Adolf and Eva Get Cozy

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A fanfiction of Hitler and his mistress, Eva Braun

Submitted: December 24, 2016

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Submitted: December 24, 2016



August 1936

He had been unnaturally amorous the past week and thoughts of making love to Eva drummed constantly in his head. It was highly out of character for Hitler, who had always sublimated his sex drive into his frenetic political work.

He just wasn't this type of man. His libido had never been raging, even when he was young. At 47, he often referred to himself as an "old man," but he must not be that doddering, since lately his entire body had been humming with acute sexual desire. For a full week, it was if his drive had skyrocketed. He had no explanation for it, and he found it both painful and annoying. He really should be above such things as the Führer.

But his body ached to be caressed and adored by his Eva. Nothing else seemed to matter. He hadn't felt this way in years, and it scared him. To feel so much, to need something this much... it was weakness, it was not something to which he wanted to succumb. But he couldn't help himself. He thought of her incessantly and of making love her to her, over and over, until they were both sated and exhausted. If there is such a thing as obsession, then Hitler was deep within its grips.

When they were separated, as they often were, his thoughts naturally turned to the hundreds of times they had made love. He would select their most erotic evenings and then masturbate over each individual episode. No doubt he had a distracted expression during meetings and meals, for he seemed incapable of paying attention to anything except the erotic reveries in his head.

Adolf had several favorite fantasies that he would use when pleasuring himself in Eva's absence. He chuckled with the knowledge that only he was privy to: when this girl was properly aroused, she was an incredible lover: generous, uninhibited and impossibly erotic. He almost groaned aloud thinking of her and her effect upon him.

It hadn't always been this way. But under his tutelage, she had blossomed into every man's fantasy in bed: willing, eager and eternally passionate. Hitler grew even harder just mulling this over. He reached down to grab himself over his trousers, just to alleviate the ache that only Eva seemed able to quell. Thank heavens his trousers were baggy; that way he could hide a spontaneous erection.

Hitler only knew that he had to leave Berlin and get back to the Berghof. He had to get back to her and nothing else mattered at that moment. Schedules be damned, he hadn't been this horny in many years and the only cure for his raging ache was residing 450 miles away. Their nightly phone calls didn't quell his desire, they seemed to fan it even higher. The flames sometimes felt like they were consuming his entire body.

He couldn't tell her over the phone about his need, he never trusted the chancellery switchboard girls and he was paranoid about anyone overhearing him.

So he made due with trite questions about Eva's day and engaged in mindless chit chat about the latest film at the Schauberg cinema. He wanted to tell her that his entire body throbbed at the thought of seeing her again. He wanted to tell her that he couldn't wait to run his mouth and tongue around her nipples, gently biting them until her knees buckled. He couldn't tell her that he wanted to watch her face at the moment when she came and exploded in his arms.

But he couldn't say any of those things, he was too shy and too obsessed with conforming to his Führer image. Those damn switchboard girls had big mouths. He just couldn't bring himself to let his hair down and talk intimacies with her on an unprotected phone line. Had he allowed himself this luxury, maybe his raging ache would quell.

The next morning, Hitler stunned his staff by appearing at 8:30 in the morning. It was unheard of that the Fuehrer was up and about at such an early hour. With a determined expression, he approached his adjutant, Brueckner, and instructed him to get a plane ready, they were leaving for Munich.

"Mein Führer, should the cars be ready or will you just be spending time at Prinzregentenstrasse?"

Impatiently Hitler said, "we will land and then leave immediately for the Berghof. We're not going to the Osteria either. Make the arrangements and get Baur to have the plane ready as soon as he is able. If we can be off by 10:00, that would be acceptable. Make it snappy."

They were leaving Berlin on Hitler's impulse for one reason only: he needed Eva, they had been away from each other for over a month. In past years, he had been fine with this rather casual arrangement. As he told his aide, Wiedemann, "I keep a girl in Munich." It was a callous and dismissive thing for him to say, but in 1933 and 1934, he really regarded her as such. Just a girl he could have sex with when he was in Munich.

But time had gradually worn down his initial indifference. Her second suicide attempt was a dizzying wake up call for this monumental narcissist. He never stopped to think of the sacrifices she made for him: the secrecy, the fact that their meetings were totally at his whim, and his innate selfishness.

When he was confronted with actually losing her, that is when his mindset altered, and it happened almost overnight. This is a man who regarded change as weakness, something only feather-brained women engaged in. Real men were intractable, real men adapted, but men never changed.

But he himself changed inwardly, and it was something that he was powerless to prevent.

Adolf realized that he had indeed taken her for granted. He had ignored Eva's needs and flagrantly disregarded the fact that she was more than just a beautiful girl with a tempting body. It was then that Adolf Hitler began to love Eva Braun. He had very small capacity for love, it's true. He had really only loved his mother and his beloved Geli. But Eva had become far more to him that "just a girl" in Munich. He had fallen for her, and the intensity of the emotions occasionally shocked him.

During the two hour plane trip to Munich, Hoffmann harmlessly pestered him with some photo negatives and Schaub tried to get him interested in a game of Canasta. He shut them all out. Knowing that he was getting closer to his goal made him even more sexually needy. He didn't want to be bothered with anything except his reveries of Eva.

His mind dwelt on Eva's growing appetite for sex, something that had evolved gradually, but had recently exploded. Initially this had almost shocked him, but now he reveled in the fact that she was practically voracious in bed.

This hadn't always been the case.

Their first awkward couplings on his Munich sofa in 1931 told him she had much to learn in the techniques of lovemaking. Of course this was normal, she was an inexperienced virgin, and never even been kissed before her came into her life. He always had a preference for inexperienced girls, he wanted to place his "mold" upon them. "Women want nothing else," he assured his adoring entourage. He believed that to be true and they willingly nodded their assent.

Adi actually found it thrilling to assume the role of teacher, and without doubt she had been an adept, avid pupil. Eva had always been an eager lover, never declining his invitations to take her to bed. He had been her first - her only - lover and she was intent on making sure he would never lose interest in what she offered him.

She honed her skills to make her seem indispensable to him. And Eva was a girl who genuinely reveled in sex. She was highly orgasmic, which worked perfectly for Adolf, since had a habit of coming too quickly. With Eva, it was no issue, since she came quickly and she came often. Her screams of passion and claw marks down his back were an ever-present reminder that he had enticed eine heiße Nummer (a hot number) into his intimate life.

They both agreed that her sexual transformation was mostly due to the recent renovation of the Berghof. Prior to this, their lovemaking had taken place almost entirely on his sofa in his Munich apartment. It was exciting, but it could also be uncomfortable.

Afterglow had to be reduced to a bare minimum because of the narrow sofa and his housekeeper, Anni Winter ,sometimes lurking nearby. They rarely were able to sleep all night in the same bed, something that especially bothered the romantic-minded Eva.

That winter, during the Garmisch Winter Olympics, were one of the few times they slept together in a bed all night. Both had enjoyed that tremendously, and it was a catalyst to transform the Berghof into their own private retreat. No more quickies on the sofa. No more nosy servants listening in on their screams of ecstasy.

The time for that had passed. Even the notoriously unromantic Hitler now yearned for more intimate space and more privacy.

More time for foreplay and afterglow. More time to simply lie in bed with Eva, necking with her, caressing her and slowly easing her into round two of sex. He wanted more time for her to nibble on his neck and caress his back with the tips of her erect nipples. More time to stare wide-eyed at her gorgeous body. And never before did he have the luxury of making love whenever he wanted. If he suddenly felt the urge after lunch, Eva was at his disposal. The same was true at any hour of the day or night. This newfound power seeped into his libido and transformed him into an almost indefatigable lover. Opportunity itself had made him rapacious.

Now with the Berghof transformed, Eva's bedroom had become their love nest. She had a large double bed with an enormous down comforter on top. It was cozy, inviting, virtually sound proof and it was something that belonged entirely to them both alone. Now they had the privacy they had so long craved. Having a bed permanently at their disposal had completely transformed their sex life. Now they could indulge whenever they wished, with no fear of intrusion, and with a suitable place to make love whenever they wanted to. This almost surely was connected to Hitler's latest bout of sexual mania.

Hitler's long reverie was broken when Baur announced that they would land in five minutes. Hitler barked out to Schaub to make sure the cars were ready and impatiently grabbed his white trench coat. He was in such a hurry, he couldn't even buckle the belt to the coat, and after fiddling with it for a moment, he angrily decided to leave it be, unbuckled.

The three hour drive to the Obersalzberg was interminable. His driver, Kempka, automatically halted the Mercedes at the Lambacher Hof, the restaurant Hitler always frequented when they went to the mountain.

"What are you doing, Kempka?" Hitler asked testily, rubbing his hands together in a gesture of impatience.

Kempka looked dumbfounded and said, "Mein Führer, we always stop--"

Cutting him off with a wave of his hand, Hitler told him that he was tired today and wanted to get up the Berghof to rest. Kempka nodded and stepped on the gas.

Hitler knew that Eva would be waiting for him, so stopping for tea and dealing with a parade of gawkers had no place in his life at that moment. When they had landed in Munich, he made sure Erna Hoffmann rang the Berghof and let Fräulein Braun know he was coming. She was waiting for him, nothing else mattered at this point.

The drive seemed endless until Kempka finally eased the huge Mercedes into the driveway. Brueckner jumped out of the trailing car to shut the gate and then returned to take Hitler's overcoat, folding it protectively over his arm.

The next ten minutes were taken up with sheer drudgery: Hoffmann wanted to snap a few photos, Kannenberg needed him to sign some bills and it had started to rain: a few splatters on the stairs as he mounted them, his mind dwelling on what had been consuming him for at least 7 endless days.

It was only then that the official Führer side of him took over, because it was a necessity in his position. At such times as this, it was sheer drudgery, but he resented the playacting. He had only one thing on his mind, but he had to feign virtual indifference to Eva when they first would meet. Usually this wasn't a problem for him, but today he was in no mood for the forced pretending.

Every fiber in his being longed to just grab her by the wrists and literally carry her up the red-carpeted stairs to her bedroom. He was never a crude man, but it fleetingly occurred to him, "all this nonsense with the pandering staff, when all I want is to fuck Eva all afternoon. I want to watch her cum... endlessly cum." A pinkish hue enveloped his cheeks when he thought this to himself. Eva had taught him that being naughty was not only good for him, but quite sexy as well. He was finally getting the hang of it.

But protocol demanded something else. They both knew it, they both suffered from the constraints of it, but it was unavoidable. They had to pretend to be "just friends," even in front of a staff that were all privy to the truth.

Finally... finally the moment came when he laid eyes on her again.

Eva was standing on the terrace, leaning against the stone railing, oblivious to the stray raindrops falling around her. Her heart was in her throat as it always was when her lover arrived. Her love for him was almost paralyzing, and the first site of him after a long absence always made her weak inside and feeling desperate. He radiated sex. It oozed from his pores and enveloped her into a severe sexual trance. His power only added to his personal aura, which was potent enough on its own.

Hitler straightened his tie in an unconscious preening gesture and approached her, staring at her legs and her beautiful, young face. Not only was his heart exploding in his chest, his cock was so hard he was afraid he might come in his pants. The fabric rubbing against him caused friction that was both a pleasure and a torment to him.

The sight of her on the terrace, the faint aroma of her perfume and the form-fitting blue dress made everything within him burn furiously. The tips of his fingers seemed hot and made him want to touch her. Every synapse in his body was alive and hypersensitive.

"Good afternoon, Fräulein Braun," he said in a hoarse whisper, his eyes raking over her body.

Eva also looked at him, soaking up his aura like a sponge, wanting to satiate herself in him. She hoped that her deliverance would come soon enough. It had to.

She looked at him with an expression he knew very well. It was an expression that wordlessly whispered to him, "devour me."

He bent to kiss her hand, squeezing it quite hard and conveying to her with his eyes what he needed and what he wanted. Wordlessly, he lifted his eyes upward and held them there, a signal to her that he wanted her to retreat to her bedroom. He didn't need to tell her that he would be up shortly. She nodded silently, letting him know that she understood his intent.

Eva continued to smile at him, staring into his mesmerizing blue eyes. She had missed him more than he could imagine, and her need for sex was her constant and unremitting shadow. She stared at a fleck of shaving soap on his neck and had a sudden urge to bite him there, showing plainly her need for him. She wanted to shout it out, she wanted to scream, but she had to remain demure while other eyes watched from within the house.

"So, Eva, schnell..." he said in a low voice, releasing her hand while imprinting his thumb upon her delicate wrist.

She understood and without much fanfare, went upstairs. The rest of the staff pretended not to notice and went about their business in the usual manner.

Hitler, however, now had to play another game. A game he bitterly resented having to play along with in his own house. But he could not be seen in tandem with Eva going upstairs to their private rooms together during the day. It was just unseemly to him that any of these people might know that for the next few hours, he would be unavailable. And they would all know why.

So he was forced to remain in the Great Hall, shaking hands and listening to the platitudes of his staff. He took as much of it as he could stand and then told Willi Mittelstrasser, "I am exhausted from the trip. I will be available again in a few hours. I need to rest for awhile. No disturbances, please."

"Jawohl, mein Führer!" said Willi, who then turned, clicked his heels and returned to the kitchen area, pausing to take a peek behind him. "The Führer's a lucky man," Willi mused to himself.

Hitler took a deep breath and quickly went up the stairs. His hands were literally shaking as he opened up his bedroom door and threw his hat on his bed. He stopped momentarily in his bathroom to straighten his hair and brush his teeth. He even took a moment to splash some 4711 onto his wrists and behind his neck, that was his scent and he knew Eva craved it. He was always punctilious with his personal hygiene and was "tediously clean," as Traudl Junge would later say.

Eva could hear him in his bathroom and was as anxious as he. She had already changed into a new piece of lingerie, a silk number which showed off her gorgeous, toned legs. Low cut and racy, she ran her fingers over the fabric and she heard the door to her room open.

And there he was.

Hitler stood there, silently looking at her, his face stern and immobile, but his eyes burning like two insanely hot coals. His blue gaze was paralyzing, it went straight to her inner core and melted like warm chocolate through her veins. Now that Adolf was finally standing before the object of his desire, he was almost shy, hesitant. He took a step towards Eva, but she was already there, having raced into his open arms, crushing his chest to her.

"My God, Evchen," he said, "you have no idea how much I have been wanting you."

He cupped her face in his hands and they began to kiss each other, furiously and with no abandon. He thrust his tongue into her mouth, deeply at first, and then with a slower and more provocative rhythm. In and out, teasing her, mimicking the actions of when he fucked her: slowly and then with a mounting urgency. She knew what he was doing and it made her light headed. Slow whimpers escaped from Eva's throat and he kissed her passionately, reveling in her taste and smell.

After several minutes, he laughed and gently pushed her back, caressing her hair with his right hand.

"Let us not forget the preliminaries, my dear girl. Let me show you how much I missed you."

Still standing, he slowly kissed her throat, suckled on her earlobes and ran his tongue from her throat to her left breast, and then quickly to her right. Her nipples had always been exquisitely sensitive, and he bent down to bring her breasts to his mouth. Each one in turn received his attentions, her body straining against his open mouth. His passion was so out of control he thought he might hurt her, but her groans now were of pure pleasure. Eva was already very close to exploding and so was he, he had to slow things down.

More slowly now, he returned to her mouth, giving her slow, deep kisses. Soon they became bruising kisses, his tongue meshing with hers, rocking back and forth in a silent dance they both knew too well. As they kissed, she held him by the back of his head, running her hands through his incredibly soft, silky hair. As he continued to pleasure her and suckle her breasts, she felt as if she were floating, it was as if she were dreaming. He continued on for a few minutes, until she knew it was his turn.

Eva was now by now no timid virgin. She was completely uninhibited and she took special joy in pleasuring him and in sucking him deep into her mouth. Amazingly, the act itself ignited her passions unlike anything else. With Eva, it was truly a case of, "'tis better to give than receive." She had routinely orgasmed through this act alone, even when he hadn't as yet touched her. There was no need to. Orally pleasuring him was something acutely arousing to her. It always had been and would always remain so.

Going down on Adi was something she reveled in and something which she craved deeply. He wanted to be the conductor of their lovemaking, he always wanted to be the master, but she had other ideas this afternoon. Eva gently disengaged herself from his caresses and slowly backed away from him. His intense blue eyes lustfully raked over her taut body as she knelt and began unzipping his pants. He knew what was coming and a deep growl emanated from his throat.

"Oh Gott, Tschapperl," he whispered.

She wasn't intent on merely teasing him, she just liked to watch his face as lust slowly enveloped him. Eva knew what he needed, and she wrapped her right hand around him, moving it back and forth in her palm, slowly at first, then ever faster. He groaned, with his head thrown back and his hands on top of her head, guiding her.

She enveloped him and began expertly drawing him into her warm mouth, just sucking on the head. Doing exactly as he had trained her to do. Flicking her tongue against the area he loved her most to concentrate upon, hus "cum zone," as she had christened it. The spot on his body that had been driving him insane for the past week. Using her right hand and her mouth in tandem, she moved him closer and closer to exploding in her mouth.

Eva had evolved into a skilled lover, adept with her hands, mouth and her body. Hitler's heart nearly exploded at the erotic vision of this beautiful girl servicing him and she brought him to the verge of orgasm.

When he was younger, he would greedily have pushed the point and climaxed and neglected his partner's needs. Now, in his mid 40's, he knew that prolonging their foreplay would make their orgasms that much more intense. He knew that satisfying a woman was his duty, not merely the occasional option. He had learned with age that going to the very precipice of coming and then holding back would result in a much more memorable experience. In short, he had become quite an adept lover. He knew how to pleasure Eva and she knew how to get him off hard and often.

Now Hitler wondered to himself to if he had the self control to bring Eva close to coming and the back off. He had tried in the past and had not often been successful. But the electricity between them was so intense this afternoon, he wanted to create something especially exciting.

He used every ounce of his self control when he gently pushed Evchen back onto the comforter. For several moments he thought of something else, something utterly random, in an effort to calm himself down and tame his enormous hard on. He took a full 45 seconds before he whispered into her ear, "not so quick, Patscherl. Turn about is fair play."

He reached down and felt she was dripping wet, her juices flowing down her thighs. Almost apologetically she whispered, "You know it makes me crazy to have you deep in my mouth."

Adi nuzzled into her neck and gently straddled her. Parting her thighs, he slowly worked his mouth from her knees to her thighs. Softly, he trailed his tongue up her body, moving so slowly that Eva squirmed for him to take her full into his mouth. He placed his hands on her stomach to steady her, and then dipped his tongue deeply into her vagina, tasting her juices. Eva cried out, gasping in pleasure, but he continued to hold her body down with his strong hands.

"Don't move," Hitler whispered, "hold back, keep holding back."

For several minutes he orally pleasured her, bringing her to the brink of orgasm twice. He drove two fingers deep inside her and whispered, "clamp down on them. Make it tight." Eva did as he said and Hitler shuddered with renewed need. He couldn't wait any longer, and finally, almost roughly, threw Eva back on the comforter. He looked down and saw the negligee she had been wearing was still draping portions of her body.

"I want you naked," he said in a low, raw voice.

Then he grabbed her nightie by the shoulder and literally tore it from her body. The tattered lace lay on the comforter. Nothing Adi had ever done had ignited her passions like this. Her hips already moved up and down involuntarily, in an unconscious dance of pure arousal. Adi noticed it and immediately pinned her to the bed, burying his mouth into her neck.

"I want you to cum and cum and cum all night," he groaned. "Take me in your body all night, all night, never stop-"

His voice was silenced by her mouth, locked onto his. Eva reached down and grabbed him. He was as hard and pulsating as she had ever felt him, it was like grasping a steel pipe. She guided him into her opening and with one enormous thrust, he was buried balls deep into her. Eva was so close to coming she could barely hold back. Just the feel of him inside her made her clamp down on her tongue to stop from screaming.

Adi sensed this and placed his fingers into her mouth. He had done this before when they had made love where others could eavesdrop. It was highly erotic for him to watch her suck his fingers greedily, as she gasped in her mounting excitement. She became to thrash wildly up against him and then he felt her orgasm: wave after pulsating wave of pleasure.

Her release triggered his almost instantly. Adolf threw back his head in exultant release, as he drowned her with his cum. Eva felt him pumping his semen into her and shuddered with another wave of convulsions. Her orgasm gripped her with such intensity that she called out his name in a sort of drugged stupor. Adi tried to hush her, but he was too wrapped up in his own release. He continued to ride her through her last shuddering spasm.

When Hitler tried to pull out of her, Eva quickly wrapped her legs around his torso.

"No," she said dreamily, "stay deep inside me, I'm not through."

Hitler, still semi-hard, obeyed her command, wanly whispered. He watched Eva slowly continue to rock herself in and out of him, with her vagina still clamping down. She was still milking him and making it hard for him to withdraw. She did this evocative dance for a full minute until suddenly, she came again, crying out and almost sobbing at the intensity of her orgasm. He felt Eva's spasms as he lay on top of her, slowly moving against her and holding her buttocks as her orgasm peaked and then slowly faded. When she was finally through, Adi pulled her to him and he kissed her tenderly and completely, softly nuzzling against her.

Both lay next to each other utterly spent. Little aftershocks of pleasure continued to pulse in Eva's body. Adi propped himself up on one elbow and slowly moved his thumb over her clit. She sharply drew in her breath and said almost sadly, "wait a bit, it's so sensitive right now."

Hitler then reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a hankie. It was his habit to wipe her clean, he was fastidious about this. Today had been so erotic that he paused her insert two fingers into her vagina right after passing the hankie over her. He could still feel faint pulses of her orgasm and he smiled broadly.

Eva wrapped her arms around his torso and snuggled against him, murmuring to him her love.

"You are incredible," she said, running her hands over his shoulders and biceps.

Hitler gently kissed the nape of her neck and pulled her closer to him.

"So are you" he whispered.


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