Emergency Stop

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: December 23, 2016

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Submitted: December 23, 2016



I start my first job today.

After looking for months on end, I received a phone call from a company that does manual filing for important documents.

Basically, there are no machines.

This’ll be interesting.


I’m sitting at my desk, working my way through organising a number of important documents for a couple of rich geisers who came in today, when Carl, another employer, strolls in with a large stack of papers and dumps them on my desk.

I look up at him disdainfully and stare pointedly, while he looks down at me and lets out a laugh.

“Calm down,  you don’t have to sort them, I just need you to take these down for storage.” He says with a slight chuckle and hands them to me.

I look up at him again with pursed lips and take them from him, and make my way over to the door that leads to the basement. Yes, we had to take the stairs. They don’t have power here for some reason – hence why we knock off pretty early.

I mutter under my breath while heaving the heavy pile of documents under my arm and pull the door open a little too aggressively.

“You could see I was busy, you could of taken them down there yourself, Carl.”

I could feel him staring after me and then a voice float down the stairwell.

“I heard that!” I heard him say and then I rolled my eyes and smiled silently to myself.

I turned my head to shout back up the long stairwell, my shoes clicking on the metal below me.

“Good!” I shouted back and then I continued my way back down the stairs. Luckily it wasn’t too dark down here as there were windows that lined the high ceiling and I reached the last step with a loud huff. It was a good trip down and I was now surrounded with shelves and shelves of files and piled sky high clear plastic boxes.

The files that I was holding were contained in a large plastic accordion and I opened them up to see what they were. I pulled on the clasp that opened the file up and I was surprised to see that the files seemed to contain utter nonsense. They were full of seemingly random patterns of numbers and letters that had no rhyme or reason to them.

I looked at them closer, trying to make some sense of it all, but nothing came up. How was I supposed to file them without knowing what on earth they were.

I walked along the endless rows of shelves, peering at the piles of documents to see if any were similar to the ones I was holding. I ran my hands over a couple of different files to check.


They were all normal, numerous documents on statistics on companies, tax files, funeral records, every file imaginable and all comprehensible.

Except for the one I was holding.

The basement was surprisingly sterile for keeping files in storage and I looked up and down the rows of sterile metal shelves and calculated what to do.

Screw it, it’s Carl’s fault for not even telling me where I needed to put them or even what they were.

There was an empty place on one of the shelves, high up and I stood on my tip toes to lift them onto the level, even the heels I was wearing wasn’t quite enough height for me to comfortably reach the shelf, but with enough straining and a little handy manouvering, I’d managed to get them safely onto it.

Dusting my hands in satisfaction, I turned to head back up the stairwell to find Carl and hound him about the odd file.

That’s when I saw something red out of the corner of my eye.

My brow furrowed for a moment as I turned to inspect what I’d seen.

An emergency stop button.

I stared at it for a moment, trying to understand.

We didn’t have any machinery in the entire building.


So what was an emergency stop button doing here?

I move towards it, slowly, for some reason. It’s your typical emergency button.

Big and red.

I let my hand run over it for a brief moment and gaze around; and jump back startled.

Carl is standing at the bottom of the staircase, quietly observing me, an intense look upon his face. He realises that I’ve seen him and I grumble under my breath and then call out to where he’s standing at the bottom of the stairwell.

“Carl, you didn’t need to follow me. I’m perfectly capable of filing a few documents, which, I might had made no sense. You could of at least told me where to put them.” I glare at him and start to make my way towards him, and it’s like he didn’t even here me speak.

He continues to stare at me with that dark look and all of a sudden, I feel very uneasy.


Out of nowhere, his eyes change from a dark intenseness to something I never thought I’d see.

Wild eyes.

Eyes of a killer.

He begins to move towards me and then he’s gone.  I let out a strangled breath, clenching my fists and I can feel energy begin to rocket through my system and my vision goes clear. Dust spores float in the air, the drip of water from a pipe.

And then a single footstep.

And then suddenly I’m grabbed around the waist from the side.

I slam onto the ground and I let out a scream. Ear piercing, I wince at my own scream and I throw a punch sideways.

Panicked, I thrash against his hold, my hair flying over my face and without a thought, I slam on the emergency stop button and then I fall onto my side, blood dripping down my head.

I brace myself, expecting him to attack me again, but all is silent.

No movement.

It’s like he just disappeared.

I take my arms away from my head, slowly, carefully looking around, still cautious, ready to run at any minute.

And that’s when I freeze.

He’s in the air.

But he’s not moving.

It looks like he was in the middle of a jump and then he just stopped…in mid - air.

His clothes are in billows, yet not moving, his face contorted in an evil grimace and he has his hands up in a claw like motion.

I stay still like this for a minute, simply staring at him, trying to rationalise, trying to convince myself that I’m hallucinating.

Then I’m struck with a thought.

It can’t be.

I turn my head slowly towards the emergency button.


It’s blinking red.


© Copyright 2020 Cadani. All rights reserved.

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