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A young girl will realise why?

Submitted: December 25, 2016

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Submitted: December 25, 2016



Why does my mother hate me? Why does it hurt me? Why do even care that  my dad doesn't talk to me?
Why was I even born if I had to stay here? Why do I have to live here among sad, depressed kids? Why am I granted with parents who sent me here?

Why does the orphanage hate me? Why do the walls move in? Why do they close in on me, when I'm trying to forget the past?

Why did my brother do that? Why did he ruin it? Why did he leave me and The Hurting Pain?

Why did my brother shoot her? Why did he think that'd help? Why has he left this Earth, where he can escape?

Why do the orphans hate me? Why do they ignore me? Why do they spread The Depression to me?  

Why can't I hate my mum? Why can't I despise dad? Why can't I be the lovely little girl they had? 

Why me? Why not the girl who kicks my head in? Why not my mum or my dad? 

Why do I have to hate my life? Why do I have to be like this? Why can't I leave this hell?

Why are the walls closing in? Why can't I do this anymore? Why can't I handle this? 

Why am I shaking? Why can't I breath? Why am I panicking? Why can't someone help me? Why am I seeing this light? Why can I see my brother? Why do I miss it down there? Why?

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