Stuck With A Droner!

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Motor-mouthed dicks!

Submitted: December 23, 2016

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Submitted: December 23, 2016



How many times have we all been stuck with a droner,

you know the type, who will bore your head clean off.


In an elevator, on a bus, somewhere you just can't escape.

On and on they keep on flapping their face,


a living ventriloquist dummy, moving their mouth,

but never blinking, or stopping to take a breath.


Lucky you, you're being treated to the wisdom of the ages,

over and over, rapid fire--can't interject, or interrupt.


You don't dare risk appearing rude, so you nod,

and keep on nodding like you head's on an up-down hinge.


They're too into it to notice Elvis has left the building,

they're talking to a mannequin that looks a lot like you.


You're nodding, you're nodding, and moving just enough,

while your mind take a vacation to an exotic land.


And as you reach your destination and mercifully walk away,

you see them find another hapless victim to harangue.


You try to catch their eye, or wave your hand to catch

their attention, but it's too late, the droner has struck again!


'Better them than me' you think, rather selfishly,

and you hit the tavern for a beer, or twenty.


Sure as shit, as soon as you're enjoying the blessed solitude,

here comes another one, over to tell you his whole life story.


Why, oh why, are they seeming the last to understand

that you really couldn't give three shits, but it's back to the hinge deal!











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