Santa's Christmas Day

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Santa arrives home after a hard nights work.

Submitted: December 25, 2016

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Submitted: December 25, 2016



Santa’s Christmas Day


Santa’s kicking off his boots, he’s hanging up his suit;

he stoops to stroke his kitten which does look rather cute.


And then when he remembers, he pulls off his hat,

he gives it such a shaking that it startles off the cat.


He’s feeling kind of weary and uncomfortably full --

the reindeer, too, have had treats but they had a sleigh to pull.


He sits down on his armchair and begins to close his eyes

but doesn’t want to fall asleep so is this really wise?


Santa’s been on his world-wide trip, indeed he’s just got back,

the reindeer all are in their stalls, munching on a snack.


It had really been a busy night with all those sacks of gifts,

some so full and heavy they were really hard to shift.


Now he’s thinking of the people, hoping they have all been pleased

with the presents he’s delivered, the ones he got to leave --


a moment of anxiety in case he’s got it wrong

but exhaustion overtakes him and it doesn’t last for long.


He’s going to start his holiday, a rest for four whole weeks

then he’ll be back upon the job so next Christmas won’t be bleak.


He’ll work inside the factory beside the friendly elves,

building and preparing and stacking up the shelves.


The year, he knows, will fly past to the next Christmas Eve

where he’ll be back to make his journey – if you just believe.


On Christmas Day when you are up, and in excitement’s grip,

Santa will be tucked up in bed and having a good kip.

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