Silas had a nightmare

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My three kids woke me up at 1:30 AM And never went back to sleep

Submitted: December 23, 2016

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Submitted: December 23, 2016



Silas had a nightmare and that sound is no mistake one by one the three of em are suddenly awake

I just began to reminisce lost paths from long ago of research gone but not forgotten nighttimes ghastly glow

t'was almost there i made the choice to open up my book and search it's random wisdom to remember all I took

a screechy scream pierced the night from quiet to upset the slamming of the door, however signaled discontent

the eyes of innocence peered up at me from down below I could stop myself from thinking oh great, here we go

sat him on the couch I did to comfort and caress calm him from his terror I had tried to do my best

but my terror was standing there rubbing tired looking eyes next to his twin sister who thinks sleep is a disguise

one by one they marched on out just like the ants hoorah hoorah the peace of midnight shattered the light goes on , hoorah

Steve the grey wails willingly demanding to come in and just when I had quiet time to spark Creation's gem

Silas had a nightmare and by all the gods that were Luca and his sister Liliana, there they were

the three of them, god help me have destroyed my peaceful calm and now it's far from midnight but not to them. it's dawn

Silas had a nightmare just as I awoke from mine and so I write these verses and by miracles design

I would have sold my soul once to feel the way that I do now I could have ended everything I almost did. oh wow

even as I sit here frazzled frustrated and dazed I cannot help but love to death these beauties that I made

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