dusty days in the castle

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Submitted: January 25, 2017

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Submitted: December 21, 2016



By the dawn of the winter In the rosy garden of the castle Behold, the dustiness of winter Hazy and rough in cold garment Sweeping across the hinterland Once adorned with garland and orchards Wherein herds of sheep forages And plumage of birds frolic at will Alas, days cast thou shadow over the castle Forth comes the dust in haste Like the hives’ quest for nests Destiny of which darkness hovers Feasting on the fears that breeds therein Waiting for a crack in the castle Lo, eagles seeking to untwine the bond of early motherhood For the master is burdened with its future And the battered animals awaits the direction Forth comes the breezy night Bearing howling wind from distance But like the pregnant mother of mixed expectation The end is not yet close Oh! The birth of a fog is near Or the unfolding of the hopeful summer Dusty days, the beginning of a fragile end!

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