my hard life story

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Submitted: December 25, 2016

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Submitted: December 25, 2016



Hello everyone my name is Abdulrahman Najjar i am a muslim and a syrian wich can be almost translated as a terrorist and that is a sad fact these days for a 19 years old guy...

i want to share a part of my life with you

i lived happy when i was young between my unhappy rich 62 years old father gave his entire life to get us everything we need (me and my 32 years old brother,24 yo sister,29 yo other sister, and my 60 yo mother) days has past and ive reached 14 when the war has began in my beloved country Syria it was heaven on earth,it was the strongest country between arabic countries(economic,military.scientific) strength by the time we almost finished building a space station before the beginning of war in no time 

the Revolution and ISIS attacked our army and did so much harm for normal living people like me

we fought and resisted so long and lost so many blood by the time ISIS landed on so much cities 

with the help of Russia we took so much back but financially the Republic is suffering people would kill their brothers and sisters for living i study dentistry in a private university with my girlfriend we knew each other in college and she is from another religion wich means am not granted by her family and i cant look away from her since she fullfills my entire life....anyway

i want to give you a total view on my life and so many peacful lifes who are called terrorists just because we are muslims..but sadly the name of our religion has been painted in red just because of heartless people who spelled lots of blood from muslims and non muslims people 

i respect every religion and i hope you like my sad true story since it will stay sad until Europe or America grant my visa to have a better life 

wish you all the best 

and marry christmass for all of you

wrote it with peace and honest mind

have a nice day..

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