Black vs Blue -Main Story #5

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Something interesting happens to Ticker, Cayin gets kicked out on his rear, and Agent Quartsite has some thoughts about the two teams.

Submitted: December 22, 2016

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Submitted: December 22, 2016



Hey guys! So today's story is a bit interesting, Cayin is having a really bad day, something interesting happens to Ticker, and his day is as bad, and then Agent Quartsite gets some thoughts.

Lets see what happens!



A yell came from the Leutenant and the others, "CAYIN! GET OVER HERE!". Everyone but cayin was seated around the Staff table, all with guns in hands and papers on the middle. Cayin sat down in the chair in the middle, looking around at them all. "Uhh..whats going on?" Then leutenant took his gun and tossed it to the table. "We've been talking...and..well." Cayin looked at all of them, a bit scared. "Whats going on?!" Leutenant and the rest said, "We're kicking you off the team." Leutenant then said, "You've been a waste of the team and we already have Turnrug and his brother for tech, so you're a bit of a are the only one who has that sword, but we don't really have a use for it. Turnrug made us a huge energy cannon. You made us...well..a living room." Cayin looked at them all suprised, but not mad. "Okay. I see. Thank you for the oppertunity...jerk." He took his gun, grabbed his sword and a bag of food and a thing of water, then saw the warthog and thought for a moment...he then yelled "Screw you all!" and drove off in the warthog. They were all suprised and then called Center for a new warthog. Since none of them could leave the canyon he'd have to survive in the canyon. But instead of that, Agent Quartsite had plans for him. But not yet, Quartsite wanted to see how cayin could survive. Quartsite was working on something for Cayin.


Ticker looked at Churchhil and Trainwreck for a short time, then gave Churchhill the bomb he asked for. Ticker then left, looking for something to do. Trainwreck left to go talk to Computer and then Churchhill just stared at the Black Base's gun. Churchhill threw the bomb at it, and the bomb self imploded. The gun didn't respond to the explosion, and churchhill had the final peice. Now that that was finished, Churchhill went over to the base and yelled, "Hey Idiots! Come out here! I want to talk to you!" Out came the Leutenant yelling "What do you want filfthy blue?!" Churchill then responded with, "Where's Cayin?"The leutenant yelled, "We kicked him out! He isn't our problem any more!" Then Churchhill left and went back to the base. "Hey Trainwreck! Ticker! Come here!" Trainwreck came in yelling "YESSS?!!" Then Ticker came and said "yeah?" and then Churchhill told them, "Hey, Ticker, make me a nuke. Trainwreck, uh...go....uh...go to the caves and find, ten rocks." Then they left to do they're plans.


Agent Quartsite watched Trainwreck and Cayin, then threw 10 rocks at Trainwreck, then knocked Cayin out and took him to the old mobile base that Dreamscade used.  Quartsite then took out a small chip, and placed it in Cayin's helmet. Cayin had just gave himself an AI called Sinma. Sinma was a flame colored AI that saw the negative, and that's what Cayin was prone to. That AI couldn't be used by Churchhill, thats the purpose. Sinma was Cayin's AI. 


By the way, Churchhill has a long time till the AI's kill his body and make him one. Okay.


OOOOKKAY! So that was interesting indeed! By the way, another Out of Context story will be written tommorow. Adios Amigos!

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