Seeing Santa

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After the night I've just had, can I believe my eyes?

Submitted: December 23, 2016

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Submitted: December 23, 2016



Seeing Santa?


Okay, I admit it. I’d had a few drinks. It wasn’t planned but I met up with some mates and they were off out partying and asked me along. It would have been rude to refuse to go along – wouldn’t it?


First we went to one pub then we went to another. A mate of a mate was having a party. We were all invited, just come along and bring a bottle......I’m sure you know the sort of thing.


In the kitchen a big bowl of punch which was being ladled into glasses and passed around. Nobody asked what was in it and I suspect nobody knew exactly, anyway. It was one of those concoctions that anything and everything was just poured in, mixed up and served.


I do remember it tasted pretty awful and that sort of put me off having too much. Otherwise I’d probably still be there passed out on the floor like so many others were. Somehow I made it home; I don’t remember the journey but I’m in my room now.


I’m feeling kinda sick. I know my head is going to hate me when I get up again. Water......Drink plenty of water before going to bed; that’s what I was told to do as a way of preventing a severe hang-over. I make myself get back out of bed, dizzily make my way to the kitchen where I fill up one glass, then another, gulping it down.


And it is when I have almost drained that second glass that I happen to look out of the window and see.......What? A sleigh in the sky that is being pulled by flying reindeer. At the front of that sleigh sits a rather large man clearly wearing a Santa hat.


It’s like one of those pictures you get on the greetings cards. I look again and the sky is empty. Had I really seen Santa or was it just my drunken imagination going in to over-drive?


I don’t know and by the time I wake up I’ll probably have forgotten all about it.



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