Rising Star: Law & Disorder

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The prequel to the story so far, Rising Star before Mathew Stone came along, it features bank robbers, a sniper and still a ton of training and fighting.

Submitted: December 21, 2016

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Submitted: December 21, 2016



Trainer and owner of Rising Star Zackiria Neitchi talks to his new “recruits” Aiden, Tetsu and Jessica Luv, (and three other nameless unimportant character’s) hoping they are ready to be pushed to their limits and beyond “I’m gonna make you real strong.” He says. Kevin and Gabrial had been there for a few weeks and have seen some actually pass the training, (there are also seven more unimportant character’s) they also saw some of the old students in action and where looking forward to reaching that level. They show Aiden and Tetsu the ropes and get them in some tug of war thing against a car outside while Jessica talked to Zackiria. She wanted to help her brother who needed something to take him away from drugs and put him on a better path, Zackiria simply told her “This isn’t a rehab clinic or some kind of summer spot to hang out, this is a serious facility.” Chief Joseph Alexander comes in for a surprise visit bringing former students and now his newest acquisitions Nick Tardo and Ryan Davis. Nick not exactly thrilled to be back at Rising Star, graduating and leaving was just about the best day of his life, but is still somewhat interested in how the new guys are doing. The three police talk to Zackirira, while they watch the students in action, they are only impressed with Gabrial and Kevin for now. After Joseph and the other’s had left, the trainees begin doing push-ups, after a while, everyone is done except for Aiden, Zackiria goes over to the man sprawled on the floor “What’s the matter, you already did forty five, why’d you stop?” Aiden could only get out the word “Pain.” “That’s how you know it’s working, your becoming a man, embrace it, push through the pain, five more, that’s all I’m asking for!” Zackira said, Aiden mustered up the will power to finish the set and Zackiria reached out it hand to help him up “Rest for a few minutes but I expect you to beat that record very soon, that was the easy part.” A great businessman from Russia arrives at the airport with a large welcome of reporters and star struck multi-millionaire lovers, all there to see Kosh Lugash Lysonikov.


The next morning a woman is walking her baby in the park, a man jogging around the large pond, an old person feeds the ducks at the edge of it. The woman says good morning while passing the jogger. A load noise is heard and a red spot hit’s the woman’s face. The jogger goes down quick and hard, blood pooling under his head, the woman screams and runs away, pushing her baby carriage as fast as it will go. At the police station, Jack Martin informs his men of the situation and goes over the basics of how to handle the area and pray that this is a onetime offence. Joseph comes in and pretty much says the exact same thing except for the praying part, reminding Jack that he is in charge. Jack didn’t really see why it made a difference. While the crime scene is being looked at, at Rising Star, the group is once again in training, they stand in a big circle and roll a boulder sized ball between each other, it must have weighed five hundred pounds so just about everyone was not keen on catching it, or stopping it. No signs of a gunman near or around the park, everyone in the area is questioned, in the meantime, the trainees also have a test bout between Aiden and Tetsu and Aiden got the win with a jumping DDT. Zackiria couldn’t help notice that many of the group where using moves they probably saw on WWE but he couldn’t care less how they fought or what moves/attacks where used as long as they fought hard. After the CSU did their job Bobby “D” Demingez, the current mayor, talked to Joseph. All the newly paved roads and culture festivals and cancer runs in the world wouldn’t fix the bad publicity of a sniper in his city and he wanted him caught before the next election (No pressure).

Cut to Kevin Green, Aldo, Shane and Albert, they sit in a van going over the plan one last time, (all but Albert are wearing glasses) this was the first real run and they didn’t want any screw ups after all the planning, testing and studying they did. They go into the bank they had parked near, masks on, pull their guns and demand attention and co-operation “Oddjob, you watch the door.” Said Kevin to Aldo, then to the teller “Give me what you got sugar, I ain’t got all day” He hands her a bag as does Albert to another teller, she shakes her head. “Dr. No, we got someone holding out on us here.” Shane comes over pointing a gun at her “Is that right, Goldfinger? Well, that is very unwise of her, isn’t it?” She starts to panic and fills the bag now, Aldo look’s at his watch and tells the group to hurry up, and Albert and Shane head out to the idling van with Aldo right behind them, Kevin heads to the door and takes a bow “Blowfeld thanks you for your time.” They all get in the van, the tires screeching as they make their getaway, the first responding officer’s arriving not even a minute too late.

Zackiria and Joseph talk in the chief’s office, discussing the sniper. He was obviously trained well, they needed to train some men in stealth and scouting, or find some ex-marine, Zackiria offered to train Nick, Ryan and any other officer willing again with his other students in just that, as well as anything else that could help for this or any other occasion, he also suggests that the trainees help take care of minor crimes, gang’s, mugger’s and vandals so the police could concentrate on the bigger problems. Joseph accepts his offer liking that his men wouldn’t be stretched so thin. They shake hands and Zackiria leaves. When talking to Jack about the new deal later on, Jack questions Joseph, he’s obviously against the ridiculous idea whole heartedly “Are you mad, you couldn’t bring in someone who already was an expert tracker, don’t tell me you went with this just cause it was a cheaper way to go.” Joseph informed him his diction, if rash was more importantly, final.

Closer to the east end of the city, a mob stake a claim on a block. Twelve men in all, led by a very large individual who they simply referred to as Mr. Grado, two cop cars come and the group open fire on them, the police jump out as the cars are rattled away at, they try to return fire, hitting two man in the shoulder and one in the leg before one of the cop cars blow up, Mr. Grado advises the officers to leave now while they still could. Then two men came out of a French restaurant. Le Valcon Bonne Nourriture. One less than average height, the other nearly as big as Mr. Grado, the smaller one freaks out a bit, “What the hell is this about? Your scaring off my customers, your sun’s a bitches.” Then he uses a few French swear words as Mr. Grado’s men laugh at him, the gunfire died down now. The bigger one with the small Frenchman, just gives them all a look and directs a thumb to the alley near the restaurant, they look and there are seven French cooks partially hidden behind dumpsters and doorways, all heavily armed, the police also retarget the mob led be Mr. Grado who looks pretty agitated. The restaurant owner walks over with his friend, heading towards the big man, slaps him and says ”You are not welcome here sir, your unruly behavior will not be tolerated. What kind of way is this to do business?” Mr. Grado glairs at the little guy, then to the big guy with him. Noticing he’s looking at him to long, the smaller one slaps him again “I’m in charge here, you want to talk, you look at me, Jean Valkon, now get out of my sight before we have to do something unpleasant.” Mr. Grado stands there glaring hard but finally backs his men off. The cops all look around and obviously feel quite ashamed of themselves for being saved by a french restaurant owner, not knowing about his “back-up”

Back at Rising Star, Zackiria trains everyone in the art of stealth, making them walk rigged floors (made extra squeaky) also cameras that they had to get around unseen, Nick was really hating this, he put up with Zackiria and his crazy torture chamber for too long as it was and now he had to do it again. No one understood the point of the cameras since it was unlikely that the sniper would set up something like that but it may help in some other future situation….that few of them wanted to see themselves in. Gabrial, being the biggest and heaviest didn’t do so well, Jessica however was amazing, it was almost as if she wasn’t even touching the ground. Dan, Jessica’s brother, is hired on as a guard at the museum while a new exhibit starts being set up.


Kosh Lyson opens the new exhibit the next day, showcasing old Russian artifacts, many people came to see all the historical items. Elsewhere in the city two more victims are taken down by the sniper and another bank is robbed by the now dubbed Spectre as well as a mini war between Mr. Grado and an unknown rival. At the academy, Kevin decides to test one of the former trainees, Nick, Saying “I here you where damn near the best in your day. Well, I’m the best now, so let’s see who’s really number one.” Nick sighs but accepts. They take to the battle ring (more like a big cement block fifteen square feet, four feet high) they trade blocked punches, chops, and kicks and sidestep lunges, every throw is countered and re-countered, the other’s stand in silenced shock. Zackiria the only one who isn’t but is still pleased with the bout, Kevin goes for a sweep which Nick jumps over only to be greeted by Kevin’s other foot for a high roundhouse. A clever diversion Zackiara thought as he smirked. The fight was over and the rest go back to training. Zackiria comes to the students and congratulates the both of them on an excellent fight, only upset that it didn’t last longer. He soon awards Kevin with the Rising Star medallion (He actually had to have it made which took a day). Jack talks to the men about the new action plan, that Nick, Ryan or now possibly Kevin will now hunt for the sniper after proving their capability. Nearly all of them are not happy about this, sure they want the best guy on it but not someone out of house. Joseph again calls Jack into his office and again basically tells him to get in line or get out and stop turning the men against him. Jack held back saying “You’re doing that yourself.”


Zackiria continues to train everyone in stealth and sneakiness, Kevin, Nick and Ryan study up on sniper training and learn the city landscape to see if they can figure out where a sniper might perch himself next, them and everyone else also trained in bomb and trap detection, they wouldn’t disarm the bomb obviously but it’s still a good idea to have an understanding and know what to stay away from. Still not full gung ho about it cause it was still a pretty stupid idea and more time wasted training was more time for the sniper to build his kill list. The rest of the trainees, including a few of the other officers who performed rather poorly, lined up for basic weight training, they needed to build up strength after all, he set up two hundred pound weights for everyone, a machine that worked both the arms and legs at once that he had Tetsu help design. He likely wasn’t expecting so much weight for the first go at it, Jessica looked at the contraption and all that weight and said, “I can’t do this!” Zackiria looked at her and said “Alright guy’s, the princess is going to sit out on this one, the rest of you get to it while I make her some tea.” begrujingly she joined in with the rest.

Zackiria later sets up some stuff based on everyone’s individual fears, (for the regular trainees at least) based on psych testing, saying that they needed to train mind as well as body and if they can beat their fears they can beat anything. In the west end, Mr. Grado’s men steal some material that Jean was looking to acquire which made him hate that group even more, telling his second in command and bodyguard, Marco to deal with the pests. He went back to work in his kitchen, out in the dining area customers wait and/or eat, one of Jean’s loyal customers comes in and is directed to the back room as usual, he is given a different kind of menu featuring the finest European guns, explosives and cars, anything a bad guy could want to build or maintain his organization, tonight the man was looking for some entertainment in the form of women, of which there was a very nice variety. Elsewhere in the city a shot rings out and an overweight woman is down. The police are soon on the scene, some make joke’s “Shouldn’t those almighty Star champions be looking over this crime scene?” and such, mayor Bobby D holds yet another press conference. Some reporters have heard rumors about the action plan between Joseph and Zackiria and ask if the threat is being taken seriously. Bobby D placing the blame on Joseph for this rash decision, if it is true and ensures them he is taking it very seriously. Joseph, when asked about it. He claims they need better funding for a proper search and simply states that he has his best men on the job, not admitting to the rumors. But obviously pretty peeved about it and what’s to know where the information came from, suspects Jack, of course, also stating they can’t watch every bank, when asked about Spector. He leaves the reporters with hardly any helpful information and no reassurance, Mr. Grado watches the news at home and laughs at the situation, thinking he should take down the sniper to show the mayor and police chief up, one of his men said “You could totally get that guy, Mandy, you got way better resources then the police.” Mr. Grado looked at him, grabbed him by the throat and asked him “Have I not made it abundantly clear, I hate my first name. Never mind the lack of respect you show me, now, again…What is my name?” he wheezes out “Mr. Grado.” he is then thrown into a wall, the mark from Mr. Grado’s hand still on his neck as he’s helped up by another goon.


Joseph goes to Rising Star and freaks out a bit on Zackiria, asking him why he’s taking so long with the training and when he thinks they will be ready. Zackiria knows he’s under a lot of pressure so he lets it slide, “Perhaps you misunderstood, I never took on full responsibility for this, I said I’d train them for these situations, never mind any other bomb threat, or whatever other act of terror might be going on next. But I didn’t expect you to not have men on the lookout in the meantime. This is a Sniper we’re talking about, you should be looking to bring him down as soon as possible.” He still reassures him that when he’s done, they will catch the sniper in no time and be that much better at catching any other kind of high risk criminal. Any gun toting maniac, bomber, ax maniac or evil dentist. Even if ninja’s pop out of nowhere, they will be able to handle it. He shows Joseph the final training, Gabrial, Aiden and Tetsu have been eliminated as possible candidates (in that order) though they and six other offices where still under heavy scrutiny, enhancing their mind and body for whatever extreme situation comes their way, they also watched video to try to better themselves at spotting who would be behind these acts before they happened, they wouldn’t be as good as the actual behavioral analysis unit in the CIA or anything like that but would be better at recognizing facial expressions, movements or anything else that might give someone away, knowing even if someone fits a profile of someone who might be up to no good, sometimes it’s the nice looking business man who is the real threat. As Zackiria figured his former students and new top student have proven most successful and capable to handle this current situation, as well as Jessica which he was only slightly surprised by. Joseph is called by Jack who is heading to a bank that the silent alarm was activated at, likely that Spectre was there. Joseph asks Zackiria and the top trainees to join him.

When they get there, snickers and comments are heard but not listened to. Jack insists on waiting for the negotiator since hostages have now been taken and one shot fired. This is not a training exercise and he was only five minutes away but Joseph didn’t listen to him once again as he already started to give orders to Nick, Ryan and Kevin, and calling over three more police who also undergone minor training. Kevin thinking “I should have stayed back with Jess, this is going to go so badly.” Ryan try’s to say he can handle it alone, sending in a whole team would just cause confusion and mayhem plus he wouldn’t have to watch anyone’s back. Joseph delivered his final orders and the team, reluctantly started to look for a way in. Again Kevin thinking “by the time we find a way in the negotiator will be here, this should be his job. Why am I doing the job of people who are far more qualified than me?” He hears a window smash and Nick and the other cop’s go in. Ryan wanted to give them hell for making so much noise but jumped in right after Kevin. By then the others were making their way to a strategic spot near the counter, Albert asks “What was that noise? Those cops are up to something.” “Don’t worry Goldfinger, they wouldn’t try anything stupid with these innocent people’s lives on the line.” Aldo says. Shane looks at the seven bags they had filled, knowing they were a lost cause, he goes to the manager and asks “How do we get out of here? There’s a garage downstairs right?” Nick tries to get the other cops to get better positions but they’re not listening to him, (seems to be going around) they had lost all respect and make their own move, jumping out and yelling “FREEZE! You have nowhere to go, your surrounded now come peacefully.” “Fucking cop’s! What’s the matter with you?” says Kevin Green, then he pulls his gun and shoots a hostage, quickly followed by firing at the police, the gun battle erupted faster than anyone could find cover. Aldo was hit in the hip and went down, another hostage got hit in the chest. Shane grabbed a few bags and the bank manager and used him as a shield as he moved to the back area, yelling “Let’s go Blowfeld, take what you can.” Marcus watched him go by, not wanting to take the risk in bringing him down, as K. Green was trying to reach for a bag a bullet nearly took off his finger. He returned fire, finally Nick jumped the desk (where the tellers stand behind) chops Green in the back of the neck knocking him out, he rushes Albert and does a quick grab throwing him into a pillar. The bank robbers where down but so where several hostages and one officer, Nick curses Joseph and Zackiria as he and Ryan cuff Spectre, only Shane managed to escape, the other police take care of the wounded calling in support, five body bags would be needed (including one for the teller who pushed the silent alarm, when they found out about that).


Jack and Joseph are once again having a heated argument, Jack knows Joseph can’t fire him cause the mayor would be even more annoyed at the chief for that at a time like this. The argument is stopped by Nick who reports another sniper victim, but they are closing in on an area (though be it on a very large square) that the sniper seems to go. Still thinking a pro would have got him a few days ago maybe, though there is no real guarantee. At his office, Kosh Lyson talks to Danny Luv about his “Second chance” and hopes he realizes what a good opportunity he has and keeps the antiquities in the museum safe. In the last two days Marco has killed five of Mr. Grado’s men, Jean kind of wishes it was Mr. Grado himself. He says to his men “You know if that guy came in nicely, without all the gunfire and craziness that first day. I would have done business with him but no, he’s got to be stupid about it and let everyone know he’s bad, bring all that attention to himself.” He asks Marco if he thinks they should try to make peace and has another guy make a call to set up a meet before he even answers.

Zackiria continues the regular training routine for the group not working on finding the sniper, more officers brought in for the profiling session. Kevin sit’s at the side just depressed, freaked, sad and going out of his mind with grief over the incredible screw up that he totally saw coming and went along with anyway. Part of him wanted to quit right now but the main part of him hated quitting. Ryan, at the library, looks over a map and some other books, starts to think “If only I knew another sniper I could get to hunt down this one, things might go more smoothly.”

Kosh holds a big charity auction event for a hospital, gaining more love from the public. The police bring Mr. Green into interrogation, Jack walks in with some files and drops them on the desk “Mr. Kevin Green. How does a computer geek like you become a bank robber? Before this you where an up standing citizen and now you and your friends will be going to jail for a long time.” Kevin just fidgeted in his seat a bit “You had another accomplice, tell me who he is and where to find him and maybe you’ll get a reduced sentence.” Kevin shook his head “I ain’t no rat, you can stuff your deal.” Jack tries to convince him his partner is likely on the run with “their” money but he just laughs at him. The interrogation ends, it’s not going to work, he won’t turn, still he was annoyed Joseph didn’t even want to bother trying thinking, there’s only one now, what harm can he do.


At an agreed upon location, Mr. Grado with his men meet Jean with his men sitting on separate sides from each other at a long table. Jean offers him the goods he has in exchange for a thirty percent cut of what their profits would be as well as an apology. The cut is far too steep for Mr. Grado, he counters with eighteen percent. Jean laughs saying “Why would I take less with no other offer to sweeten the deal?” Mr. Grado yell’s at him “Even eighteen percent is a fantastic offer, thirty is ridiculous!” Jean puts a gun on the table “forty or I end the negotiations now. No apology necessary” “I’ll never apologize to you crazy french fuck!” both of their men quickly have guns out. Mr. Grado demands that Jean and his men leave, Jean stands up and shakes his head “Still don’t know how to properly do business I see.” and leads his men out quietly. A hot dog vender is cooking up one for a customer, before the man is about to reach for the ketchup, a red splatter hits him and the vender is laid out on the ground. Another victim of the Willoway sniper. Ryan is in a building nearby and tries to track where the shot came from. The others are not there because he never told them he was going out. He finds the window where the shot came from, a shadow running out. He races over to the building, looking for anyone suspicious. He could just make out that it was a man, average height and had a small pony tail, but mostly through shadows. He sees a white man fitting that description leaving the building with a large briefcase that would hold a disassembled rifle, approaches, calling out, the man runs. Ryan chases him for several blocks and is lead into the subway where he gets a very good look at the man’s face as he rides the train heading out. Jean, back at his restaurant, talks to Marco who asks what he should do about Mr. Grado, if it’s time to put him down. Jean tells him he will take care of it. Nighttime, Shane, in his mask robs a convenience store, as he rounds the corner with his stash he sighs. It’s not nearly as big as a thrill as a big bank job and the reward was minimal, he misses being Spectre. No one does stories of a lone masked-man robbing a convenience store. He looks up and sees a cop, actually considers turning himself in, he walks up to the officer who then takes a bullet to the neck, Shane runs away.


Panic is spreading, the death toll is rising and now a cop was killed by the Willoway sniper. The city wanted this madness to stop. Mayor Bobby D wanted to post a reward for his capture but Joseph said he would just run and they’d never catch him. Marco talks to Jeans men, telling them Jean himself was going to handle Mr. Grado, they didn’t have too much faith in that but Marco asked them to ensure the restaurant ran to Jean’s standards while he was gone. Aiden and Tetsu are starting to really get along, setting up their shared room, talking about the training. It’s much harder than they expected but they were definitely going to be amazing fighters and may even pick up strategic and other general battle tactics. If a random war broke out, they would be ready. Kevin thinks Zackiria is nuts and wonders how the hell he was allowed to be in charge of a training facility and just what the hell does he think they are training for, why where they being sent out to do stuff way above their abilities? He may have gotten an odd high from it but this was still a bazaar and over the top training academy. Shane thinking the sniper wanted to kill him, walks through alley ways, looking raged and tired. He spots Nick who’s in his civvies with some other police, he jumps them and gets himself arrested, the money him and his crew collected remained where they all hid it.


Nick and Ryan strategize about the sniper, they still couldn’t believe that Joseph hadn’t beefed up the search party, posted an APB or description of the shooter. They call up Kevin who is beyond reluctant to join them but he knows the sniper has to be caught “I’ll meet up but I can’t make any promises about helping catch this guy…..you know this whole operation was the most ridiculous piece of crap assignment that could have been issued to us, right?” Mr. Grado’s men approach Le Valcon Bonne Nourriture and Jean’s men come out, both sides are looking for their boss, the attack doesn’t last long and very few of Grado’s men don’t make it out. Jean’s men celebrate but Marco is worried about his boss. At the police station, Nick is commended for getting Shawn (even though it was ridiculously easy), again they try to get information out of him and got nothing. Jack asks Nick as well if they were any closer to actually catching the sniper, everyone wants this person behind bars, he asks him why no one else seems to be trying to do anything and Jack agreed that Joseph put far more faith in this program then he should have but gave some leniency saying “Any other case I hear of snipers and such, whether in books or news, even a professional could take some time to bring them down.” Dusk has almost fallen and a man in a little boat floats on a large pond, it looks like he’s fishing. He reaches down into a bag in his boat and (close up to Jean Valcon) pulls out the head of Mr. Grado, he starts to talk to the head “If only you weren’t such a blowhard, fool, stubborn prick we could have worked together, you would have been SOO much better off with me as a friend, what a shame.” He chucks the head into the water and continues to relax for a bit before heading ashore.


Now several teams are staking out multiple areas for the sniper, one of their own was dead and they didn’t care about who was supposed to do what. Finally the order had been given, every man was on the lookout for a tall man with a pony tail and a large briefcase. The sniper climbs some stairs to a perch and sets up his gun, he can see a few of the teams of police men on the street. He snickers at them but looks for a different target, he needed someone bigger, more important than a police officer. He saw news vans setting up. Perfect, a well-respected reporter will do, let him be the news instead of just reporting it. Kevin, who is standing with Ryan, trying to look like they’re just getting a cup of coffee, look up and see a twinkle, Kevin points it out to Ryan who takes out a mini scope and confirms it’s a riffle barrel. They approach the building, briskly walking instead of running so they wouldn’t draw attention. They get in and take the elevator up most of the way and go to take the stairs the rest, one on each end of the building. Ryan had called for back-up and asked that all exits be blocked. Kevin makes it to the top floor first and starts to sneak forward, he hears the gun go off and his eyes go wide. Kevin looks into a room and sees the guy quickly disassembling the gun and start to get up, Kevin remains by the doorway and waits for him. As he steps through Kevin takes his legs from behind and twisting them around, the man screamed as he tried to reach for a knife when a gun was put in his face and he was told to freeze. Ryan reads him his rights and slaps the cuffs on him, lets Kevin keep the leg lock on him a while and kicks him in the face. Much later a celebration at the police house, Jack pats Ryan on the back and reluctantly shakes hands with a very high strung and ecstatic Kevin Marcus, as stupid as it was they did catch the sniper. Jack would interview who they now knew as Henry Michale Wallace and let him know that the reporter he shot at recovered in hospital and would be fine. Mayor Bobby D gives the men commendations and gets a photo opp.


At Rising Star, Kevin comes to Zackiria’s desk and makes it clear “You will never send any one of us to take out a big time criminal ever again. You want us to fight drug dealers, gang members, muggers and rapists. I am down with that, but we will NOT go out of our league again, you hear me?” Zackiria understood and agreed, he would accept these terms…for now, knowing he could only help them improve so that nothing would be out of their league.

© Copyright 2018 Mathew Nicol. All rights reserved.

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