  the ringer leader greeted. Lucy smiled a little and began to look around the big tent and wondered what would happen now that she was actually here. As she was standing there staring off into space in deep thought, the ring leader waved a hand in her face. Lucy snapped out of it when she began to look at Mrs. Isaac with a very weird look on her face. “How do you know my name ?” Lucy question, “I just do, I know everything Lucy Lou” replied the ring leader, “also didn’t I tell you, my name is not ring leader, its Mrs. Isaac. Lucy just stared at Mrs. Isaac trying not to give away her curiosity , and then that’s when Mrs. Isaac began to explain. She knew just why Little Lucy was looking at her that way.

Come to find out, her mother and father were hoping and praying for a baby boy, they had the name picked out and everything already. That’s when Mrs. Isaac told her about her parents heading to the hospital, and out popped Mrs. Isaac, a beautiful babygirl. Her parents hadn’t picked out a girl name, so they just names her what they had picked up for what they had hoped would have been a baby boy.  “But oh well.” Miss Isaac says. Lucy looks at Mrs. Isaac and says, “I am not Lucy Lou thank you very much, my name is Lucy McLane.” she said to Mrs. Isaac. Isaac looked a little confused and did not expect it but then realized that Lucy was nothing but a runaway, a seven year old little girl who decided to runaway and was coming to join the circus. Isaac cleared her throat making Lucy look her in the eye, “Would you like to join our circus, you have our flyer do you not?” she asked looking at Lucy waiting, “Yes ma’am, that's part of why I ran away from home.” Lucy admitted.

Isaac nodded and took Lucy’s hand and lead her to a small office in the back that was painted baby pink with purple polka-dots. They began talking and that’s when Lucy began explaining to Mrs. Isaac that her lifelong dream was to be in a circus and to be a aerialist. They continued their talk as they made their way into the office and went over to her desk. Lucy sat down as Mrs. Isaac grabbed something from behind her desk. That’s when she grabbed a black leotard, a baby blue ballerina tutu, and little black tap shoes, sat them down on the desk in front of Lucy, gave her directions to the bathroom, and told her to go get changed and be ready in ten minutes. Lucy got ready and met Mrs. Isaac back at her office, dressed as she was told. Lucy absolutely loved the outfit, and couldn’t wait to go out and be able to perform for everyone. Mrs. Isaac told her it was time for the show to begin.

With a worried look on her face, Lucy started panicking. She didn't know what she had to do, she was new to all of this. She gives Mrs. Isaac a small giggle and half smile, trying not to look too panicked. She followed Mrs. Isaac as they walked down a long and narrow hallway. She walked out onto the stage where everyone else stood, taking deep breaths. The curtain slowly began to rise. That’s when Lucy realize she wasn’t ready. She didn't know what to do. She panicked and began to look around. She darted off of the stage and ran to the bathroom. She realized joining the circus wasn’t all fun and games like she thought it would be, especially when she heard the crowd start cheering. Millions of people sat in the audience. She knew what she had to do and that was change, gather her belonging, and head home. Once again, two days and two nights later, she was greeted with hugs, kisses, and so much love from her parents. And then she realized. She was just a kid, she had her whole life ahead of her. She thought to herself, maybe one day later on in life, i’ll actually join the circus, but not just yet.


The Trail of Death

Every Sunday morning, Gwen liked to go for long walks on the trail behind her house. Most of the time she would pass one or two people and they would nod greetings or exchange a brief sentence or two about the weather. Overall they never made an impression on her and vice versa. That was until the first Monday in August when, after a long day of typing catalog descriptions, she looked up from her supper to the nightly news and saw the face of a man she had passed the day before. She turned up the volume in time to hear that he had been abducted and and his body had been found, floating face down in the river just a few miles down the road. In complete shock Gwen hurried and turned the television off. She didn't know what to think. A man, she had just seen walking down the trail, had been killed. But by who? Gwen finished her dinner, got a shower, grabbed her book, and decided to crash for the night.

The next morning rolled around and Gwen decided not to go on her morning walk. She spent the day at home, trying to process everything that had happened. She called her friend Melinda down the street and had her come over to keep her company for a little while. They went and had breakfast at the small diner right outside of town. The diner had on the morning news, and it was talking about the man's death. The man had been tortured. Stabbed, beat, and then tied up and thrown into the river. As Gwen sat there wondering who could do such a terrible thing, they announced that the murderer was still out and on the loose. He had yet to be found. Gwens heart dropped. She was terrified. What if she went for a walk, and turned out being next?  She didn’t know what to do. She had been going for her morning walks every morning since she had moved in down there about a year ago. She for the most part, kept to herself, talking to people every now and then. She had her one friend Melinda that she talked to about every two days.

A few days passed by of Gwen not going on her morning walk. After a week she decided to start going again . She saw some familiar faces on her walk, that she had seen before. A woman with short brown hair, that she passed  by every morning. Her and the woman started talking more and more, and became friends. She started coming over to Gwen's house every morning for coffee after their walk. She invited Gwen to go with her on her evening walks, and Gwen agreed, thinking it would be nice to have another friend. They continued their morning and evening walks for the next week. The following Monday they had their morning walk, but something seemed odd. The woman never showed up to Gwen's house that evening, for their second walk. Gwen just let it go, thinking something may have came up, and went alone. But on this walk, she ran into an unfamiliar face. A face she had never seen before. It was a younger man, probably mid thirties Gwen would guess, dressed in dark blue jeans and a black hoodie with a bandana tied around part of his face. He was just standing there in a little cleared out section along the road and the woods. She got a little worried but just continued on her walk.  

The next morning rolled around and still no word from her friend. She got a little worried, but went anyways. She ran into the unfamiliar man again. He was standing in the exact same spot, with the same clothes, and same look on his face. She decided something wasn't right, so she turned around and went home. When she walked in she hear the tv. It was the news talking about a body that was found. Gwen assumed it was them talking about the man that was murdered, hoping they had found the killer, so she grabbed a cup of coffee and made her way into the living room. She hadn't even made it fully in and onto the carpet when she dropped her coffee. The glass shattered and she froze. All that Gwen saw was the woman's face, saying she was missing. That’s when it hit Gwen that something was terribly wrong. She hurried to the kitchen to grab her house phone. She called her Melinda and talked to her for about fifteen minutes, when she asked Gwen if she could come over, so Melinda came over and spent the day with her, just making different little arts and crafts. Melinda left around seven thirty that evening.

The nine o'clock news came on so Gwn decided to watch it. Around ten o'clock, she decided to grab a snack before she headed to bed. As she was standing at the kitchen sink, she glanced out the window and saw a dark figure just standing there staring right back at her. She ran for the phone, when the power went off. She froze. She ran for all the doors, making sure they were locked, closed the curtains, grabbed her purse and ran to her room. She dug through her purse, finally finding her phone. She called the police and gave them her information, when she heard a loud banging coming from the other room. She got scared, and told the police what was going on. They told her that there would be a deputy out there as soon as possible. The banging continued for a few moments, and then it went silent.

A moment later she heard police sirens and ran to the front door. The cops were making their way up the stairs as she ripped open the door.  The cops came in, and tried to calm Gwen down. She told them what she had seen so they decided to walk around her property and check. Nothing nor anyone was found. They told her to call back if she had anymore problems. Gwen made her way to bed after they left, keeping some lights on throughout the house. The next morning, as scared as Gwen was, she went for her walk. She made her way around the very sharp turn, almost to the man's spot. When moments later, Gwen was gone.


Marilyn’s Secret

"Michael?" A mid-aged man knocked on the door leading to his son's room the second he got home from work. He had yet to even change his clothes or set down his keys. He was kind of worried about his son that day. Before doing anything, he made his way upstairs to ask him about his condition. He knocked on the door and just waited but there was no answer so he knocked again and asked "May I come in?" There was still no answer. The man's son was a relatively quiet person. But as long as he remembered, he wasn't such a reserved one when he was just a young kid. He pushed open the door and made his way in. "Are you okay?" he asked.The man saw him sitting on the side of his bed, facing to the bright blue and red sky through the window. It was reaching evening, so the sky was becoming quite beautiful. His son just loved to stare at the sky. Michael didn't turn to face him. He just locked his eyes to the sky.

The man continued in, taking further steps and sat down beside him. "How was your day?" he asked. That was what the man had been worrying about all day. He was just afraid that he had a heavy day in his new organization. He had been so passive since Marilyn's death, the man's wife, so the man decided to take him to an active organization. The death of a mother must have a big impact on a child, and he knew that. And it only had been a couple of months, so it was still very hard for him. He faced away from the window, with his head down. "You wanna talk about it with me?" the man asked kindly, moving his head down a bit so he could take a look at his son's expression. Michael tried to look away to hide his expression. As the man realized he didn't like it, he looked away."I don't know, Dad," he finally opened up his mouth. "I think I wanna go to bed early," he said."Well, I think I should leave you alone," the man said, ending the conversation. And as he walked away, Michael started to cover himself with his blanket, still facing the window. Seeing him like that, made his father very worried about him.

As the man walked toward the door, he caught a glimpse of a baby pink book on Michael’s desk that as right beside him. He looked closely and saw the word 'Marilyn' on its pink and sparkly cover. Why is Marilyn's first diary here? he asked to himself. He looked at his son the final time, making sure he was sleeping, and took the book with him. He then headed to his room, with the diary in his hands, clasping it tightly. He took out the key and opened the door. After, he took the key and inserted it from the inside of the bedroom he and Marilyn once shared. He was quite in a curiosity so he just left the door open behind him,  not realizing.

He sat behind his work desk and started to investigate the diary. Marilyn's Diary. This was the only thing that he left from her, his lovely wife. She had passed away due to a strike of a group of bandits. The man was still at work, and was forced to go home because of it. He picked up his son from school and they spent the whole day with her. The next morning before they made their way up there, he got a phone call saying that when they went in to check on her, she was gone. The man had no other choice but to let her go. Marilyn wasn't one who always spent every bit of her time with her diary. She only wrote what was important. She didn't fill every page of the diary with her daily life. So it was obvious why there was only a few entries here.The first entry was about the birth about Michael and a drawing of Marilyn carrying their newborn baby was attached to the bottom of the page. The next five entries were about Michael and when he learned how to roll, how to stand, how to walk, and how to talk. Then, there was another entry about Trevor's first birthday.The man read the fell entries with just the absolute biggest smile on his face. Beautiful memories started to appear inside his mind.

He decided to open it up to a random page and wonderfully stumbled into a mind-blowing entry. It was a year ago, so Trevor was around 14 years old. As he began to read it, he just couldn't believe what was infront of him. The entry said that Trevor had a very strange ability. His words could be real just in a matter of seconds. But the worst part was, Marilyn was the one who inherited the ability to him. She was also one who possessed such an ability. But she was no longer. Her mother managed to bring her to a witch who could delete such a curse. So that explained why by the time Marilyn often paid a visit to Grandma without informing me. There was a probability that she didn't want me to know the whole thing; about Trevor, about the ability, and about her family line, he thought.

As he searched the whole book, he stumbled across another strange page with a disgusting drawing. Marilyn was being attacked by a group of bandits. On the same page, he found an entry with a date exactly the same as when Marilyn had been attacked. “Edward, I really hate to let you know about this, but I just couldn't leave it be any longer. Our son, Michael, has the same ability as me. But Mom managed to get rid of my ability by getting help from a witch. Now that I finally know about that witch's whereabouts, I'm going to pay her a visit. It would be a long trip, but I think leaving this on your work desk as a message would explain everything.

Love you,


"Dad? What are you doing?"

The man was shocked to death when he heard Trevor's voice entering his ears. He faced to the door and saw him right there, looking at him with a sadistic look."Michael? What are you doing?" he asked with a shaking mouth. Without answering his father, Trevor slammed the door from the outside. "Michael! What are you doing?!" the man shouted at him as he rushed his way to the door, pulling the door knob forcefully. He looked at the keyhole and and saw that there no key there. Trevor had stolen the key and locked him in the bedroom from the outside. He was trembling in fear. From that last entry, he knew that Michael took the diary from his room. From the drawing, he knew that is was Michael who was responsible for Marilyn's death. And Marilyn hadn't yet erased Michael’s ability. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING, MICHAEL?!" The man shouted at him again, but now louder. He kept shouting as his son just sat there pretending not to hear a single word he was saying. The man decided to be silent again to hear what his son was trying to tell him."Well, Dad," he said. "I think this house is gonna crumble to pieces." His heart started beating extremely fast, with a panicked look upon his face.

"Goodbye, Dad."

As the man heard footsteps going away from the bedroom, he could feel the ground shaking.

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