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He dreams of her.
He yearns for her.
He is consumed by her.

Submitted: December 22, 2016

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Submitted: December 22, 2016



 The sweat that comes off him in the morning is unbearable to live with the way it drips into the mattress, it's like a swimming pool of torture. All because of the damn nightmares, they engulf the soul and leave no part of the brain at ease. Her face staring into his then she starts to fade deeper into the darkness of his sleepers mind allowing another dream scape to come into focus.

 He sees her standing outside of the classroom window why does she disturb the class, he has only just begun to understand what is going on. Every day for the next three weeks she stands in exactly the same spot outside of the maths class, not facing any other way never staring in any other direction its just on the edge of his peripheral. Why was she there? He never noticed her coming or going, he would get so distracted in studies that when class was over she was no longer waiting. One day looking over at her and smiling she never changed her expression why? He could not fathom it any more on that day he snapped

 Jumping up out of his chair and launching it as hard as he could at the window, the glass fell so mesmerizingly the sound of music the prisms it sent around the room were marvelous. Darker than that of a rainbow, more like a rainbow deep in the sea trying to show its colors through the depths of darkness letting people know that there is something to smile about in life. She never flinched did not allow her jaw to drop, not stunned nor even a blink. He ran for the window ready to pounce out then it happened, the teacher caught him sharp pain shot through his ear for the teacher had caught it. So close in managing to escape placing a leg against the wall and the other on the glass, he didn't feel it cut into the souls of his feet the adrenalin was pumping mind was ticking. The pain wasn't easing half turning bending down a little unable to release the ear from the teachers grasp, so in an attempt he thrust all of his weight up and gave him an uppercut unable to connect with his jaw. Managing to get a plant into his chest smack-bang in the centre and thinking the sound of the glass falling was amazing, this was a noise he had been craving to hear his whole life the earth shattering crunch of ribs cracking under knuckles to someone who didnt know when to leave well and truly alone what they had no right to tamper with. Letting him fall forward into the glass shards that were laiden across the floor past caring, in the class gasps and whines throughtout the room could be heard not a lot of banter or gossiping for they saw the bloodlust in his eyes.

 Dropping out of that window was so exilerating he couldn't believe he was free without jumping, running or rejoicing just walking casually off into the distance, feeling their eyes penertrating his soul it tingled his spine but never got the cold chill because it was colder at that time then what they were feeling. The teacher had ruined my chance after all that time to finally see her again to hear those words of comfort, he kept walking towards his car needing to get away clear his mind it was so frazzled. Passing the corner of the school the door that led to the gymnasium was open so going to see what sport was on of course it had to be boring on a day like this, so he left it be and passing the dump bin continuing until he got to the car. Turning around to get a glimpse of what was being left behind in his mayhem, that is when he saw her standing there so casually. He was so overwhelmed not knowing what to say, but he didn't need to say anthing at all because she walked over and whispered in his ear "I've been waiting a long time for you to come and see me but you never left once, I was so pleased when you smashed that window to come and get me." 

 Looking at her in shock and awe still wordless she grabbed his hand then instinks kicked in, keeping hold of her hand spinning her round and pulling her body to his she smelt of musksticks. He ran one hand up the back of her neck into her hair she got goosebumps then running his lips on her neck pecking ever so lightly, moving towards her ear loab. She can not hold her eagerness for him any more, her hands are grabbing at him holding him closer they locked lips the passion was incredible. Moving her body to the back wall of the gymnasium before she hits it they turn so that she didnt get injured, seeing a groovy spot on the way over while still intent he picks her up and moves her accross to the halls airconditioner box. There is a slight breeze coming out of it but it vibrates like crazy! Placing her down on it, in shock she swung her leg up and kicked him in the shin luckily he was standing slightly sidewards. Leanning in kissing her he moves his hand up from her knee over her inner thigh finally reaching her groin, but before he does anything pulling his arm away and placing both of her arms above her head holding them with one hand running the other over her neck down the side of one of her breasts to her naive then down that little bit further. She's wearing a skirt placing a hand under the elastic and moving it slightly lower, shit her hands got free in trouble now. She pulls his hand out she starts to bite on his neck there is nothing he can do to stop her its ridiculous cause he likes it she gets his shirt off in a flash then she got the jeans undone what a woman so moving in and taking off her tshirt if you could call it that, leaving the skirt on just to frustrate her. Taking off her bra and placing one of her nipples between his teeth he gently starts to flick his tounge back and forth rather fast then around the edge she squirms so placing one hand on her groin and moving his hand firmly up and down she grabs the hand and moves it how she likes it.

 She cant take anymore torture they had barely started when she removed her underwear and his jeans in a heartbeat it was amazing, he entered her somewhat moist clit then removed himself and caressed her torso with his lips and tounge moving ever south moving her legs apart and started to lick her out she started to moan with ecstacy keeping his tounge going for as long as able then pulling away. As he entered she made a little whimper it got him excited he started off gentle and soft her hands on his back started to guide deeper and harder then the nails started to come out he was in heaven, the vibrations from the airconditioner must have been doing something to help out because the fingernails left marks like he had been hit with a garden utensile. She was almost screaming now he told her things to stimulate her mind, then it happpened she squirmed and convulsed his legs got drenched with her passion she couldnt move he held her close and they kissed calmly then it hit them both of where abouts they had been making love and who might be around and there it was when they looked up around.

 Seventy people standing aroung staring gawking and mouths gapeing he grabbed his shirt because it was closest and passed it to her then because she was wearing a skirt he pulled out but made sure that she was covered, he grabbed their clothes and headed towards his car with her in hand he opened the door for her he was still starkas but didnt give two fiths he jumped in the drivers side and floored it outta there part way home they both started laughing.

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