Station At Diablo

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Station At Diablo: Tumbling Dreams Series, Book 1, Kindle Edition (By Roger Raffee)

A Captivating Adventure Story In The Wild Western World That Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat

A Breath-Taking Texas Ranger Story That Will Take You Back To A West That Feels True

Plunge in a genuine adventure read, following the steps of Aaron Kovac as a Texas Ranger in his quest for honesty and morality!

An adventure book for adults that will take you on a wild ride back to the nostalgic Western world, where the law was enforced by guns and outlaws roamed.

An All-Time Classic Western Novel

A deeply engaging western book. Station At Diablo tells the story of a boy hanging out in the Texas Ranger office in San Antonio, dreaming of becoming a powerful Ranger himself.

Growing up, Aaron manages to make his dream come true and becomes a Ranger, burning with the ambition to live the adventurous life of a lawman.

However, reality will prove to be quite different from a romantic boy’s aspirations! Through a hair-raising series of dangerous missions, romantic encounters with irresistible women and tormenting dilemmas, Aaron Kovac is faced with a hard reality: the outlaw trail he chose to walk is a world away from his boyhood fantasies.

A Genuine Adventure Novel That Will Get You Hooked!

A thrilling western fiction book packed with adventures and suspense. Station At Diablo is an excellent action-packed book that adults or teenagers will find hard to pry away from their fascinated hands!

With the same sort of captivating descriptions of the enchanting Western landscape that has inspired so many movies. The thorough character analysis of the protagonists in this amazing western e-book makes one of the best adventure books online!

Will Aaron manage to maintain his integrity in his struggle to administer justice in the old, harsh Western world?

Join In On The Action Of An Amazing Western Book

Walk Aaron Kovak's Path & Find Out What Life Is All About In This Captivating Kindle Western Novel!

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Sungold Craig

Submitted: December 24, 2016

This is the story of a young man who grows up groomed to become a Texas Ranger in what we now call the "old west". He's a real flesh and blood teenager viewing the world through the adventurous eyes of youth. He discovers that death and disaster are always riding along beside him as he journeys through the world he finds himself rambling through.
Aaron might be flawed compared to other contemporary heroes. He isn't perfect. He doesn't always know what is right, or that he's in the right, and he doesn't always tell the truth. But he learns to think for himself, and to go his own way. He tries to make what he thinks are good decisions, as he sees them, given the circumstances he finds himself confronted with.

In a world where being prejudiced was considered right and normal, he is imbued with a certain humility. Unlike many people in his era, Aaron doesn't like to think of himself as socially or racially superior to, or better than anyone else he encounters. He is guided by an instinct for survival in a hostile world, but beyond that, he tries to decide if the people he encounters are friends or threats, and he acts accordingly, without malice or judgment. Sometimes that means rebelling against the authority that would have him do otherwise, and becoming a bit of an outlaw himself.

This is the introductory chapter that describes how Aaron and his family arrived in San Antonio, and how a very young Aaron met an interesting young man by the name of Sungold Craig.
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