the waiting room

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tiffany's life is thrown upside down when her sister is lodged into a coma. when she wakes a government scandal is revealed. tearing apart every piece of tiffany's almost perfect life. so what do you do?do you run or do you face the truth?

Submitted: December 23, 2016

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Submitted: December 23, 2016



Time ticks by, everyone is waiting. Waiting for news. Good news, bad news, happy news, sad news. Silently waiting for any type of news.

A nurse walks in. Everyone’s heads turn, hoping this is news for them.
‘Miss Montella, you can see her now.’
Me? Me! I bounce off the plastic seat I’ve been sitting in for hours. Even though my legs are numb, I still run into a sterile, dim white hallway, where screams slip under closed doors.  People screaming with joy, people screaming with sorrow. The nurse opens a door. My feet drag along the floor as I walk towards her. I stop in my tracks and scream.

“Alice, you’re alive, how do you feel?” I squeal.
“Good, Tiffany I need to tell you somet……”
No, no, NO!! The nurse pulls me out of the room and back to the gloomy waiting room.

Now I’m sitting here, waiting for the most important news of my life. Is my only piece left of my family dead? Will I be alone in this world?? 

It has always been me & Alice, Alice & I.  Tiffany & Alice Montella against every problem the world has thrown at as. Like when our parents were trampled to death in a car crash. Leaving me in my 1st year of University, with no money and a 16-year-old to legally look after. Now the wounds have been reopened. Alice is in an unstable state and could die from a car crash. It’s sort of ironic, car crashes in my family.

“Tiffany I think you should go home now!” Nurse Lianne suggests.
“No w..what if she wakes up?” I utter.
“We will call you as soon as there is any change in her condition,” Lianne states.
“What do you mean condition?” I ask.
“Tiffany, I’m sorry but your sister is in a coma!” Lianne claims.
A coma? I walk out of the waiting room on the brink of tears.

‘Ding Dong,’ the apartment intercom screeches. I press the accept button and the door automatically unlocks. Demi sits on the couch next to me.
"How are you feeling Tiff?” Demi questions.
“Tiff??” Demi prys.
I burst into tears and I decide to confide in Demi.
“She is in a horrible state, she tried to say something but she went into a coma instead!” I sob. Demi doesn’t say anything, she just gives me a mammoth of a hug.

“Go get some sleep and when you get up we'll go to the hospital,” Demi orders. I stop and turn around to say something to her….
“Yes, I know if they call about Alice I will wake you up,” Demi says, as she just read my mind. I sink into the sheets of my bed. I feel like I'm drowning. Like I'm losing grip on everything I've ever known. Like I'm on the edge of a cliff and I can't hold on anymore. All I can do is stare at the ceiling. I’m still staring at the ceiling when Demi comes and wakes me up.

“Rough sleep, hey?” Demi asks. Wow, it must be really obvious that I didn’t sleep at all last night. Demi hands me a large coffee and pushes me into the bathroom.
‘Tiff, you really need another shower, p-u!’

I shower & get changed into something nicer than tracksuit pants & a large t-shirt. I’m wearing a blue blouse and dark blue ripped denim jeans, with white converse shoes. Blue is Alice’s favourite colour so it might wake her up. Demi is wearing a blue bandana like she read my mind again.

“Can we see Alice Montella please?” I ask the nurse at the front counter. The nurse sighs.
“Are you family?” she asks in a dull tone like she has said this a million times. That last sentence gets on my nerves, like this nurse doesn’t care at all about my little Alice.
“Yes I'm her sister, does that count as family,” I say agitated. She glares at me, then says “Alice Montella is in room 159, on the right side of this corridor!” I walk through the dim, dull, white hallway until I reach 159. Someone pats me on the back, I lurch back. Oh, it's only Demi I forgot she was there. She gives me a supportive smile that says ‘you can do this!’ Then I walk into the unknown.

'Beep, beep, beep, beep,' the monitor yelps.
 Her heartbeat is stable, that's a relief. A nurse comes in and replaces Alice's blanket. She turns towards me.
"You must be her sister. She is still in a coma. She can hear you so talk to her if you like," the nurse says. I take a deep breath then sit on the side of the hospital bed, next to Alice.
"Hi, Alice. It's Tiff. I'm sorry I left you here last night," I say.
Alice lays as still as a statue. I sigh.
"I really wish you were awake so you could tell me what you wanted to tell me yesterday," I say hopefully. Still no movement. I give her a kiss on her forehead then head out.

I grip the wall as I start to cry. Come on Tiffany, you need to stay strong, for Alice. I walk to a vending machine and buy a chocolate. Then I sit on a chair out the front of Alice's room. I sink into the chair hoping this can all disappear. Except it doesn't, it's all still there. The white hallway, the heartbreaking silence, the feeling I'm going over the edge. 

Is that coming from Alice's room?? 5 or 6 nurses come running out of the nearby ward. I get out of my seat and grab a nearby nurse. 
"Is it Alice?" I yell over the monitor, that is going crazy.
The nurse slams the door in my face and locks it.
I slam my fist against the door, then I sink to the floor and sob uncontrollably.

Where is Demi, when I need her?? Damn I forgot, she went to buy some groceries for me. Urghhhh I wish she didn't, I wish she stayed here. After what seems like an eternity a nurse walks out of Alice's room. I stand up as fast as I can and sprint over to the nurse. 
"She is awake, and calling for you!" The nurse says calmly.

I run into her room and stroke her cheek. She smiles at me as she sits up. I give her a hug, squeezing tightly her so she can't let go.
"Tiff, stop, that hurts!!" she says in between bursts of laughter.
"I'm so glad you're awake Al, so glad," I say while my eyes water. She laughs at me.
"Jeez Tiff, your acting like I died or something!" she says.
For the first time in 24 hours, I laugh. Then I slap her for being so rude. She slaps me back, this goes on forever until she finally pauses and frowns. 
"Tiffany,I need to tell you something!!" she says.
"What is it?? ?" I ask.
"You won't like it Tiff," she replies.
"Just tell me. Please, Al!!" I pry. She sighs. Then looks at me anxiously.
"Mum & Dad are alive Tiffany, they have been the whole time!" she finally says.

What??? I get up off the bed and pace the room. My emotions are mixed. On one hand, I feel so relieved and elated. On the other hand, I feel angry and hurt that I had to look after April alone & drop out of university to look after her. I had to go through April being in a coma, I had to buy her a car when she got her license. I put my life on hold because of this accident. 

I swivel around to face April, who has now gotten out of bed and packed her bag. 
“How do you know this?!” I fire at her, flaming with fury.
“I will tell you if you calm down Tiff!! Ok?” she says, calmly. I sit on the couch in the corner of her room and nod at her, to say I’m calm.
“Ok, it started when I was driving to dance class. I had decided to go the quick way because of traffic, which was past Mum & Dad’s old work.” she stops to breathe. I gesture at her, to keep going. She nods at me.
“Anyways, I got to Mum & Dad’s work, but I was held up in traffic, that’s when I saw Mum & Dad. They were staring right at me. I got distracted and lost control of my car. That’s how I got here!!” she says.

This is just too much to take in. I can’t believe they didn’t help April, they obviously saw her crash the car. They obviously never cared. April has gotten changed into jeans & a pink lace half top. Looking as healthy as ever. We check out of the hospital, then I drive her to her apartment.

On the way, back to my apartment, I go past the Australian Taxation Office, (my Mum & Dad’s work!) I stroll in the foyer, in casual clothes. Everyone stares at me. The receptionist says,
 “hi sweetie, are you lost?? The shops are that way!!” Jeez, talk about a stereotypical woman. I didn’t think this plan through. I look so out of place, urghhhh. 
“Ok, thanks!” I say, then I skip out of the foyer. I’ll come back tomorrow, prepared.

I call Demi & ask her to find some business clothes to wear tomorrow. Here is my plan: Demi is going to act as my PA (personal assistant) I’m at the office her for a meeting with Mrs Montella & Mr Montella, about the new taxes for immigrants. I’m getting a makeover so they won’t recognise me, just in case, even though it’s been 5 years since they ‘died!’ Anyways, after the meeting, I will follow them to see what they are up to. Now I have to wait until tomorrow.

‘Zzzzzzzz Zzzzz’ the alarm screams. I roll over to press the snooze button, the alarm beats me to it, ‘ZZZZZZZZZZZZ’ 
It’s 4:45 am which is early for me, not early for an important taxation officer. I pose in front of my floor to ceiling mirror. I'm wearing black stilettos, a skin tight black dress & a white blazer. I also have a briefcase. I have hired a fancy car to drive into the car park. As well as a driver to drive me there and park for me. I brush my short brown hair then curl it. Now I look nothing like myself, which is the point.

"I said a large latte with no sugar in it, what is this??" I scream. Then I through my drink in the bin then glare at Demi, like a raged rich, important tax officer.

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