The Unforgettable Day

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Four friends from different race and society go for an adventure trip at a fort and there they find some mysteries that will cause them some problems, there what will happen to them by the
mysterious persons at there.

Submitted: December 21, 2016

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Submitted: December 21, 2016



The Unforgettable day

Eight legs of four persons are moving towards an adventure. They belong to different society, Jimmy a White, Otsobi a Black, Ibrahim North Indian and Arasu a local boy of Tamilnadu. Week end makes them bore from the month when they joined in that college. So Jimmy asks Otsobi to go anywhere but he doesn’t know any places in Tamilnadu. Jimmy and Otsobi are only the best friends. So, Otsobi asks a boy, Arasu the boy who is his next room in the hostel, to get them away for an adventure. Arasu calls his friend Ibrahim they planned to go to Siraj-din-Basha fort. Though it is an old, it has some faith that the king’s soul still roams there.

Now the story continues from the intro of the characters and eight legs moving toward the fort. But the place is on the hill, Mostly people avoid going there.

Otsobi said “I feel it will a great moment of us; I’m ready to climb on”.

Jimmy:” I don’t think so”.

But Jimmy climbs unwillingly. Arasu leads them, Otsobi tries to overtake Arasu. Ibrahim and Jimmy’s leg are shivering to steps up. Hawks are circling on the sky and some hawks and crows are having a lunch of a dead body of a dog at the heavy sunny day. That moment makes a scare to Ibrahim and Jimmy.

Ibrahim and Jimmy chorally: “We should be back it’s not good for us”.

Arasu: “We have come a part of a hill; still we have a mile distance. So, let’s forward and will be back down soon”. Some monkeys are playing on the trees and the funny monkeys impress them to welcome on the hill. A great mystrey is waiting for them. Arasu the boy who leads the other boys, he reaches first on the top of the hill. Otsobi jealous on Arasu but others are encouraging him for showing such better place. A tiny snake enters there and Otsobi catches it and makes them scare.

Jimmy: (Screaming voice) “Oh shit throw the Satan, throw it off…”

Ibrahim is hiding near a tomb and later he realizes that it is tomb and he shouts: “come here, I have found something”.

Arasu: “It is the tomb of the king Siraj-din- Basha and his wife Sahidha”, he says the history of the hill fort. Ibrahim and Jimmy feel so happy to hear the history but it makes them shock because they missed Otsobi in the meanwhile of the story. They are searching him and shout; “Otsobi where are you? Don’t play dude”…

They are searching and there have lots of caves they are creeping like a reptiles. They reached near a water fall which was a place for queen to bath. The place is covered with huge rocks and the pond is full depth. Arasu doesn’t think anything and he jumps into the pond, but he doesn’t back on. Then Ibrahim and Jimmy also jump into the pond its going deep and so deep but they don’t feel the breathy problem. After the deep journey into the water they reach a place that like a cave and no water at there. (It was a place for queen to change her dress after took bath)

Two soldiers catch them and hook with cleavage. They push them to a large hall; there Arasu and Otsobi are locked by two other soldiers. The soldiers call the queen in gruff voice. A rock door opens and she explains why they have been caught. “The King died three hundred years before because he made the poor people to suffer and he had a habit of hunt. When he went away no one cross him, if they did so he would kill them. Once he saw a hindu sage was praying god for fortune and the king Siraj got an angry and slash him through sward. So the sage cursed the King before his dead, “Your soul will get off from you for three hundred years and three hundred days” if he is in the open space his body would be damaged. Then he begged him for his mistake and requested for the solution and the sage Rishi said: “the same day after three hundred years three 300th days you will get a chance to retain your soul” and he died. So the queen Sahidha took him to the cave for three hundred years, In the mean time I prayed the God for the solution and I received the solution from the God that if any person will give his last drop of blood to the empty body he will be back. And she tells that this is the three hundred year’s three hundredth day.

Ibrahim: “Then what about the tomb”?

Sahidha: That one is fake to make the people fool and we have living facility here, “haha the king will be going to come back with his lost life. He has four souls now. Who is ready to sacrifice”?

Otsobi is hurrying to escape and his character is like that so, he pulls and attacks the soldier who catches him behind so, the soldier inserts the sword into his naval. The rest of soldiers leave other friends and save the drops of Otsobi’s blood for retain the king’s life. When the soldiers leave them, they have a chance conclude the solution of the problem. For that Jimmy takes a sword and Arsau and Ibrahim follow him and poke the Queen Sahidha and the soldiers. Jimmy punches the sword on the king Siraj-din- Basha’s empty body. Otsobi’s soul gets back to him. After the king’s body has been destroyed, there the place has broken as a hole and they escape from there, when they reach down of the hill, they join their hands on each other’s solder and this day is “an Unforgettable day” for them, they will never forget this adventure and the Otsobi realizes the urge sense which made such dangerous situation so, he abandons his urge sense and they four members will be the best friends ever.

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