The day my life changed forever

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A man, a writer, a devoted husband and a widowed man torn at the seams when his beloved wife and 2 children disappear forever

Submitted: December 21, 2016

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Submitted: December 21, 2016



As a writer, as a husband and as a father of two beautiful children I never had time for myself. I mean I would sit in my gallery all day and talk to my paintings as if they were actual people. “Funny right.? How could I be so boring and yet so poetic that I couldn’t even get my once so beloved wife to fall in love with me the way she did once so long ago. My wife used to touch me ever so lightly. Her hands… They were so soft It almost felt like I wasn’t even holding her hand. Her eyes…. They memorized me, I felt so in ‘awe’ by her beauty that I couldn’t even speak every time I would try to talk. But enough about my wife, Let’s talk about what my beloved wife bestowed me with. I have 2 beautiful children that my wife had left me. My daughter named Kya and my son named Bailey. They are my light and I am their rock. Kya was my strong one when I was busy at my desk working my keister off there kya was taking care of bailey when I couldn’t. I felt like sometimes my own flesh and blood were slipping away from me and there was nothing I could do nothing I knew of that could get them to ever see me as “dad” again. I remember the sound of my daughter crying while bailey was in her arms. I knew something was off about bailey because he was blue in the face and his hands were cold as ice. Kya’? I asked her softly with a hint of concern in my voice. What’s wrong with bailey.? Kya couldn’t even face me… “Her eyes were blue just like her mother’s and I knew she was shaking. Kya. Talk to me sweetie what’s wrong with your brother. Kya collapsed and I quickly got out of my chair and grabbed them both carefully holding them close. In the years I’ve been alive I have never seen kya so distraught as she was. The only time she was this emotional was when her mother died and even I know that any child would’ve been the same way. I took care of bailey and I had found out he had swallowed a penny and I immediately made sure to take care of him and I then put him in his bed, covered up with blankets, got him apple juice (his favorite) and made sure that everything in the house was clean and tidy. As for kya I handed her, her medication and made sure to have her get ready for bed. My children mean everything to me. But I never thought my children would be taken away from me.

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