Tales of Raetrethra Vol. 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

Aszyria, Atlantia, Avalona, and Aragona. These four nations are the only safe places for humans in the Beast-infested world of Raetrethra.

The year is 2547 and for now, there is peace; upheld by an intergovernmental organization called the Guardians. However, all of that is soon about to change.

Follow this epic journey of eight individuals whose actions will determine the fate of the world. It is a tale of friendship, justice, honor, heroism, and tragedy.

In Volume 1 the protagonists (Norah, Dezmond, Jemma, Nemo, Roland, Aria, Elfred, Irene) find themselves teamed in their quest to join the Guardians, despite differences in culture and motivations.

It is a tale of heart-warming friendships and friendly rivalries, as they learn what it means to be a Guardian while honing their respective abilities and talents.

However, their bonds and skills will be put to the test when mixed loyalties lead to conflicts of interests. Some will have to make severe choices that risk shattering the team; and their lives.

Table of Contents

Prologue 1 of 8 - Norah

Introducing Norah, the unwilling assassin.

After The Fall - Two Steps From Hell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cj8ADt48oAE&list=PL7B16C924C1FAD7BD&index=21

The first half minute or so made me imagine a city in a desert, and I can imagine Norah having that kind of voice. It's gentle yet strong and filled with quiet drive. Like Norah.
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Prologue 2 of 8 - Dezmond

Introducing Dezmond, the silent warrior.

Black Parade - Globus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2xmueFjBXQ

Though the lyrics and sound effects at the beginning indicate a world/time closer to ours, the message and the emotion fits what Dezmond feels. Also, I can confirm that the female co-singer also
fits a certain character in this prologue. I'll let you guess who it is. It's not Norah.
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Prologue 3 of 8 - Jemma

Introducing Jemma, the runaway jewel.

Super Strength - Two Steps From Hell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qAMIVytZPw&index=8&list=PL7B16C924C1FAD7BD

Finding a suitable song for Jemma was difficult. Her backstory and personality are quite unique, and the scenes in this prologue also required certain genres of music in order to fit. I believe
this piece is the most suitable, as its pace fits what's going on and compliments Jemma.
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Prologue 4 of 8 - Nemo

Introducing Nemo, the swashbuckling fencer.

Aura - Two Steps From Hell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNOpKwnAQyw

I recommend playing this when Nemo goes into action. The rapid violin fits Nemo's speed and wit. Besides that, I think this piece's composition suits Atlantia.
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Prologue 5 of 8 - Aria

Introducing Aria, the powerhouse beauty.

One Woman Army - Porcelain Black: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1v_RP1Funk (Original); https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNNMOoOA68A (Nightcore version)

Though I don't personally identify with much of the lyrics or music style, the chorus of this song perfectly describes Aria's personality; confident almost to the point of being arrogant, with more
than enough strength to support that claim. I personally prefer the Nightcore version. However, I understand not everyone appreciates the pace and tune, so I provided links for both versions.
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Prologue 6 of 8 - Roland

Introducing Roland, the feeble fighter.

Welcome To My Life - Simple Plan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0U0AlLVqpk

I'm sure there are other songs that suit Roland, however, this was the first song that came to mind when I was writing this prologue. Again the chorus describes Roland's situation very well, from
how his peers and family treats him.
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Prologue 7 of 8 - Elfred

Introducing Elfred, the renegade sergeant.

A Call To Arms - Glory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mR09OclTLNk&index=1&list=PLABC09122EA7F16FC

Welcome To The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRKJiM9Njr8

There were so many pieces of music which can fit Elfred's personality. Thus, I had to put down two songs instead of one. "A Call To Arms" fits this prologue scene perfectly, especially considering
the epic movie it came from. "Welcome To The Black Parade" describes Elfred in the same way Aria's "One Woman Army" does. More than that, the lyrics accurately describes his background,
personality, fears & demons, hopes & dreams.
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Prologue 8 of 8 - Irene

Introducing Irene, the mystery protagonist.
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Chapter 1 - First Time On Board A Blimp

Several of our protagonists meet for the first time on route to Cambreford, the Guardian headquarters.

Atlas - Two Steps From Hell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVEXaYHf5ZI

"Atlas" is a fitting piece
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Chapter 2 - First Day Of School

Having arrived at Cambreford, our four protagonists will find their first night as candidates to be far from casual.
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Chapter 3 - Potential Last Meal

Our seven protagonists wake up after their first night, only to find out the first test isn't over yet.
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Chapter 4 - Into The Forest

Now fully assembled, the eight candidates will go through the second test in the Gray Forest.
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Chapter 5 - Into Their First Battle

This is the big day which will decide whether they make the cut or not.
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Chapter 6 - Team Amethyst

With their lives on the line, our eight protagonists must work together to survive this battle.
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Chapter 7 - It Feels Like A Dream

A new day, a new environment. Our protagonists wake as new trainees, only to encounter new obstacles.
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Chapter 8 - Good Leaders, Great Leaders

Roland and Elfred learn to put aside their differences. In the meantime, Norah and Nemo are introduced into the world of espionage.
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Chapter 9 - Irene's Secret

Irene's secret has been exposed, at the same time hurting a dear friend. Can their friendship be salvaged?
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Chapter 10 - Norah's Nighttime Excursion

Four months has passed, and it's time for Norah to have the spotlight! Will she be able to carry out her mission as an assassin? Read Chapter

Chapter 11 - Jemma's Pride & Prejudice

It's the weekend, so Aria, Irene, and Jemma decide to take a day off to go shopping. But when disagreements turn personal, harsh words are thrown and feelings get hurt. Read Chapter

Chapter 12 - Apologies and Forgiveness

Harsh words have been thrown and friendships have become strained. What is the cause of Jemma's prejudice against Aszyrians, and can Team Amethyst still remain united? Read Chapter

Chapter 13 - Awake & Away By Night

Dezmond has made the critical decision to leave Cambreford, and finds that he is not alone. This is the beginning of the end for Team Amethyst's first year as Guardian trainees, will they be able to pull through as a team? Read Chapter

Chapter 14 - We’re Going After Them

Dawn arrives for the rest of Team Amethyst, and they will have to make an important decision.
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Chapter 15 - Welcome Home, Dezmond

After a long journey, Dezmond returns to Asher. But as for his home...
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Chapter 16 - The Hunt Begins

The fate of Dezmond's family is revealed. And, the rest of Team Amethyst has arrived in Asher.
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Chapter 17 - The Hunt Continues

Roland and Aria managed to escape, but little do they know that it was due to Nemo's behind the scenes actions. Read Chapter

Chapter 18 - The Hunter & The Hunted

Norah, Dezmond, and Sheera are ready to continue on their journey. In the meantime, the rest of Team Amethyst find themselves in greater danger than ever.
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Chapter 19 - Countdown To Midnight

Back in Cambreford, Gandalin makes an important decision regarding Aszyria. In the meantime, Norah and Dezmond's journey to Juryah continues.
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Chapter 20 - To Prove One's Identity

Norah, Dezmond & Sheera arrives in Juryah, and trouble soon finds them. In the meantime in Asher, the rest of Team Amethyst realizes the grave situation they are in.
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Chapter 21 - Hidden In The Dark

Dezmond and Sheera share a meaningful catch-up moment, Nemo's mental fortitude is put to the test, and the rest of Team Amethyst step into the Vulture's lair.
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Chapter 22 - Piercing Through The Darkness

Roland, Aria, Irene, Elfred, and Jemma clash with the Vultures of Asher, who have captured Nemo. Will they survive the encounter?
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Chapter 23 - A Deep Recess

In the wake of the six's escape, a familiar pair enters the scene. Nemo makes several important decisions regarding their next step that takes them closer to finding Norah and Dezmond.
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Chapter 24 - Aszyria’s Guardian Commissioner

Norah, Dezmond, and Sheera finally meet the Commissioner, leading to a shocking discovery.
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Chapter 25 - Lord Of Murder

Norah, Dezmond & Sheera meet the Guardian Commissioner. Not everyone makes it out unharmed.
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Chapter 26 - The Monster

An imprisoned Dezmond tethers on the edge of despair. Norah faces the monsters of her existence. Viewer discretion is advised for one section.
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Chapter 27 - Jovial In Death's Face

Here it is, the volume's ultimate showdown. Everyone's cards are revealed, but who has the greater deck?
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Chapter 28 - Pretending To Be Strong

Conclusion of the first volume, and a flavor of the next to come.
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Map of Raetrethra

Map of the continent of Raetrethra
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Extra Information

Breakdown of the four nations, territory area, population, military size, major city names and more.
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