search of love

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Submitted: December 21, 2016

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Submitted: December 21, 2016



Time is passing by but feelings that she had for him once never changed . Eeverytime she thought about him it made her get closer ....understanding is all they need but they are not ready to take chances ... so many move on songs and quotes but she still run back to that broken cookie time .... love is matter of two souls getting closer but he never took risk ... it's just may be she is holding on... while he moved on .... not even the world's most mesmerizing place can replace his eyes, that eyes made this carefree spirit get lost in woods of love making ... she lost herself in the illusions of picturing them together .... never made efforts to pull him closer but had a blind trust on hopes that helped her survive ... she chose the wrong person but she always knew her choices are best no matter what reality forced on her  ....... her free spirit soul which is capable of getting anything in this world shatters when the word 'love' is heard and search for his eyes and eagerly wait for his voice to call Her name .... paranoid and not able to get into that closure phase because this is soo good ... he made her face her worst nightmare but that made her believe that he is the one who can  bring her back to light .... she knew they could make it till the end but he never wanted to take a chance because he knew something which she never gave a thought about... he buried her with silence but she hoped that someday his voice whisper and bring her back to her kickass mood

Yea she still don't know how she turned out this way but she hopes that someday it will end up the way she wanted it to be because she always knew that her choices are the best and she knew that true love has the habit of coming back ????

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