Where to?

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Thoughts from a confused mind one night

Submitted: December 21, 2016

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Submitted: December 21, 2016



 Where to go?

People sit here and tell you where they think you should go and what you should do.

But hey we are all in the same situation.

No one knows why we are here or where we are supposed to go.

So don't let another lost soul tell you what path you should follow.

We tend to follow our parents' steps but hey maybe they made some mistakes along the way or maybe they just followed the crowd and ended up where they are now.

So I repeat my self when I say don't let anybody decide over your steps.

No one can know you like you do and hell maybe not even  you know yourself all that well. In that case why take orders from a stranger.

Advice? Yeah listen to it, it can't hurt.

But never and I emphasize never take decisions based on what others say. 

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