Think About Mother Earth

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From this entry I request that you may welcome all you are gifted for the best days ahead. May you relive this commited love for our lovely planet Earth. :)

Submitted: December 21, 2016

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Submitted: December 21, 2016



Before I remake this draft I request your time to make a day like never before so humble before God's blessing. 

When you are questioned at the end of our days, before the Mother of Creation, if you get this pained thought at the highest order of a heart, what will you do to honor this word of all enlightenment on this Earth ? I have no right to do anything beyond this duty. May be you will have an answer. How much this existence gave you the meaning of all truth that bounded on this lovely planet we have, can your sign on this crossroad where the simplicity of a heart once again need your awakening care now ?

I have given you everything what you ever asked from me yet you still keep on pleading before me when I dont have anything more in this life as my own. Through every directions that kept you awake for a new day. Will your story on Earth resemble such an existence where you need more even when our teacher is crucified for your sake? From the deepest need of your existence, do you call this voice within for making honor in all ways of your life live longer towards a time when you must secure this creation in its turning point of all this blessing ?” 


Beginning in time when God created our entire universe,

At HIS mercy where no journey ends without refreshed in the spirit of hope,

As creation humbled by love find myself locked in evolution of my devotion serving your lovely planet,

How pages feel blank so much all life forms born here gave me the longest orgin of deserveness to be loyal facilitator of their existence,

So far to give when nothing existed without your choices incarnated in these times,

You made me speechless as I cared within my true self a lasting experiences in all your appearances born here,

Written in the stars holding every homely composure in this creation for a mounded compulsion to secure our future ahead,

My savior of this world cascade time from compassionate days counting all forms of existence can seek the birth to make HIS blessing flow into this hearts space,

Let we receive heavenly grace where diversity struggle here to meet our ends surviving down in my entire creation laid before you,

This reason welcome every season my pages are chained without imprint of blankness I want your service fall for this divinity,

Till now our greatest epidemic collected a lifeline where fittest infested a tentative recovery by fulfilling this promise,

Far as a blessing before you may I ask you to bring peace as the last resort to save all under extinction,

On Earth I embrace liberation from boundless compassion of entire God’s creation intensly longing eternal loving natural abidance of the source of universal energy,

My external appearance in every life forms lay dormantly besides this celestral being who made our existence share gifted blessed expansiveness into a mindless mind of the world outside for a self-realized soul never claiming to be a Master yet carving its states for different stories from birth of a state to rebirth into new life being,

Here enlightenment for many disappear into the glimpse of this light when they surrender the inner circle of dedication where unending rediscovery experience true peace with lasting pure love and gifted happiness,

This offering to all from the essentials how open you share gifted grace of all blessing I remain for what you ensue in all claims I have much offered for all grants to you in these days,

Tell within my deepest completion what is beyond any name of various needs, demands and desires I support to serve your differences in this self-effort practices on Earth,

My seeker play in receiving understanding of a real help that uplift others to see that beyond any creation I have made your true compassion for a willingness respecting to know what is love given back in the ultimate dedication for those who need it most,

How open I tender a benign smile to carry out this duty, the most grace you experience, much wake up the entire beyond-ness of eternal divinity come from this intoxicating source of grace, I am someone who implore what is happening to my creation serving you endlessly ?

For the cause of all problems from what is really going on may move more and more into darkness if without the real root cause of your discrimination starts without any knowledge in action for I am not superficial in love deeper out of our situation,

I trust transcending a significance here cultivate purity in moral values you uplift to play a significant role in my desire of all for our attainment of the ultimate fruit of this life,

Today my formless supreme ask your willingness to act in making a wish become a part of your practices,

May the nature of all humilty within serve the true willingness to go eco-friendly attaining a lasting mutual giveaway for all life form at the edge of eradication,

Let this secure the wealth beyond categorization of unknown if you look within for saving our planet from its strengths far beyond a source within all for this action collectively,

Stay green to go green in all resources you consume,

Secure gifts to share wealth in all reserve you can save more for others,

Sustain practices to safeguard natural need of our biodiversity united to remain and last even for our future generation,

Save our creation from pollutants that risk all life forms,

Help the cause of your being exist for the choice to cooperate changeless in what you need to realize now until it is very late,

May the world realize the comeback of its lost beauty through your actions,

Give your neighbourhood to grow becoming the freedom of love you can gift for its betterment,

Raise good values in your society in all nature of its consciousness,

May you spend for consumables that donate for a good cause for our society,

Let us realize we must not sacrifice oneness for this attainment,

Yet create awesome oneness in the making of all activities that transcend our real existence here for the best of all our duty endowed to serve God’s children in peace, love, hope and joy!!!

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