After losing everything Tharen and Aylwin, the lone survivors of Brayssia. Adventure through Zenova and beyond with Three key objectives. Finding Tharen’s stolen weapon, finding a willing king able to step up, and most importantly making the world a better place. Along the way they will find others who share the same goals and join them in their impossible quest. No one knows who these underdogs are, nor do they care. Mankind lost the war years ago but maybe, just maybe. There is someone or something out there that can help.

Table of Contents

Fall of Brayssia

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Men in Red

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Steel Horn Mountain Part 1

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Red Eye

Aylwin, Tharen and Silverblade the Merchant take turns keeping watch throughout the night without any problems. The morning sun rises o... Read Chapter


Aylwin opens his eyes after being unconscious for who knows how long and finds himself on a bed in a room. The room is large yet cluttere... Read Chapter